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New needle insert trouble

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I have a George and I love him BUT I am having an awful time changing needles.  I have spent 2.5 hours trying to get that stinking tiny set screw to seat itself into it's proper hole.  My hands work just fine doing other things so it isn't my hands.

I can get the screw into it's seat when there is no needle in the needle bar. No problem.  But when I loosen the screw to insert the needle the screw falls out no matter how gently I back it out.  I am sooo frustrated.  This has been going on for days.  If I put the needle in the needle bar first and then try to get the screw into it's seat, it will not grab the threads and it falls out.  Take the needle out and the screw will go right into its seat and screw tight properly.  What is going on?

Sorry to bother you with this.  Seems silly but I am at my wits end.  

Jan Dole

Grants Pass OR

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Do you have the option on your George to put the set screw in from the other side?  I can do it on my Freedom, not sure if a George works the same way.

Also, are you on Facebook? The We Love APQS group has a lot of members, and one of them may be able to help you.

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I might suggest using a new screw.  It may be that the beginning thread or two are stripped on the present screw.  This might be why you get the screw started, but it is too far into the screw hole for the needle to be inserted.  

I would suggest getting a screw from the hardware store that is long enough  so you can screw it in from the side you do not normally use, and screw it through the the entire shaft.  This will clean up the threads on the side you normally use.  A half to 3/4 inch screw should be long enough.  DO NOT quilt with this screw.

You more than likely will not find a screw short enough at the local hardware store to work normally with George.  I had to order a couple of spares from a dealer to have on hand.  

Best of luck resolving your issue.


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