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CQ Question about Drag from the Electrical Cords


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I have a question to the CQ owners out there. How do you deal with the "drag" caused by the electrical cords from CQ when you are in "free-style" mode?

My DH and I have noticed that if we want to practice free-style, without CQ engaged, that we get "drag" when we are trying to navigate corners or curved lines. We are fairly sure this "drag" is coming from all of the CQ cords at the back of the machine but we're not quite sure how to secure the cords to create less "drag".

Does my question make sense? Any help or suggestion are appreciated!!

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We bungee\'d ours to a gargage door track on the ceiling so that they would come with me. I occassionally get caught up on a back handle if I go really fast from one end of the table to the other, but that\'s rare & not when I am sewing.

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Hi Joanne

I notice more drag if my leads are not all tagged together, and if from the computer end of the table I do not have my wires tied to the table frame.

What I mean here is that from the computer end I tie all the grey wires together and every 12 inches or so i tie them to the black tension bar under the table - I stop tying when I get to the centre of the table.

From the centre all the leads going up to the machine are wrapped in that special cord cover you get from your electronics store.

Also, not related to CQ, I recently noticed my customer had placed the machine electrical cord that plugs into the back of the machine, in front of the back axle - so between the front and back axles and down to the floor, this stops the cord catching on the back channel lock wheel.

I\'ll try to get some photos up (I know John I owe you some) after the weekend, I am re-arranging my room again this weekend.

Best wishes

Sue in Australia

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