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    My only quilt of this year has just won Best of State. In April it will judged for best of Australia before touring all other states for seven months. Sorry it is so tiny but I posted that from my phone. If you search the #Featheration2Blu on instagram or even Facebook her journey will come up
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    T Row Studio

    wild and goosey ready for binding

    Well my version of Wild and Goosey is off the frame and ready for the binding. I have not counted the pieces yet but there is a S....t load. I love how the black and white helps showcase all the different colors .I was able to make a border using the same block and changing some colors. I am very happy with the final quilt. Thanks for looking Here is a close up it is hard to take pictures on the black.
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    Coxcomb Quilt

    This is Judy Niemeyer’s Coxcomb quilt that my friend Dawn Teune pieced and I quilted for her in December. It just won 4 ribbons at the Rainy Day Quilter’s Annual Quilt Show in Ketchikan, AK. First Place, Shop award, Hanger’s choice, and Judges choice. We make a great team and I am always excited to quilt for her!
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    Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the Hartley Fence!!!! It is perfect for laying out the groundwork for Custom Quilting!!! Perfect Circles every time!!!! I use it often when trying to add another layer of design. I took this quilt with some plain open space and just added Circles around the Dresdan Plates By simply adding the Arcs on the outer rings,... It gave this piece a border as well as new space to fill between the rings in the center!!!! Some Feathers,... Straight line work,.. Stipple and Curly Cues and this quilt went from everyday to WOW!!!! I used 1 layer of Quilters Dream Wool to make the design pop (I LOVE Quilters Dream Wool!!) and of course,... Glide! thread from Fil-Tec Thanks for looking!!! Love the layers of this quilt,.... the mixture of simple designs and formal feathers really made this quilt come alive!! and a view of the Back,......
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    Irish Stars times 3 Made the Quiltmaker Magazine

    My quilt, This Irish Stars, made the quiltmaker magazine in the sew to speak section for the May/June 2017 Issue. I sent this picutre to them and was contacted to be able tp put in the magazine. I'm proud to show it off. I made three of these quilts for the kids for Christmas. All Just alike. I used Quilters Dream wool batting, and just pulled fabric from my hidden fabrics to try to match up as best I could. I used the the panto, Dewdrops in the Garden from Urban Elementz. I don't have quilt path, so I found it was a little hard to do. I started not to post these, because I was not as proud as I should have been with the panto I chose for these quilts. I got the pattern from the Quiltmaker magazine, July/August 2014 No. 158 issue. Anyway here is a picture of a couple.
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    Pinwheel quilt

    My friend made this quilt from leftover 30's fabric. We decided that feathers would look great on this quilt. 80/20 Hobbs batting. So Fine and BL in the bobbin. Pinwheel by Libby G, on Flickr pinwheel (2) by Libby G, on Flickr
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    Customer's Quilt Won 2nd place

    My customer Sherry Turner won 2nd place in small wall quilt category at Feather Princesses Quilt Show in Tampa Florida.
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    Quilting Heidi

    Back on the saddle stool :-)

    It has been soooooo long since I quilted. I think the last time I quilted was over 6 months ago, maybe longer. I can't remember if the twins were born or not but the last quilt I did was for my 3rd granddaughter. We finally got in our house mid Jan. and I finally have everything unpacked and put where it goes. I still have some pictures to hang but other than that I'm reasonably happy. I got my new studio all in order and hubby finally hung some lights for me a couple of weeks ago, then we got company for a week. It was the first time I had all 5 grandbabies together. Unfortunately my 2nd granddaughter got sick in the car coming up. We thought she was just car sick from the 14 hour drive but when my 1st granddaughter and son came down with it 3 days later we knew that wasn't the case. My 3rd granddaughter came down with it the night before they left. She just turned 1 in Feb. and she actually puked in the puke bucket every time!!!!! I was impressed, LOL. My poor DIL was up all night and then got the bug on their way home but didn't get sick until they pulled into the driveway. 2 days after that Landon came down with it and then my daughter. 4 days after that Scarlett and Nana got it. There is only 1 man standing and it has been a week since I had it so hopefully Poppi will NOT be getting it! Finally our Landon had a heart catherization done on Tuesday and we got the best news ever! The pressure in his upper chamber is almost normal and they have taken him off oxygen! We were so excited and happy to have this news. He still has problems with his mitral valve and will likely have to have another surgery sometime in the future but he really truly is our miracle baby! Anyway all that got in the way of my quilting. I have been dragging my feet all week for some reason and I don't know why. Today I finally bit the bullet and got a play piece loaded. I forgot how to turn my stitch regulator on! LOL I stitched for about an hour and oh did it feel good. All my fears are gone and now I can get back in my groove. I have a quilt that I told a friend I would quilt over a year ago and then my world flipped upside down and sideways. I'm hoping to get her quilt loaded tomorrow and get moving on it. Glad to be back.
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    Quilting Heidi

