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Free Circle Lord Medallion design progam


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Just email me, and I will send you free Circle Lord Medallion design software.

It will be in MS Excel as an attachment. Gary Covington III developed this for Darlene.

You should have more than Dial-up to receive the file.

Please, tell me your name, Machine, and if you have the Circle Lord.

Email: Loricles@loriclesquilting.com by clicking on Email below

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Finally had a chance to sit and play with the medallion design program after dinner.

I really like it!

It is limited. It only allows you to design different complex circle designs (does not allow you to play with the other templates such as ginko, stella, aztec etc...) but hey it's a start :)

It gives you the outer demensions of the design so you will know if it will fit into the area that you want. Plus it also tells you the inner demensions of the design in case you want to add a different design in the center such as a star, heart etc...

It only took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to use the program (mind you my DH is the computer geek in the family, not me..I am what I like to call computer challenged ;) )so pretty user friendly, just like all of the Circle Lord products.

The program also allows you to either save or print your design/ codes so you have the info at your finger tips.

If you have a Circle Lord this is deffinately a must have companion, and Michael is offering it for free!! Can't beat that :cool: So if you haven't requested it to be sent to you get on it, you won't be sorry.

BTW Michael, some time down the road will the other disc templates (aztec, stella, ginko etc..) also be available in a similar type program? I for one would be willing to pay for such a program like that especially if they could interact with each other.

Thanks again Michael, the products that you and Kay provide us are by far way above the competitors and well worth the $ in every way.

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After dinner I played with the program a little, had some fun as the above post states but I had to work on a quilt so I tore myself away from the computer. However when I was quilting I kept thinking about the cool medallion computer program so I stopped quilting and started playing with the program again (this thing is really addictive) :D

Anyways this time I figured out how to put the medallion designs into my paint program (with the help of my DH) so I could copy & paste them onto my website as block designs for my customers to choose from. And instead of assigning names to each block I just used the "code" for each block to distinguish them from each other. This way if any of you who has a CL and wants to use the designs that I came up with, you can. Just go to my website and click on the Block Designs link and you will see the designs. I will have them broken down by block size. So far I have 9 designs that will fit 12" blocks. This will be a work in progress. Also if you are wondering what the CL "code" is you need to referrence your CL user manuel under "Quilting By Numbers and Pattern Codes" and you will be able to decode the code under the designs and stitch them out.

Have fun!

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