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New Compuquilter Update


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Just checking - I just went to the S-D stitches site and noticed that there was a brand new update as of 9/26 - version 3.12. Does anyone know what this update consists of? Also, there are two installs, one that gives you a warning attached which is a full install and the other is a much smaller file size.....???

I thought when doing an update, that we were supposed to do a complete installation again. Any input would be greatly appreciated.........Terry

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Hi Terry

If you are on Dee Dee's email list you will get an email when there is a software upgrade provided she has your up to date email.

If there is a "bug-fix" or minor change Dee Dee doesn't tell us all. I didn't get notice of an upgrade so I would assume this is just a minor change - although a major upgrade is on the cards.

Sue in Australia

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If you buy a used Millie thru a private party and it has a computquilter on it, do you still get the free upgrades with the software.

I would like to hear this from the company that makes it but I can\'t find them????? Do they go by another name?

Would like some buy in on buying new vrs used also? I am considering both.


Sewing Junky

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That depends on you. SD have dealers also. They would propably refer you to whoever is the nearest dealer to you. As far as knowing CQ you need to be a user to really fully answer questions about it and know its features. Ask alot of questions regardless of who you choose to be your dealer.

The APQS folks are great but if you read the Forum for CQ very little is discussed on this forum about its features and how they work. Maybe folks just find it easy to learn and have no questions.

I contact my CQ friends who use the System when I need help. My CQ dealer was Linda and Chris and they are great and they use the system too.

CQ is put on other machines too so there other dealers.

I personally would like to see more discussion on the features of CQ. Once in a while we get to see something really cool someone has done. I like when others share. We all gain from it. Computerized Quilting is alot of fun.

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Hi Grammie,

I would like to see more CQ pictures too! I am still somewhat of a newbie...done about 30 quilts...most simple pantos with CQ but would really like to expand and start personalizing more. I really like the format of this site with the way the you see responses to answers and questions.

I have tried to look at the yahoo groups but it is so hard for me to read the "threads" on a topic.

Please do post pictures of CQ. I learn so much when I see pictures of the quilts!

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