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    Triple Barn Star

    This is a quilt kit I purchased from Craftsy a couple of years ago that l finally made up and have just finished the quilting on. It will be a Wedding gift to a friend's daughter who was married this week. Our girls started Grade 2 together and they are now early 30's. You can't but wonder where all that time went! I learned a few things on this quilt, which is par for the course, especially now that I am quilting on the Lenni. How to handle a vertically pieced backing...make sure you don't miss that batting you use to take up the slack on the rollers, they don't all "fall out". Ask me how I know. The pattern of the quilt isn't throat size friendly for a Lenni, so lots of rolling ahead and back in those big triangles and I turned the quilt to quilt the last two big feathers and the medium sized ones and found pinning to the leaders didn't require as much extra fabric on the edges to work. Tried some new quilting motifs and some went better than others. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the outcome.
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    Pepsi Girl

    Finished 3 American Hero quilts

    Quilted all with different pantos will ship Tuesday when I go to town. That white spot is the sun coming through the window.
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    Little House Creations

    and another - Jo Morton design

    This one is called Prairie Flowers (I think) by Jo Morton. All beautifully hand appliqued! I outlined around each of those applique elements - lots of time but worth it (IMHO)! The piecer wanted to keep a traditional feel, so she chose Quilters Dream 70/30 batting; Superior So-Fine thread - she was thrilled at the outcome!
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    Ideas anyone?

    Thanks for all of the ideas, they really helped. Here is the finished quilt.
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    Just finished this one

    This is a friends quilt I quilted for her. It's for her grandson's birthday. The first pic is of it before I started the quilting.
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    T Row Studio

    I won an award

    Good morning everybody I had an amazing time this week-end at our local show I have one picture to show you of my quilt that won our guild's Challenge this year. The challenge was Canada 150 years we were suppose to make something that reminded us of Canada. I wanted to create the Northern Lights, They are so beautiful in the Northern area so I added the Inukshuk to my small 20"x 20" piece. I call it Norther Magic This is one of the pieces that has been selected to go to Toronto in June. I hope you enjoy my piece.
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    T Row Studio

    Collage Quilts

    Hi since the Red Deer Quilt show , I showed two of my collage quilts I made the giraffe and the cow. These created quite a stir in our area. I have been booked to do 10 classes all over our province I have done three already I just finished the newest pattern by Laura Heine it is a pincushion. How many still have a tomato pin cushion. I know I do. Have a Great Day Before picture after
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    My Tribute to Betty

    4 years ago today I lost my best friend and quilting buddy, Betty O'Leary. I just finished quilting this beautiful applique quilt top of hers as a tribute to her.
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    My Accomplished Quilting :)

    Hi Everyone, I want to start out with Thanking Everyone for their tips and links to help me Learn all I can about Needles, Batting, and Variegated thread, so that I wouldn't disappoint my NEW LUCEY! Our Daughter said she wanted a Quilt that looked like an Eclipse, and she wanted it in Florida Sunset, Earthtones, etc... and she wants it PUFFY (Comforter style) I have spent the last 9 months, planning this quilt for our Daughter.. First I had to make a template for the pattern.. then the hard part.. NEVER WORKED WITH BATIKS BEFORE. Everyone I talked to said,, just sew them together and they all match.. well, being the old fashioned "match" fabrics.. I just couldn't do it.. I procrastinated on my design wall for MONths!! Move this one.. move that one., Oh, now I lost the Eclipse.. it was a struggle!! But , never give up. After finally getting the top all pieced and with all your help a searching everywhere that I could search.. it was time to take the plunge and see if I could actually do this. .. I searched everywhere for a Panto that was "open" and didn't have any success, so I had to create my own.. Big Swirls and loops so that my quilting would hopefully end up PUFFY. So.. here you are.. Batiks top and Backing.. 2 layers of batting, Variegated Superior Top thread , Super Bobs in the bobbin.. Never had the thread break one time.. and Lucey performed like a Pro. For a Newbie, I am very happy with my first quilting. Rosemary
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    Mary Beth