    Angel Quilt for Rita Delivered

    Hi all. I confirmed from her daughter that the quilt was delivered and it is giving Rita loads of hugs. I didn't get any information on her reaction but I can tell you I know Rita and it warmed her heart so much! Not a lot new on her health except that her daughter told me that she is making progress. She is still on the ventilator but they are beginning to ween her off. Keep her in your prayers and I know the quilt is giving her some comfort as she recovers. Thank you all for participating and wrapping Rita in our love.
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    Another 30's scrap quilt

    My friend, Susan, made this quilt with her leftover 30's fabric. She wanted feathers and I do love making them. Hobbs 80/20. So Fine on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin. 30's scrap by Libby G, on Flickr 30's scrap by Libby G, on Flickr 30's scrap by Libby G, on Flickr
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    T Row Studio

    First time entering in a NJS

    I have two quilts accepted into The Canadian Quilters Association National Juried Show June 14-17 in Toronto and my house quilt in the rosette categoy...... I am just SEW Excited first time entering
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    I am working on a customers quilt Made from cut up panels ,bordered and sashed. the panel is gorgeous . I and adding thread painting to the panels and a wavy line detail that mimics the border fabric I should have it off the frame today. I love the colors in this quilt. Hope you enjoy and have a great day. sorry this one is sideways
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    T Row Studio

    Batting Storage- my solution

    I was asked to show a picture of my Batting storage trolley my husband made for me . I can store 96 or 120" wide batting .I can store two rolls of batting and is on casters so I can roll it out to load and clean the dust bunnies that seam to gather in my studio. sorry having problems getting pictures to load again https://www.pinterest.com/pin/538602436666718485/ maybe you can see this Ya I got it Judith
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    Scrap Quilt

    Marjorie, an 88 year old, pieced this quilt last year. She wanted me to quilt it with feathers. Since she didn't use cornerstones, it was hard for her to keep the blocks straight and in line. So Fine on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin. Hobb 80/20. scrap (4) by Libby G, on Flickr scrap by Libby G, on Flickr scrap (2) by Libby G, on Flickr scrap (5) by Libby G, on Flickr
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    Wow!So honored!

    This is my customer, Vonnie's quilt! At the Charlotte Quilt Guild show this weekend, it won 1st place in traditional quilts, Best of show for traditional quilts, and BEST OF SHOW FOR MACHINE QUILTING,! I've never had anything like that happen before! Wow!
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    Stupid Mistake

    Well, have you ever done something so stupid you just wanted to scream? I did today. I loaded a quilt on the frame and everything was going great. Of course the design was very intricate, but was turning out beautifully, so I was very pleased. That was until I discovered my blunder. I about two thirds of the way through the quilt when I come across the seam where the backing was pieced together. Guess what! I put the backing on UPSIDE DOWN. Yup, the seam was facing the outside of the quilt instead of the batting side. Ugh. Lucky for me the backing was a batik and you really couldn't tell one side from the other. I took it apart and then restitched it by hand. It took forever, but it sure beat the alternative of having to rip out hours of stitching. I should have had a V-8!
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    Mary Beth

