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    Day at the lake quilt

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    Antique Buttermold Quilt

    I finally finished one of my own during a slow time in my customer base......
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    Pink Halloween Quilt

    Look what I got to quilt! It's a pink themed Halloween quilt, to display at our local hospital during the month of October. Pink because it's breast cancer awareness month. The Jackson Hole Quilt Guild rotates a quilt display every month at our local hospital. The nurses and patients really appreciate it. We've had a hard time in years past trying to find a pink quilt for the October display. So we had the bright idea to make a quilt just for that. Different people made the applique blocks, others sewed them together with sashing and border. I quilted it, and just handed it off to another member to attach the binding. A terrific collaboration. Last May I took a few classes from Judi Madsen in Salt Lake City. I just LOVE her work. So, you will see that she inspired this quilting. The bat bra block is the one that really got me started with the quilt designs. The lady who made it drew a spider in a web on the cleavage, so clever and so easy to quilt that design! Judi had just posted an applique quilt that she'd finished that had bugs in it. She gave the bugs motion by quilting a swirly design under them. I thought the ghosts need that swirly design too. Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?! I used a wool batting, glide thread with magna glide bobbins. Love those magna glide bobbins! Angela Huffman is a great source for them and her delivery is super fast. Thanks for looking!
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    T Row Studio

    Cactus Collage quilted

    Here is My latest Collage quilt ready for Squaring and binding This is a Laura Heine Collage pattern called Cactus collage sampler. I shrunk this to 60% of the original size. My Mother saw one in our Local Show and she said It was her favorite quilt at the show so I thought I could make that for her birthday. I have included before after quilting and the back I also included a copy of my doodle of how I was going to quilt this. Thanks for looking Have a great day
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    Fancy Forest Quilt

    Finished my Fancy Forest Quilt (design by Elizabeth Hartman) this morning. One problem I have is my grandchildren all want one What have I started?? It was so much fun to make!
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    I finished my Twinkle Star

    Put this on the long arm this morning. I finished the binding after lunch. Love it!!
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    Spring Basket -It's a Winner-And it's BEST OF SHOW

    My customer just won First Place, favorite quilt from the guild members and People's Choice at her local guild. I used So Fine and Bottom Line. Hobbs 80/20 and Dream Wool. This is a picture of Shirley and her grandaughter who will eventually receive the quilt. Spring Basket 031 by Libby G, on Flickr Spring Basket (7) by Libby G, on Flickr Spring Basket (5) by Libby G, on Flickr Spring Basket (9) by Libby G, on Flickr Spring Basket (10) by Libby G, on Flickr
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    Iris quilt

    I had the privilege of quilting this beautiful applique Iris quilt for my neighbour/friend. It has a wonderful story behind it. She made the quilt top back in 1988 for her daughter and as young daughters go, didn't like it once Mom had almost finished the top. So, my friend put it in storage along with the rest of the fabric and backing. Now this summer, her mother is moving from her home to a new condo and my friend felt her mother needed a new quilt for her new home so she dug this out of storage and her mother loved it. She was ready to bring me the quilt and then realized the borders had never been put on so she needed to quickly do that as well and so fortunate that she had kept all the extra fabrics! I had SO much fun quilting this for them. AND another exciting note is that my friend is now eagerly awaiting her very own APQS Millie!! We are going to have so much fun sharing ideas and learning together!
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    Ann Wight

    Clothesline Quilt

    I just took this little orphan block quilt off the frame and bound it. I was given several bags of stash and blocks from a lady that passed away several years ago. Her daughter is an acquaintance of mine and recently her husband was killed in an boating accident. I made this for her from the last of her Mom's orphan blocks. More of the story and photos on my blog. http://bunkhousequilts.blogspot.com/2017/07/clothesline-quilt-is-done.html
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    Scrappy nine patch

    Every month a group of us meet to quilt at a quilting shop with an attached restaurant. Since it's a day of shopping, sewing and eating, I find it difficult to work on any project that requires me to pay attention. So I've found it's a great time to make a scrappy quilt. I love on point settings and a floating look. So this is my latest project. Sew fine on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin, and Hobbs 80/20. Since I love to quilt feathers and made a large border, I feathered it. I used the pantograph waterworld in the center so it wouldn't compete with the feathers. scrappy nine patch (2) by Libby G, on Flickr scrappy nine patch (3) by Libby G, on Flickr scrappy nine patch by Libby G, on Flickr
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    my first quilt on george

    picture removed
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    Chevrons on Lucius