    Chris' Quilt

    Why do I always have a long story behind everything?! Here it is. I made this quilt for my ex-husband's cousin's husband. So forget my ex-husband. My friend's names are Chris and Michelle. Michelle was my cousin for 8 years, but has been my friend for 39 years. I was there when Chris and Michelle started dating when they were in high school. After my divorce, Michelle's mom and dad wanted to keep me. I just divorced Randy, not the family. So anyway, Chris has been batting colon cancer for 4 years. This is the same cancer that took my sister's life. I wanted to do something, but up until now all I could think to do was pray for Chris. This week I decided I needed to make him a quilt. Since he is an avid Kansas City Royals fan, it was easy to figure out. I kind of threw something together and use the Circle Lord Egyptian Eye.
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    Photographing quilts

    I did a blog post a few years ago on how to take quilt pictures ( indoors and outdoors) with just a basic camera, before I got my Canon Rebel T4i. You can check it out here. It's all about the lighting!
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    Sauder's Village Quilt Show Ribbon

    Hi everyone. The Sauder Village Quilt show in Archibald, Oh just closed. I had 3 quilts entered.
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    For Charity Quilters

    I've hemmed and hawed about posting this for a few reasons, but after reading one of today's posts where a charity quilter was brought low by an insensitive comment about a quilt that was quilted for charity with the best of intentions and a generous heart, I felt I had to share this for any of you who take part in quilting for charity. I started quilting for a local Quilts4Kids group a couple of years ago to get some additional practice on my new Sitdown machine at the time and to also be part of something where I could give back. I have really enjoyed it and when given a quilt with opportunities for embellishment, have put a lot of time and effort into coming up with things to quilt into it, trying to add a bit more interest for the recipient child. Our quilts mostly go to Sick Kid's hospitals or children's wards in smaller hospitals. I've had a few negative comments over this time about how some little kid is not going to appreciate the work I put into these quilts. However, I have still continued with my approach as it is my feeling that perhaps something I quilt into it might bring a smile to some little one. Plus it makes it really fun for me! As a quilter for charity, you rarely if ever, get any direct feedback from a recipient of a quilt you've donated or been associated with thru piecing or quilting. I'm okay with that! I truly believe that gifts should be given with no strings attached. So here's a little boost I want to share with those of you who ever wonder if what you're doing is worthwhile or appreciated by your intended recipient. When I joined this forum and started sharing my pictures of quilts I was working on with my new Lenni, I was unaware that APQS may repost these photos, until one of my quilts turned up in my Instagram feed, as I follow APQS on Instagram. More recently, it came to my attention that they do the same on their Facebook page. I'm not a big FB user, but do frequent it so when I saw a couple of my quilts on their page, of course I had to check out the comments on my quilts. One of the quilts was the first Olaf quilt I made to practice on, with a view to donating it to our Quilts4Kids group. While most of the comments were very positive, there was one that stated something to the effect that some needy kid is never going to appreciate that quilt. I'd heard it before, so didn't really get upset by it. However, what flabbergasted me was the reply to the comment, I captured in the following screenshot and feel I need to share for any of you who wonder about the impact you may have by gifting a charity quilt. It truly warmed my heart, and validated my work in giving to this worthwhile cause. I hope it serves to encourage and inspires you to continue your generosity. The pictures...the quilt, very densely quilted (for the naysayers on quilting density ) and the Facebook excerpt from the recipient's mom. Sorry for the long winded story.
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    Finished 116 by 122 inches!!!!!

    I started quilting Patsy's Alaska Bear Paw quilt 10 days ago and finished it yesterday. I used Christy Dillon's Diamond Magic for the borders and sashing. Then I used Patiricia Ritter's Petite Zanzibar triangle block. Myrna's Ficken's pinched squares to make the arc's and Dawn's off the edge rulers to do the SID! I think it took about 81 hours and 23 bobbins. She picked i t up this morning and loved it!!!! love my quilt path!!! and Rulers!!!! has wool batting and used grey Magnifico and Fantastico 5002 threads with Filtec bobbins. Thanks for looking. 20170323_140740 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20170323_140753 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20170323_140938 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20170323_140958 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
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    Plus quilt

    I just wanted to share this Plus Quilt that I just took off my Millie. I used the Diamonds are Forever panto and I think it turned out really well. Customer didn't want straight line quilting as she didn't want it to look to contemporary, but didn't want to pay for crosshatching to make it look old. I think this was a nice compromise.
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    T Row Studio

    sunflower wall hanging

    Good Morning and Happy Easter Everybody. Here is a customers wall hanging I worked on yesterday. I love sunflowers and she sure captured the flower magnificently before and after photos. I hope you enjoy your day will be spending mine with all of my Family.
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    Two quilts finished....