    Great Grand Daughter's Quilt

    The baby shower is Saturday....this Saturday. I must work well under pressure....or just work under pressure. Anyway, I found this pattern somewhere on a blog, and the lady said, it was easy and she made it in one evening. Exactly what I was looking for. Then I started trying to make it. That woman is either crazy or her evenings are longer than mine are. So happy this was a baby quilt. Although, by the time I got this far, I was getting the hang of it. Decided to go with CL Swirls, so little fingers could follow the path later.
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    Project Angel Quilt

    Just finished the top! It is sideways on my design wall, and I rotated the picture, which is why the left edge looks a bit wavy. Also had to work around my husband's exercise equipment to get the picture, hence the black half circle near the upper left. Tomorrow I load and quilt!
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    Bunny Quilt

    quilting my appliqued bunnies,My quilting is better than my applique. LOL
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    Finished 116 by 122 inches!!!!!

    I started quilting Patsy's Alaska Bear Paw quilt 10 days ago and finished it yesterday. I used Christy Dillon's Diamond Magic for the borders and sashing. Then I used Patiricia Ritter's Petite Zanzibar triangle block. Myrna's Ficken's pinched squares to make the arc's and Dawn's off the edge rulers to do the SID! I think it took about 81 hours and 23 bobbins. She picked i t up this morning and loved it!!!! love my quilt path!!! and Rulers!!!! has wool batting and used grey Magnifico and Fantastico 5002 threads with Filtec bobbins. Thanks for looking. 20170323_140740 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20170323_140753 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20170323_140938 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20170323_140958 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
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    Psalm Rose - baby quilt

    My customer Suzanne made this quilt for her nephew's baby, whose name is Psalm Rose. She wanted wavy lines and I saw a quilt with bubbles added. For Christmas I bought myself a set of Jamie Wallen's puzzle piece circle rulers and used three of the rulers on this quilt. I love circles that look like circles! Also she has a four year old nephew who loves naming the states and capitals, so she found this US map for him. So Fine on top and BL in the bobbin. Hobbs 80/20 batting. PSALM ROSE 002 by Libby G, on Flickr PSALM ROSE 003 by Libby G, on Flickr United States by Libby G, on Flickr
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    Arkansas Crossroads, possibly

    Went to a retreat January of 2016, project was this quilt. I really liked it, plan on making a couple more. Got my Lennie in May of 2016, wanted a little better skill set before I quilted this one. Pretty happy how it turned out. Border could have been a little cleaner, but happy with my ruler work. Just need to bind it, throw it in the washer and dryer. Keeper ")
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    I dew quilting

    IHQS Ribbon

    My quilt "When the Stars Come Out" took 1st place in the large pieced category. It is a Judy Martin pattern, Wedding Bands.
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    Mary Beth

    Entering a Show

    I cannot take credit for these quilts. I bought the quilt tops, I did not piece them. I wish I had. Now Sheri Butler thinks I can sew. Anyway, I mailed these quilt tops to Sheri Butler after I sold my machine. I distinctly told her not to do anything special. I was thinking since I didn't make them, there was no real attachment. There is now!!! So anyway, we are entering these too quilts into UQSM (formerly HMQS). This one is a vintage quilt. I purchased the top from craigslist. They lady that purchased it had passed away and her husband was selling some of her things. This one is a baby quilt. I purchased the top from a quilt shop that went out of business in Liberty, MO.
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    New feet: Thank you, APQS!

