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My little Studio


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Myrna, that's BRILLIANT. I didn't see and price info...are you actually producing these yet?

Monica, love your room. I used to blame our messiness on the kids, but they've long ago moved out and my quilting room is a mess, and I'm the only one who goes in there. Luckily, my frame is in an adjacent room!!! And I'm trying to keep that neat. I have all my rulers in and templates in a big plastic pocket that I have to root around in! The neatest thing about my set-up is the view, and Mother Nature messes that up but she does it

in a very nice way most of the time :D

Lynne in Ann Arbor

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This is a very clean and organized studio space..... I don't think my studio was that tidy even before I've moved into it. I will try to post photos of my new studio when I return home from German and you will wonder how I manage to get from my sofa to my machine I have projects and threads and stuff everywhere. LOL Thanks for sharing your space with us.... it almost makes me want to go home and clean my studio :mad: OK maybe not ..... this is sue patten not Claudia LOL .... but don't tell her I've told you all .... her studio is a mess like mine. LOL

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....don?t believe everything Sue tries to tell you!!!!:P

I have had Sue in my piecing class on saturday and monday...lol OMG....

I should have taken a picture....but now I?ve cleaned already:D:cool:

I like your studio ...Monika....maybe you should come over and teach us how to keep ours like yours???!;):cool:

Best wishes from over the ocean.....

really Claudia on HER computer

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Hello everybody,

It sure has been an interesting thread. Thank you all for the compliments. Yes the photos show the room nice and neat, but after today, doing 2 custom embroideries, trying to finish piecing a quilt, and putting two queen size sheets on the frame and quilting those into a comforter, there is thread all over, stbilizer pieces on the carpet, its a mess. Forgot to eat lunch, so I had an early supper, now I gotta go and clean up.

But no matter how much room there is and how organized it is, there is always a need for more.

As many of you have responded to my question on how to organize pantos, there are sooooo many solutions. I think I'll go with Linda's who has hers in a basket in mailing tubes. I would love to do Hester's way, but I have no wall space left.

See........typical female, never satisfied, a well.

Thanks for all the responses, you are a great group. Love ya all

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