    These were two that I asked for ideas on back in Nov and have finally finished them and gotten them out to their owners....like all of you, the rush of finishing quilts and then getting ready for Christmas has kept me busy....but here they are... The first one is an older top that she wanted finished and since the fabrics were such deep greens and reds (solids) I decided to use a variegated Christmas thread and then just stipple the block backgrounds....she loved it! The second quilt is a gorgeous wool appliqué quilt that the maker was very scared to send to a longarmer, she had always hand quilted her own quilts and needed this for a show in Jan and just ran out of time...I think I may have changed her thinking on using a longarmer as she also was very happy with it!
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    This applique quilt was my client's first attempt at hand applique. I think she has the hang of it! Kim Diehl pattern Late Bloomers; Wonderfil Konfetti thread; Warm and Natural batting.
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    Little House Creations

    Applique quilts

    I've been away from this forum for a while - life sometimes gets in the way - but I have still been quilting! I thought I'd share a few of the beautiful applique quilts that I have had the privilege of quilting over the past few months - the first one is a Wendy Williams quilt (Urban Owl). Isn't it bright and cheerful! Hobbs Wool batting and Superior So-Fine thread
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    Quilting Heidi

    Applique quilt

    I am so happy to finally have this quilt done! It is a friend's quilt and I promised her 1 1/2 years ago that I would quilt it for her. She started the applique 17 years ago and it included her first block ever done!!!! Unfortunately this quilt had lots of false starts. She brought it to me and the backer wasn't big enough so she took it back and hunted for the right backing, muslin is what she wanted to match the front, not so easy! Finally she brought it back to me and I had planned on starting it before knee surgery but that didn't happen and life got crazy. I have had the design planned since the first time I saw the quilt so that part was easy. I will NEVER do a quilt again that can't be washed because using white chalk on the muslin was the only option and what a pain to see. I did have to use a air erasable marker to help a little but I did it very lightly. I'm glad it is done and I hope my friend likes it as much as I do.
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    First Quilt on George

    This is the first quilt I've done on my brand new George sit-down machine. My daughter and I made the quilt for a customer, so I was a little nervous, but I'm very happy with how it turned out. I filled the center with a large allover Bear Claw design (learned from a blog post by "A Few Scraps"), then did a curved design in the border using a curved ruler by Accents In Design, in a design I learned from The Quilt Journal on YouTube. I used SewFine 50 thread in a bright turquoise on the top, and medium gray on the bottom. It was such a joy to quilt this on George! Such a step up from quilting on my domestic machine. Can't wait to start another quilt!
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    Totally finished with label

    Happy Mother's Day to ALL the Wonderful Mom's out there! Here is the Quilt totally finished with the label. "Hand sewn on " For all of you out there that are shaking your head at the machine sewn on binding.. I'm sorry, I just can't hand sew. My hands go numb on me Happy Quilting, Rosemary
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    Petit Fours Quilt

    I finished my Petit Fours quilt last night! I'm very pleased with how it turned out. It's a layer cake/jelly roll pattern from Hummingbird Highway. I tried a new binding technique that was shown at our last quilt guild meeting and just LOVE the effect it has on the quilt. It's a flange binding which gives it the piping detail look. Very easy to do and I think it gives this quilt a 'Tuxedo' look to it.
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    Best of Show

    I know how we all like a little eye candy. Here is the Best of Show from the Sauder Village Show.
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    Finished another one

    I have finished another vintage top that i inherited for our familg reunion door prize. It was pieced in the early 50's by my grandmother. I recognize some of the fabric from the clothes my mom made us. Had a lot of fun doing this one.
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    NEW-TO-ME 2009 Freedom

    Whooo Hooo! I am the proud owner of a 2009 Freedom. So? What am I doing on here???
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    Another great quilt path quilt