    APQS listened and really came through for quilters. Last week new feet were added to the online store and those feet make it possible for us to use rulers on all sides of the feet. For George they are the Saddle Shoe (open-toe) ruler foot and the True ¼ inch Platform (closed-toe) Ruler foot. I have my new feet and I love them!!! I couldn’t use rulers on the right side of the previous feet because the rulers would run into the slanted bar that connected the foot to the machine. The new feet have a bent shaft that attaches to the foot vertically so the ruler can now sit right next to the foot on all sides. In addition, it is so nice to have ¼ inch distance between the needle and the foot edges. Everything about the new feet is wonderful. The changes make a world of difference. Thank you, APQS! In addition, special thanks to Dawn Cavanaugh. When my new George foot kit arrived last Saturday, it had two Platform Ruler feet and no Saddle Shoe foot. I emailed Dawn and she wrote back that day saying that she would take care of it. Monday evening (Presidents’ Day) I received an email notification that a package was being sent to me and the Saddle Shoe foot arrived today (Wednesday). Wow! It means so much to know that we are listened to and that the APQS employees care about us. Brenda
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    Reproduction wall hangings

    My friend loves reproduction fabrics and the traditional quilting that was usually used on them. So the basket has crosshatching and feathers in the border. The blocks are just done freehand. So Fine thread. Just saying.........I cannot drag pictures into a post. I went to my computer picture file, right clicked, dragged the picture and it won't post. Am I missing another step???? blocks by Libby G, on Flickr blocks (2) by Libby G, on Flickr blocks (3) by Libby G, on Flickr baskets by Libby G, on Flickr baskets (2) by Libby G, on Flickr
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    tarnished windmill quilt

    Finished the tarnished windmill! Here are a few pics...I'm not really happy with the outer narrow cream border, but worse case it can be picked out and something else stitched in its place. I'm too used to using templates to get smooth curves and with this small of a border, I couldn't use anything and had to free hand them. Maybe just the section I chose to take the closeup had the worst quilting.
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    2nd Quilt off the Lenni

    In anticipation of Lenni arriving, I made up this quilt with leftover flannel from a couple of Olaf quilts I made in the last year with a bit of stash added to it, to create a quilt I could practice on and would be suitable to donate to the local Quilts 4 Kids group I volunteer for. It will finish at 54" X 45". While it was more work quilting-wise than I would normally put into a donation quilt, I wanted structured practice, so I threw the book at it, so to speak. I am a rank amateur, and only quilt for myself. On this project I tried a few new to me designs and some tried and true from my repertoire built on my Sweet 16 Sitdown. I recently took some classes with Krista Withers (Awesome btw :)) and she suggested we try our hand at doing grid work on the longarm without rulers. So of course I had to try it! The triple lined grid near the bottom of the quilt was done freehand. I just marked a single line 1 1/2" grid with disappearing marker! And went for it. While I realize it isn't as perfect as a ruler stitched grid, it's a pretty awesome outcome for a first attempt, IMHO. Marking to stitched, about an hour! If you haven't tried it, you may want to. The quilt is complete with its warts, as I only ripped out when the bobbin ran out and left all the other bloopers in. I will never be a show quilter, but just enjoy the creative process and FMQ so much. Clearly, I have lots of areas to work on for improvement! I have a second similar top made up to do as well, but this one's done! Yay! I couldn't wait to share this, so thank you in advance for taking a peek.
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    I dew quilting

    Which Witches Boot finished

    I finished a customer's wall hanging, Which Witchs Boot last week, ready for delivery. SoFine black and white thread, 2 layers Hobbs 80/20 batting. Quilted on my APQS Millie. More pictures on my blog http://dewquilting.blogspot.com
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    A baby quilt

    This small quilt is a gift for a new mom to be's baby shower next weekend. I've known this lady for about 25 years since she was about 12. It took her a long time to meet Mr Right and now they are expecting their first - a little boy. This pattern is a MSQC and is in the tutorials. 2 charm packs used with poly blend batt and glide threads.
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    Latest Quilt- Summer at the Lake

    Here are a few pics of a quilt I've made to give to a friend dealing with a health challenge. It's a Jelly Roll pattern called Summer at the Beach that is free on the net at England Street Quilts blog, and I had a JR on hand I wanted to use... I changed the name as my friend lives on a lake :o). I learned a few things with this quilt, as with most actually. Specifically, I should have done a bit of pin basting, especially because there was no border and therefore a lot of bumpy seams meeting at the edges of the quilt that gave me a big of grief when trying to baste them in place, not to mention the bias in the edges. Anyway, I think it came out acceptable, and am happy with it. I out flannel on the back so it would be cuddly, and I just love it. It's kind of mottled in colour and it gives it almost a velvety look to it. So here you go! Thanks for looking!
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    Quilting Heidi

    Update on Rita?