    It's been a long time since I've been on this forum - or had anything to post. My wife and I have been in our RV for most of this year, and I've not been able to play much with Lucius. But we're back home now, and I'm finally fulfilling my hidden desires. She pieced this chevron quilt to try out using a layer cake of gradation fabrics. When she had finished, she handed it to me and said, "Here you go. Play with this and see what you can do. It's just for practice!" So I decided to try a different pattern in each band and to use contrasting colors. I'm tying it together by using curved patterns in the teal and straight-line patterns in the white. And then, for interest, I have added circles of different sizes and I'm practicing other patterns in the circles. Is this too much fun, or what?
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    Lavender Rose

    Really enjoying work on a new quilt. This one is for my oldest grand-daughter for Christmas; I hope it will become a keepsake for her. The piecing is done to an Eleanor Burns "Quilt in a Day" (right!) pattern, with a color change from rose to lavender. But I'm very much enjoying doing the quilting. I took a couple of classes from Bethanne Nemesh at QuiltWeek in Paducah, and I'm using her "Nemeshing" fill pattern for the center of the quilt. I'll post more pictures when it's all done.
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    Bedford Springs

    Bedford Springs, a pattern by Wendy Sheppard, using Mary Koval's Simply Red fabric line, was pieced by a customer of mine. She added the inner red border and the corner stones in the outer border. The original pattern does not have an inner border. So Fine on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin. Hobbs 80/20. She wanted feathers and stippling around the inside of the red border. Bedford Springs (2) by Libby G, on Flickr Bedford Springs (3) by Libby G, on Flickr Bedford Springs by Libby G, on Flickr
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    You can easily baste by setting your stitches-per-inch at 8 and stitching in manual mode. The needle goes so slowly that you can move the machine to make extra long stitches. I try for about a half-inch long.
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    Picnic Quilt

    Started this quilt last winter and just finished quilting it yesterday and putting the binding on today! Just felt that the colours and pattern felt like a summer picnic quilt. Although I don't think I could ever use it as one since the background is all white on this one
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    Maggie Town

    This is the next quilt in line for my cutomers grandchild. She changed the layout of Maggie Town because she didn't like the look with the 30's fabric. Maggie's afraid of some animals so she didn't add as many. So Fine on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin. 80/20 Hobbs. I've reposted Ethanburg so you can compare the two quilts. Maggie Town (6) by Libby G, on Flickr Maggie Town (3) by Libby G, on Flickr Ethanburg by Libby G, on Flickr Ethanburg by Libby G, on Flickr
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    mommy and me

    My customer loved this pattern. She won a charm pack at a local shop and used it in "mommy and me". I did a pantograph on the charm pack part and then swirled around the elephants. Because she used that fluffy material I only did the legs and the ears on the elephant. Hobbs 80/20 with So Fine on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin. After it was quilted I used a dark gray to make the balloon strings. mommy and me (3) by Libby G, on Flickr mommy and me (2) by Libby G, on Flickr mommy and me by Libby G, on Flickr
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    Heart Swirl

    I have a new video that shows a heart swirl design. The video focuses on creating the pantograph in Art and Stitch. But it could also be done freehand on your longarm as well. Check on my blog post at http://www.onpointquilter.com/blog/heart-swirls. (PS I also have a sale on the design.)
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    Dog gone cute

    For my 4th grandchild due in 11 days. Done in the nick of time!
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    Liberty Machine

    Well I took the leap, the machine will be delivered on Monday. I'm really excited, but a little scared to. We won't be able to set it up until later, we will have to move my other machine out, and do some rearranging to make it fit the room. I think my husband is as excited as me, he was in the room figuring all the ways we could do it. Anyway thank you all for helping me make this decision. Diane
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    In Harvey's path