    This is a quilt we worked on this week. I'm very pleased with how it came out. Neila Kobloth made the quilt and I got the pleasure of quilting it. Quilt path and I did a great job if I have to say myself.
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    T Row Studio

    yikes FLANGES on a quilt

    Yikees a long armers worst nightmare flanges...... but we came up with a good solution I just did straight lines parallel to the flanges in an irregular width easy peasey and it looks great on this quilt.
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    Jessica Gamez

    Need help with quilting

    If you do pebbling, play with it a little bit by adding in swirls and little "shells".
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    Just finished this one

    This is a design I learned from Myrna Ficken and I'm not sure why but on this one I start on the right side of the quilt. You can change those spikes to feathers as well. I call it bamboo shoots but I guess dragons teeth works too! Here is a diagram on my dry erase board of the pattern. It is a continuous pattern but I don't try to turn a corner with it as I can't get it to come out right.
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    First quilt path panto attempt

    108" square.
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    A few forum questions

    I have a few questions that I can't seem to find the answers for....not saying they aren't there jumping up and down waving at me....just saying that as I plod along watching where I put my feet, I can't see them. What is the "reputation" that I keep seeing references to? How do you give reputation? What types of things warrent reputation? Will I get a reputation for asking so many questions about reputation? Also I see some folks have a fancy signature and a list of their machine, blog, shop, etc. Some have cute quotes. How do you add that to your posts. I looked everywhere, I think, in my profile and did not see where to do that. Is there a certain place that questions like these should be asked? Appreciate any help in learning about this forum so as not to be so awkward stumbling around. Thanks
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    Ann Wight

    Machine sewing binding

    I posted a tutorial a few years ago. I always stitch to the back first and then topstitch to the front....have done hundreds of quilts like this with my DSM. Its quick, neat and easy. I always use a 2.5 inch binding. http://bunkhousequilts.blogspot.com/2012/03/machine-binding-tutorial.html
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    Totally finished with label

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments, Cagey, I posted the quilt under topic "My Accomplished Quilting" on here, you can see the top there without the binding on yet. Betsy, yes the label is Embroidery, what I did was select the biggest "built in" heart shape that fits my Babylocks biggest hoop, this one is 7inches at the widest point and 6 inches tall. I also selected a font that is already in my machine. I don't want to sound like I am tooting my own horn, but this label that I turned into a John Deere tractor with a round bale of hay in the wagon, to go on a John Deere quilt for a little boy, just turned out to be my FAVORITE
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    Crosshatching with a computerized system is tough because of fabric draw up and matching each point across the quilt after each roll. I haven't crosshatched an entire quilt but did crosshatching on a custom quilt surrounding all the blocks. I used a ruler from quilters apothecary made for crosshatching.
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    2nd Custom Quilt with IQ

    Just finished my 2nd custom quilt with IQ. It is Deck the Halls by Claudia's Creations. The redwork is done with the Deck the Halls machine embroidery CD, The quilting is all done by IQ. I had this posted in Computer Aided Quilting but Gator thought I should post it here too so more people would see it. I added IQ in July 2016 and am loving it so far! I learned so much on this quilt but don't get much time to quilt on my own stuff, and do mostly panto's for customers, so I hope I can retain some of what I learned by the time I get to custom quilt again! Thanks for looking! Robin in MT
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    Bonnie in Ok

    Yea for rulers

    I bought Linda Reich's cross hatch and arc ruler set and just love them. Thank you Linda and Dennis!
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    Finished another one

    We had our family reunion today. My uncle Jack won the quilt. That made me so happy. He is about 82. He already has it on their bed.
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    Not as Easy as I Hoped

    Here are a couple pictures. In the first picture.. you need to make sure that when you tie strap the two cords coming down from the top of the machine, that when they curl around they CAN'T touch the rail. or you will get friction you don't want.. the second pic shows how I then made another loop to just go around with a rubber band and that S hook I hook on my belt loop. now the cord can only pull on me, NOT LUCEY. When I walk away.. I just hook that S hook on that thread spool spindle on the right side. this little trick sure helped me a lot.. the cord rubbing on the rail or pulling against the machine across the carpet was really bad for me trying to make smooth moves. Hope this helps . In the pictures it looks like my cords are laying on my rail... but they are not. UPDATE: I just added two more pics.. under the handle I added a piece of black stick on Velcro so that I could stick that white Velcro that I have wrapped around the cords.. and that helped to keep those cords up off the rail more. you can see that I have just enough cord to push Lucey all the way to hit the throat, but there is no drag on her. that S hook .. hooks in my belt loop , and there is no drag on Lucey's movement caused by the cord. I also bolted on two steel pieces to the frame ends and attached a full length piece of 2" pvc pipe and that is my Batting roller and it really works nice! Rosemary
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    Pepsi Girl