    Sorry girls. I try to check in every day but it has been a bit crazier than normal! I haven't gotten any updates from Rita's daughter, I keep checking. Rita did have a set-back last week and was on the respirator again. They hoped it was short lived. I will try emailing to see if I can get any updates. I do know the quilt was received and was supposed to be delivered last Wed. In the meantime my son finally came up with his three girls to meet Landon and Scarlett. It was wonderful to have everybody together finally. Our 2nd granddaughter was sick on the way up and we thought she had gotten car sick, we were wrong! She had a stomach bug. 3 days after she had it my oldest granddaughter and son got it. The night before my son was to drive back to NC my middle granddaughter got it and her mama got it just as they pulled into home. 3 days after that poor little Landon got it and then his mama got it. Tues. we had a blizzard and got 22" of snow. To top off my week Scarlett and I got the stomach bug on Friday. I was in bed most of the day Friday and then kind of relapsed on Sunday. Thankfully I am now feeling great and so is everybody else. Hubby is the last man standing. 2 more days and we'll breath a sigh of relief for him. Today Landon had his heart catherization. They discovered the heart pressure was better than expected and he is now off oxygen! We're so happy to hear good news. He had a bronchial event and they had to give him Epi but he is doing fine. They will keep him overnight just as a precaution. The doctor said he couldn't be happier with what he found so we are all so happy and thankful. For all of you that have been praying for him Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I'll let you know if I hear anything at all!
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    Finished customer quilt finally.

    I had this quilt on the machine and then took it off for Christmas quilts that needed doing. There was no rush on this quilt, but I am sure glad it is done now. Too slow going with all the diagonal quilting that needed to be done. Ruler work and feathers. Thanks for all the advice that everyone gave me on this one.
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    Quilt is finished, here are a couple of picture. I can't upload any more pictures. If you want to see more I put them on my facebook page, Stiitchin Quilts.
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    Mary Beth

    You all are so quiet!

    I know a lot of people are on Facebook, that could be why it is so quiet here. I know when I was posting here a few years ago, we had the best quilting chat on the internet. So much great advice and quilting inspiration. I learned so much here about quilting, and made some of the best friends I have ever known. I still hang out with some of my BFFs, have even reserved our hotel rooms for MQS in May 2016, cannot wait!!! We need to get this place hopping again.
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    Cozie's Flannel Irish Chain

    A customer made this using her flannel scraps. So Fine on top, Bottom Line in the bobbin. 80/20 Hobbs. I used the Quiltazoid to make the spirals. I bought this when I first started quilting, and I try to use it every time I can. It's no longer being made, but I use it for circles and crosshatching. Cozies flannel Irish chain by Libby G, on Flickr Cozies flannel Irish chain by Libby G, on Flickr Cozies flannel Irish Chain by Libby G, on Flickr
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    Sharon Deming

    Latest blog post - no drooling!

    The latest blog post is up! You can find it at http://quiltniques.blogspot.com/ Enjoy!
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    Quilting Heidi

    Project Angel Quilt

    I just heard from Rita's daughter that himself received the quilt today and will bring it to Rita tomorrow! She is going to be so excited and feel so loved. I wish I could just see her face when she gets it.
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    The quilt was inspired by Deb's beautiful "Love Heals" Quilt. My daughter's co worker is going through cancer treatment, I'm still snowed in, so I asked her what colors she likes. Looks a little like a baby quilt but she wanted Baby blue and pink and this is what I had in my stash. I really loved the way Deb quilted hers but I knew I couldn't do those feathers so I choose an open swirly border. While the quilt was in spired by Deb's the photo is for Cagey! Hope he sees it and appreciates it! I only did it because the wind quit blowing. As a side note: I can't remember but either Wednesday or Thursday our little valley here in NE Oregon was noted Nationally for being the windiess (?not sure on spelling) 89mph in the nation. Not sure that's a recognition I care for. But I'm sure getting a lot of quilting done!
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    2nd (and LAST) Olaf Finished