    Mary, thanks for asking. My wife and I came through it with no damage other than a spot on my roof started leaking. I'll fix that once we are sure there is going to be no more rain. Others on my street had some flooding and lost their carpet but nothing like the surrounding areas of Houston and such. So much loss and so much pain. I truly can't imagine what it's like to wake up one morning and have absolutely nothing other than the clothes on your back. But it's been wonderful to see how everybody has pulled together to help with rescues, food, clothes and donations. You really have to be from this area and know the areas the news media are talking about for it to really hit home. It will be months if not years for this area and all the people to recover BUT (Hope it's not bragging) this is Texas.....we will overcome.... I want to thank all of the other cities and states that have helped so much with rescue and I thank each of you for your prayers....please don't stop praying for everybody here....going to be a long road to recovery.
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    M bobbins

    Wouldn't it be nice if someone invented a way to store an entire cone of thread under the machine and feed it through the existing bobbin mechanism. Then you would never run out of bobbin again. Ahhhhh to dream!
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    Path of Irma and Jose

    Praying for everyone in the path of Irma and Jose. Please prepare for their arrival, I was an Emergency Manager for 8 years and found most are not convinced these storms are as bad as predicted, they're worse. Hopefully, Irma will turn out to the Atlantic but she looks determined to go ashore. I live in Michigan but you are welcome to come to my home, if needed. For my quilty friends I have plenty of UFOs to work on if you come north! God Bless and be with you.
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    I forgot to post a picture of the finished quilt. I ended up using Bottomline thread top and bottom.
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    Path of Irma and Jose

    Delores; Yes, The Quilt Place, survived the storm, as did we. Many places in the Melbourne/Rockledge/Cocoa area are still without power. We lost both water and power late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. The water came back late Monday, and we only had power restored yesterday evening. Life is rather non-fun living off a generator, balancing the electrical load to run refrigerators, freezers, fans, and other small items, while at the same time providing electricity to our neighbors. I wish I had been like my quilting friend who has been quilting non-stop since last Wednesday. She never lost power, and since she did not evacuate has been staying at home quilting her finger off. Tuesday afternoon was exciting as two individuals in a hit a run accidents with an elderly couple down the road decided to abandon their car, and flee on foot in my neighborhood. The one individual ran north, while the other cut through two houses up from ours. We asked him what he was doing as we knew he did not belong in the area and he was dripping wet from head to toe and drunk. He told us he was running from the cops, as his friend was on probation for murder, but he hadn't done anything. We started locking down the house, since it was wide open to stay cool, and called the police. When we checked on our elderly neighbors, the man was in their house. The wife politely talked him out of the house, and the individual walked out. He then walked up the street. While on the phone with the police, the individual went between a few houses. About 20 police cars arrived, and they started looking for the individuals. We even had a police helicopter flying at house top level searching for them. The police had to search a number of homes as people had left their houses open while they out. The caught the one that ran north hiding in a condo stairwell with a gun just north of our neighborhood, and our neighbor caught the one we spoke with later that night. The neighbors held him at gun point until the police arrived shortly later. For two hours or so, everyone forgot how hot, humid, and challenging live can be without power, cable, or internet. Luckily we only have to boil or water at this point, and sleeping last night was wonderful in a nice cool home. I thank everyone for their thoughts a prayers. The hurricane could have been much worse, and could have caused much more damage than I have seen so far in our area. I'm sure insurance costs will sky rocket next year, but at least we are alive. Take care, and God Bless the rest of the state that is without power and/or suffered much more damage than our are area sustained. Cagey
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    what does member Reputation mean

    When a person gives you a member reputation, it's the same thing as giving you an "atta-boy." It means they like something you posted and are thanking you. Hopefully everybody knows what an "atta-boy" is....I'm from the south and yes we say "Ya'll" too.
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    Forums for sitdown quilters

    Awesome judy very nice quilts thanks for sharing.
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    Path of Irma and Jose

    Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. We just finished getting all the hurricane shutters up. We only have to secure one side of the hurricane screens (looks like the trampoline mat that you bounce on) on the front and back doors. Now to help neighbors and family to secure their homes in the next day or two. We are not planning on evacuating now, and besides the roads are starting to look like a parking lots with everyone evacuating from south Florida. Our nephew on the Tampa side of the state decided to evacuate, and they could not find an available hotel room closer than 200 miles north of Atlanta. What normally takes about an hour to drive is taking 3 to 4 hours. Finding gas is becoming difficult. I hope and pray all of the southern APQS forum members ride out Irma and Jose safe and sound, as they evacuate northward. Be safe, and God speed. Cagey
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    Dog gone cute

    I would appreciate ideas for quilting this. Thanks!
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    APQS or Innova

    CBW, The stitch regulator on our new machines beeps once every 8 seconds or so. We have our customers' safety in mind by having that audible warning tone--when the sewing motor is engaged and the regulator is on, the machine will sew when you move the machine. However, we don't want you to get distracted (maybe a phone call or knock on the door) and just walk away from the machine without turning off the sewing motor. When you return to the machine, if you decide to "check the bobbin" before you resume quilting, but you haven't shut off the motor, we don't want you to mangle your fingers in the bobbin area by moving the machine with it still "on". We are a small, family-owned company and we hand-build each machine right in Iowa, which is why we can offer a lifetime warranty (it even includes the electronics, circuit boards, switches, and motor--something not every company will do). We know what goes into each machine and will stand behind our work with customer service and support. The Cotton Corner in Shipshewana, IN is also fairly close to you. They have a variety of APQS machines available for you to try again if you need another test drive, and also teach classes and provide support. But ultimately you have to choose a machine that is the right "fit" for you.
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    Sharon Deming

    Installation of Dee-Lites on Millie

    Guess what. I SOLD MY LENNI! And my brand spanking new Millie is in the studio in her 7 beautiful boxes. Sheridan is coming tomorrow to set her up for me. Soooo, I had Dee-Lites installed on the Lenni, and need to install them on the Millie. If you have a Millie with Dee-Lites, could you Please post a picture of how you attached it to the ends? I'm thinking we won't need a separate cross piece, but don't want to mess anything up.
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    Mary Beth

    Win A Millie September '17 version

    I am finished competing if it goes past simple addition.
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    Sharon Deming

    Machine Sticking

    I had a Lenni until a couple of weeks ago - Millie is sitting in the same place now. Anyway - I had a couple of incidents of this nature. So check to be sure the carriage isn't "catching" on the power cable where it winds its way up to the plug-in on the machine. I had re-position my cable a little. Clean the wheels, bliss rails if you have them, etc. If you have bliss: check to see batting bunnies or thread has collected in the "brushes" that run on the bliss rails at the front of the carriage. I occasionally have to pick out stuff from that area. Also, if you have a short power cable like I did to start with, it will drag if it gets too stretched out from the power source. Oh, and another time, the horizontal lock "stopper" worked its way down until it was dragging on the carriage. When you aren't using the horizontal lock, make sure the stopper is secured snuggly at the highest position. If you still can't find the issue, call customer service - they can offer other things to look at.
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    Is This "Normal" - Update

    Thank you ladies! There is some comfort in knowing it's probably not something I missed when rolling on and this sucking up batting can happen. Betsy, you mentioned the puffing up factor, and now that you mention it, I remember thinking when I took it out of the package that it was way thinner than I expected. However, it was so badly wrinkled, I first hung it over my longarm frame to relax and spritzed it with water. After two days it was still pretty wrinkled (and no thicker), so I spritzed it again and popped it in the dryer on Extra Low for no more than 15 minutes and poof! It was thick and like I mentioned, was shorter in the one direction, not that I thought to measure it previous to that, but assumed it was as advertised on the package. So that may very well be where the length went, in the poof. So, you have to wonder if when its prepared for market and is so thin when we get it if it is stretch out to size? I'm not afraid of adding at the end if I must, but was more afraid of a wad of batting somewhere in the sandwich that is too late to fix! Another learning experience!
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    Win A Millie September '17 version

    And I thought I had one less person to worry about. LOL.
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    Is This "Normal" - Update