    American Hero Quilts

    So I just finished this charity quilt with my new Panto "Bauhaus". I was surprised how much I needed to stay alert so I didn't put circles in the smaller inside echo. But it was a quick quilt and over all I like it. I only did the quilting, someone else makes the top and some else binds it. Sadly this quilt was not very square but I don't guess a wounded soldier will notice.
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    Machine sewing binding

    I know several of you machine sew binding on and I could use a "Machine sewing binding for dummies" course. I have made the double binding that adds a flange. You sew it to the back first and then SID along the flange from the front. That one works okay for me. But making that double binding is extra work and sometimes I am not in the mood. The method I would like to master is where you stitch the binding on the front, fold to the back, SID along the front edge and it stitches down the back. Do you pin, glue, staple, duct tape or what to keep that binding folded snugly so that you catch that back edge? I know I am missing something simple in this process, at least I hope it is simple. I keep going on and off the edge in the back when I do this. Is my binding too narrow? How wide do y'all make your binding when you do this? Pins seem awkward to get into this narrow space and I have to use a lot and by the end I look like I have been in a cat fight and lost. I am just not picking up on what I am doing wrong. I have watched tons of videos and still wander on and off the back edge. I saw a special foot demo'ed at a show last year and maybe it was the lady demo'ing it, but that was a disaster so I am not keen on spending money on that. Rosemary just showed her quilt label and her binding is machine sewn on so nicely, the amount of space from the stitch line to the edge of the binding is so even. I want to be able to sew on binding like that. So please share any secrets that you may have. Thanks so much.
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    Machine sewing binding

    A friend from my guild taught me this technique and I love it! I call it Machine Binding with an Accent Fabric Cut the accent fabric (which will become the inside "flange") in 1 1/2" strips Cut the primary fabric in 1 1/4" strips Sew these together on the long edge. Press. Fold. Then press again. Sew to the the back of the quilt. Fold the binding over and then stitch in the ditch on the front of the quilt. Sorry, these are not the best pictures.... in the pic with the blue fabric, the strip on the left is when I sewed the two pieces together on the long end, and on the right is when it is folded and ready to sew onto the quilt. The other picture is the same technique but on a different quilt.
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    Hook buffing questions

    Ok so I hadn't heard the pigtail thing. Wasn't it. Called Angie at apqs today. Buffed things I didn't know you could buff and it's stitching great!
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    Sue E.

    Computerized quilting

    I am on my 3rd system and from day one I have never looked back. My first computer was a CompuQuilter which was an absolute dream (I was the first APQS retail customer to get this system installed on my Millie in 2005) - it was so easy to use and understand. Unfortunately, due to many illnesses, the company went out of business and there was no longer any support and the system ran on an XP computer which was beginning to give me problems in 2014 or 2014. I decided to sell it and get another system which turned out to be not the best fit for me. I did not like at all. It did not "think like I did" and I could not get it to do what I needed it to do although I have seen some amazing quilts done using this system. It just wasn't the one for me. I now have an IntelliQuilter and I really like it. It can do so much but I have only just learned a tiny fraction of what it can do. The support system for this computer is great and there are several chat groups you can join. I say, don't be nervous. Just go for the system that you think fits you the best. Be sure to try it out and really learn what it can and cannot do and how easy it is to use. My mistake of taking someone else word for how easy it was to use was quite costly to me.
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    yikes FLANGES on a quilt

    Thank you for explaining "flanges". I never heard that term before, thought I was the only one. Have I said lately how much I love this forum and everyone in it!!!!!!
  46. 3 points