    It's done!! I am so over Olaf quilts, never over Olaf . This quilt was the 2nd one I made for practice on my Lenni and will be donated as well to the local Quilts 4 Kids. On this one I worked on border and block quilting designs. I need so much practice doing borders going in all directions!! Ugh! Not to mention getting some consistency in spacing and size and... the list is endless. So for 2017's challenges (I wish I could achieve that in one year ) I will continue to work on that. I tried Glide 60wt on the bottom this time. So great not to have to change the bobbin so often!! And for some of the quilting, it is a nice bonus not to have the thread build up on the back, I.e. On the Stars. It melts into the backing and worked very well tension-wise. I'm sold! I wind all my own bobbins and they work great. I get so impatient as I approach the end of a quilt and I was running out of ideas for the blocks, yet I didn't want to waste an opportunity to try something new. There was no other plan beyond that as I started to quilt. Anyway, that's it. Here's several pictures I took while the sun was out! Thanks for taking a look!
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    Attaching binding with your longarm

    Sewing binding with the longarm is very quick and easy. I charge a flat $30 for everything up to a Queen. A bit more for a King. It usually takes me a half-hour to do it so it's good money. I use regular folded binding and a C-shaped template Dennis made for me. The hopping foot sits inside the C and the two sides keep the edge flat and aligned no matter which side you're stitching. I start at the middle of the right side because I stitch the classic invisible join---also while it's loaded--and need access to the ends. It comes off the frame completed. No finishing the join on my domestic. I think I've shared that technique before if you want to do a search.
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    You all are so quiet!

    As one of those non-APQS owners I would like to share why I joined this forum even though I don't have an APQS machine. When Kathy Quilts came out with the Block Rockit midarm machine last year I was one of the first people to buy one. Lynn with Kathy Quilts set up a yahoo forum for us and we started learning about our machines. Most folks buy a midarm machine either because they can't afford an expensive longarm, they want to see if they will even like quilting on a frame quilting machine, or they don't have room for a longarm or they want to learn how to quilt on a frame machine before they invest in an expensive machine. In the yahoo group we also accept Q'nique machine owners which is the exact same machine as the Block Rockit except it's just got the Grace Companys name on it. We let anyone join us and try to help anybody just as this site does. Let me say that Kathy Quilts and The Grace Company have been just as great on service as APQS has been for you guys and I love my Block Rockit.....great service means so much When I got my machine I was so excited and wanted to learn as much as possible about quilting. I researched different machines and quilting blogs and joined several of the top brands forums. This is the only one that I actually post on other than the Block Rockit forum. This group has always been so nice, so family style oriented, the pictures were so great to look at and I have always considered all of you folks the PROFESSIONALS even though all of you don't quilt for money. I've been so encouraged and gotten so many great ideas for patterns from all of you. Many problems with quilting are shared no matter which brand machine you have....tension, skipped stitches, timing, etc.....what will work for one brand will probably work for another brand...not always but many times. So if I have a problem with my machine I start researching and even though I may not ask on this forum for my particular brand I can read and many times have found a solution to my problem by reading this forum. But the main thing I have gotten from this forum is that I KNOW if I ever upgrade to a full longarm it will be an APQS. From listening to all of you the service can't be beat with APQS, you folks are so helpful and the lifetime warranty can't be beat. I wouldn't have known all of this if I hadn't of been on this forum. I do dream of owning a Lucey or Millie one of these days...just have to wait till the right time. So thank all of you for allowing me to be a part of this fabulous forum. David
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    Bliss Quilter

