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Needle up and down issue

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Suddenly my 2017 Millie decided to take multiple stitches when I do a single needle up and down. All is clean, I double checked. This is without Quilt Path on too. I've heard to adjust screw 8, and also to adjust other things. But nothing has changed. SO how do I fix this? 

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To trouble shoot, I would test the up/down button on the other set of handles.  

If the rear up/down button only has the needle do a single movement, then it could be the front switch.

Once you have more trouble shooting information, I would give APQS a call.  They can direct you to a quick solution.  1-800-426-7233

Best of luck.


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I agree with Cagey.  It is not uncommon for this to happen after your machine has broken in.  The machine will turn a little quicker now and is spinning past the stop sensor so the motor stays on and tries for the next stop etc.  The break-in happens so gradual you would never notice the speed change of the needle positioning.  The number 8 screw adjustment is to slow down the positioning speed so you don’t overrun the magnetic stop sensors.


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