    Stitch Density on Charity Quilts

    I'm sorry your feelings were hurt in this manner. I think I would write a note to the leader of the group expressing your feelings. They need to be aware that doing things like that can cost them volunteers. If they wanted to provide guide lines they could have done so in a much more sensitive way. Since you quilt for the patients and not the person trying to be "all-knowing" please don't quit. Your example looks like a wonderfully cozy quilt that anyone would be happy to cuddle up in. I am sure your work is appreciated by the recipients.
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    A quick thought on this old thread: A few months ago I ordered needles as specified by my Millie manual. The online store mailed some out to me and I didn't check the lable on what they had sent. Came time to use one and I discovered my stitches skipping in one direction but not the other. Millie normally gives me a beautiful stitch so I spent a long time tryng to figure out what was happening. I was a newbie with my machine so i thought it was something i was doing wrong. My husband saw my frustration and asked what had I changed since the last time I sewed. Of course it was the needle. I popped the old one back in and I got a beautiful stitch again. I tried another new needle from the pack thinking the first new one was defective... same skipped stitches! I looked at the box the needles were in and discovered that the store had sent me needles with different specs to what I had ordered. Research on the internet showed that I had been sent ones that are not designed for multi directional sewing! I phoned the store owner who admitted to sending me the needles and insisted that Groz Beckert said these ones were interchangeable with what I had ordered and even displayed a photo of what she had sent me on her site under the requested needles number! This store specializes only in long arm supplies and had sold a lot of folks this incorrect pack of 100 needles for at least a year that I know of! Lots of back and forth with a reluctant store owner until I spent another CAN$17 on shipping in the manner exactly as the store owner requested. it took just over a month before she issued me a refund for the needles, but did not reimburse the taxes and shipping, and also did not replace the needles. No apology or admitting wrong doing either. I would be a fool to buy from that store again! I ordered new needles from another online store that has always been great to me and received what I requested and have not had any further problems with skipped stitches. So yeah, my lesson learned was check needle lables carefully when you get them, make certain they are the ones you ordered ... if the stitch isn't great put your old one that worked back in again (if it is still functional) to eliminate the possibility that you might just be using an incorrect or defective one. And of course, value and treasure the store owners that treat you right, there are lots of good ones out there. I hope that helps!
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    T Row Studio

    Not as Easy as I Hoped

    Mary and Lora which way do you stuff the top and batting under the front roller from the front to the back or from the back to the front ok I found a video the add the batting and the top start about at the 10:40 area of the video I hope this helps I find it very easy to load the batting and Top I hope this helps. If you have a table for using for ruler work If you put that on when you are doing pantos itputs a bit of drag on the machine which gives you more contol until you get used to it. Good Luck remember listen to all advise and use what works for you. Welcome
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    My Accomplished Quilting :)

    Thank you EVERYONE for the Wonderful comments.. Let me clarify.. I have been piecing and making Quilts for as long as I can remember.. and I was a Stitch in the Ditch Pro with my sewing machine. I was extremely fortunate to have Hubby let me take the plunge into getting a LONGARM.. so that is where the NEWBIE comes in I had a Toddler sized John Deere top ready to go for practice, and that wasn't a big enough practice, Lucey was done with that in no time! So that meant I needed something a lot bigger. I had a King Size Double Irish chain top completed (for myself) but I was scared to death.. (What if I ruined it?) But.. Hubby said, "How can you ruin it, that is what you bought this big machine for, so go for it! " So, truth be known.. that big 120" square went first. And I was really happy with how that turned out.. I had a few tension issues, but nothing that needed to be torn out, a lot of help on here was great information. Once off the frame, those stitches melted right into the fabric. Also, with the help on here, I was able to learn about the Needles to use and the Threads when switching from cotton (top and bobbin) to Variegated Poly and Super Bobs when sewing on this Batik fabric both top and Backing. Thanks again for all the help and links. I never believed that I would ever be fortunate enough to own a longarm, but, with your help and APQS, Lucey sure made it easy. I am so Happy with my Purchase Unfortunately, Hubby says it has been a long horrible winter here in Michigan, with no snow for snowmobiling and NOW IT IS TIME TO GET THE BOAT OUT AND GO FISHING!! Happy stitching Rosemary
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    David, I have placed clear vinyl over the boards and traced pattern onto vinyl. Then I lay the vinyl over quilt top to audition different patterns. This sometimes helps when trying to decide between a couple designs. Hope this helps!