    Magnificent Monday

    I love Mondays, I get up early and reflect on all my Quilting Blessing from the week before. I have started a Magnifient Monday posting on my Blog at www.BlissQuilter.com and Facebook. Please follow me and like as much as you like. I will also post here on the forum as well. Let me now what you think. I had the greatest opportunity to give back this week. This Texas Flag Quilt 58" x 88" will be raffled/auction (not sure which) for a fund raiser for a guild members daughter who had over 1/2 million in medical bills. Please pray this quilt brings in a lot of $$. The main part was freehand loops and stars. The border had dancing stars.
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    Busy Quilting

    Featheration 2Blu More close ups added

    If any readers are going to AQS Lancaster or AQS Paducah I would love to have a picture of Featheration2Blu hanging in the shows. Hubby and I were going but since my Mum's passing piecing and travelling overseas are not high on my agenda. I am just super stoked that it got accepted to the shows and feel that journey itself is honouring my mum. The fact she is also in the advertising for Paducah is a bonus.
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    T Row Studio

    Tried Three Longarms

    I love my Apqs I bought used so it was well trained to create amazing stitches I have had it for 5 years and have never looke back I am a free hand girl and love my machine. You are right to try- try- try- then buy the amazing machine that will work for you.
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    Project Angel Quilt

    Rita's quilt is done! I showed it off to my Bunco group last night, and they all loved it. The "Bunco Babes" were also impressed that so many people from so many places would come together to make a quilt for someone most of them had never met. Twenty-four people from 14 states and 2 provinces. The APQS Forum is a wonderful Family! (Used Circle Lord Cosmos board for the quilting.)
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    Mary Beth

    I am too bored

    I have been down with arthritis in my shoulder and a little fibro flair. Just saying that because I want you to know why I am sitting around. Not that you really care, or that I owe and explanation...so never mind! I am sick of television. I am not doing some fun quilting, piecing or even cleaning the studio, because frankly, my should hurts so bad it is hard to change my clothes. You do not know what you use your arm for until you can't. Thank goodness it is my left arm. There I go again. Anyway, I have watched so much stuff on television, Netflix, DVR, yada-yada. So I decided to pull up You Tube on the television and watch videos on quilting studios. Just to get ideas on storage. So this lady is doing a tour of a great studio. She has a 2006 Millie. She said, I don't even know what to do with this, the warranty just ran out, so it is no good any more and who would want it? What?! See this is why I shouldn't watch television. I am getting bad at is. I shouted at the television and said, "It's still good!!" "Why would you even say that?" She didn't hear me.
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    Mary Beth

    You all are so quiet!

    Hi David, Yes, this is a great site. You are right, before I found this site I tried Yahoo too. A few years ago, this sight was extremely busy. So busy that you could not keep up with all the conversations going on. The topics were heart felt. Prayer requests. Problems with machines or figuring out how to do something on a machine. Directions on how to do a particular technique, etc. I know those things are going on now too, but this was rapid fire. It was so much fun that I could barely get any quilting done...but I did It would be fun to see it get back to that.
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    I think you have to have the mindset of Linda Rech...that you LOVE to quilt. I like to quilt...pretty quilts..custom/heirloom. I don't like to do E to E or pantos. I don't like "having" to get a quilt done by a deadline. I don't like customers telling me what thread to use, what batting to use and what quilt designs they want. I don't get that kind of customer, because I send them to other quilters. My husband reminds me that this wan't supposed to be a full time job..it was to be a retirement hobby that kept me in fabric for my own projects. Unfortunately, its gotten out of hand, as word got around. I have seen a number of people who become burned out, sell their machines and never quilt again. I think you need to be very honest with yourself about your level of committment, the amount of time you want to spend, and your ability to stick to it, and to quilt even when you don't want to. Evaluate your ability to deal with all types of people...not all of them pleasant or reasonable. It certainly isn't the easiest way to make extra money. In the beginning, I would have made more at a job that provided uniforms and training in how to say "Would you like fries with that?" (And less stress, too!)