    Although I have never used two layers of batting, I have found that wool batting gets a lot shorter as I quilt it than the cottons I use. I figured it was because the wool "un-flattens" due to being off the roll (I have rolls, not packaged battings), causing it to shorten as it puffs up, but I don't know if this is actually the case. There have been a couple of times I almost ran out of batting before I finished my quilt, so now I make sure wool batting is extra long for my quilt top. You may need to add some batting to the end of your wool. Haven't tried it with wool batting yet, but that iron on batting tape has worked well for me with cotton battings - even the time I I had to use it while the project was on my machine.
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    Forums for sitdown quilters

    Yes. There are quite a few of us here. I'll try to post some mine.
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    Path of Irma and Jose

    I think God heard our prayers, because the storm was supposed to be worse that it was! Glad you all are safe.
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    Path of Irma and Jose

    We appeared to have survived the storm so far, with only minor house damage. Nothing so large to even file an insurance claim at this time. Hopefully the same will hold true for the other FL, GA, AL forum members. Knock on wood we still have power and internet access. It keeps going out every 30 minute or so for a few a seconds up to a minute. When it is out for awhile, you really start to wonder if it is coming back on. Still praying that the rest of you are safe and sound, and have only minor damage if any at all. Take care, and God Bless. Be safe!!!! Cagey
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    Path of Irma and Jose

    My thoughts and prayers are with all you folks in Florida... may God protect you and your families, your friends, your pets and homes.
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    New Millie giveaway!

    I really need to win this! My husband says I should stop torturing myself. Every single time they do a new Millie giveaway I enter daily. I'm convinced that some day I will win, then I'm so disappointed when Dawn makes the winning call and my phone doesn't ring. He has to live with my pouting for a week!
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    How to replace (put back on shaft) hook assembly

    Hello fellow LAQ machine do-it-yourselfers. I am attempting to work on the Beast's timing this morning. That is my 1997 Ultimate II. The video is great, and I am to the point of putting the hook assembly back into place. Amy showed a trick of bracing your screwdrivers against the thingamajiggy behind it to help pry and scootch the assembly off the post in the first place. But now the video simply shows the assembly back in place without showing how to do it. This thing will not just push back into place. I bet I'm not supposed to put a lot of pressure on that center post that the bobbins snap onto, and I bet I'm not supposed to whack it with a mallet or probably even tap it. Anybody here have any hints on how to get that hook assembly back into place, all the way back on the post? Any help will be appreciated. ****** UPDATE ****** I just spoke with Angie and learned that I was a bit too careful on the step of running the machine, at slowest speed, with the file against the post to smooth it out and possibly shave off the minutest, tiniest bit of metal. It took 3-4 more seconds with the file at the most. And the hook assembly popped back into place. Thanks once again to the very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient APQS crew!
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    Trimming Question

    I trim most of the quilts I do for customers, but I trim an inch away from the edge of the top, not next to it. It makes the quilt easier for them to handle, but it gives them plenty of extra around the edge. I return the trimmed batting and backing to them, of course.
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    In Harvey's path

    Watching on TV and praying for protection from the wind, rain, flooding and snakes...
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    Dog gone cute

    This will be going to my 4th grand baby due in less than 3 weeks. My mind was working on this while I slept. I was thinking outline Sid on the dogs, my border, not pictured, is 3.5 inches, and will have bones using a template with match stick surrounding the bones. Orange sized spirals in the quilt background. How does that sound?
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    Quilted Vintage Table Linen

    I'm not sure it goes with your color scheme...If I was you I would ship it to me....I'll see that it gets used. It's beautiful.
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    The best way to fix this is to remove the outer borders. Then measure the inside length and cut the outer borders to fit the length. Sew the two side borders on by PINNING and easing and sewing very carefully not to stretch. After sewing the borders on the length, measure the width and cut the top and bottom borders to fit. Repeat by sewing the two top and bottom borders on by PINNING and easing and sewing very carefully not to stretch. VIOLA. Problem solved and quilt lays flat and ready for quilting.
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    Quilted Vintage Table Linen

    I love it! I have several of my Mother's and Grandmother's tablecloths to quilt! Right now they are on my bucket list but you have inspired me to get them moved up on the list! Your work is beautiful!
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    Quilt Path Instructions

    Directions for Stitching Boundaries in Quilt Path Directions for stitching boundaries 27 Sep 2014.pdf