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    Antique Buttermold Quilt

    I finally finished one of my own during a slow time in my customer base......
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    Fancy Forest Quilt

    Finished my Fancy Forest Quilt (design by Elizabeth Hartman) this morning. One problem I have is my grandchildren all want one What have I started?? It was so much fun to make!
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    T Row Studio

    Christmas in July

    Here is a lovely paper pieced poinsettia wall hanging Marie made she will have it ready for Christmas this year. Here is the before after and back hope you enjoy. and..... Merry Christmas........ LOL
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    Beverly's Bouquet #2

    When one of my friends saw the post of the first Beverly's Bouquet quilt, she loved it so much she ordered the pattern. It really was challenging for her, but she's done a terrific job with it. Hobb's 80/20, So Fine on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin. Beverlys Bouquet by Libby G, on Flickr Beverlys Bouquet (2) by Libby G, on Flickr Beverlys Bouquet (3) by Libby G, on Flickr
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    My customer just won First Place, favorite quilt from the guild members and People's Choice at her local guild. I used So Fine and Bottom Line. Hobbs 80/20 and Dream Wool. This is a picture of Shirley and her grandaughter who will eventually receive the quilt. Spring Basket 031 by Libby G, on Flickr Spring Basket (7) by Libby G, on Flickr Spring Basket (5) by Libby G, on Flickr Spring Basket (9) by Libby G, on Flickr Spring Basket (10) by Libby G, on Flickr
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    Ann Wight

    Clothesline Quilt

    I just took this little orphan block quilt off the frame and bound it. I was given several bags of stash and blocks from a lady that passed away several years ago. Her daughter is an acquaintance of mine and recently her husband was killed in an boating accident. I made this for her from the last of her Mom's orphan blocks. More of the story and photos on my blog. http://bunkhousequilts.blogspot.com/2017/07/clothesline-quilt-is-done.html
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    The Bedford Historical Society asked our guild to make them a raffle quilt for 2017. I've always wanted to make this quilt since I saw it in McCalls Quilting Magazine a number of years ago. I used Hobbs 80/20 batting, So Fine on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin. I added an extra row to the top and side of the pattern so it would be queen size. It won 2 First Place Awards, a Second Place and best longarm machine quilting in 3 different area quilt shows. Only one judge said she saw shadowing. I did try to press seams open, but it was easier to sew nine patches ironing to one side. How do you try to prevent shadowing? Honor Abides Here (2) by Libby G, on Flickr Cumberland MD quilt show 097 by Libby G, on Flickr Honor Abides Here (5) by Libby G, on Flickr Honor Abides Here (3) by Libby G, on Flickr
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    Amazing People

    Last week I changed my needle in my Lenni and accidentally put it in backward. It immediately got hung up and blew a fuse. I used my extra fuse and fixed it. No problems. So today I remembered I needed to order some fuses. I went to the Quilted Joy website because I had had good service from them before. I ordered 6 fuses. My thinking, "I have to order them so get several" and since I am somewhat anal it has to be a round number like a half a dozen, right? The owner of Quilted Joy, Angela Huffman, saw my order and her thinking was "does this lady have a problem?" So she called me to see if my machine was regularly blowing fuses and to see if she could offer help. Yes, she really did do that. I was floored. I did not buy my machine from her. I don't even live in the same state as she does. But she took the time to see if I needed help. I find that amazing and very uplifting. No one does that anymore. APQS has some amazing people representing them and I am glad (even though I am having some thread issues at the moment) I bought an APQS machine. I wanted to be sure to acknowledge her kindness because I think society as a whole is sometimes quicker to complain than to compliment. So thank you Angela. (And yes, I asked her about my thread problem and she told me a few things to check on. How nice is that.) I also want to thank the folks on this forum who are always taking time to offer advice and help whenever I have a question. I was feeling kinda bummed about the problems I am having but I feel better and know that there is support out there. So thank you.
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    Four point star quilt

    This is Patsy's quilt. It's a hand pieced that she found on the internet. Sh asked me to quilt it. Thought you would like to see. She loved it today when she picked it up!!! 20170626_100418 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20170626_100441 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20170626_100447 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20170626_100458 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20170626_101728 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
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    My Accomplished Quilting :)

    Hi Everyone, I want to start out with Thanking Everyone for their tips and links to help me Learn all I can about Needles, Batting, and Variegated thread, so that I wouldn't disappoint my NEW LUCEY! Our Daughter said she wanted a Quilt that looked like an Eclipse, and she wanted it in Florida Sunset, Earthtones, etc... and she wants it PUFFY (Comforter style) I have spent the last 9 months, planning this quilt for our Daughter.. First I had to make a template for the pattern.. then the hard part.. NEVER WORKED WITH BATIKS BEFORE. Everyone I talked to said,, just sew them together and they all match.. well, being the old fashioned "match" fabrics.. I just couldn't do it.. I procrastinated on my design wall for MONths!! Move this one.. move that one., Oh, now I lost the Eclipse.. it was a struggle!! But , never give up. After finally getting the top all pieced and with all your help a searching everywhere that I could search.. it was time to take the plunge and see if I could actually do this. .. I searched everywhere for a Panto that was "open" and didn't have any success, so I had to create my own.. Big Swirls and loops so that my quilting would hopefully end up PUFFY. So.. here you are.. Batiks top and Backing.. 2 layers of batting, Variegated Superior Top thread , Super Bobs in the bobbin.. Never had the thread break one time.. and Lucey performed like a Pro. For a Newbie, I am very happy with my first quilting. Rosemary
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    Customers quilt - the one that was stained

    I really like how it turned out and so glad the stain came out.
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    Zinnia Garden for my niece

    A recent finish for my great niece's 10th birthday. I've had the fabric for quite a few years thinking it would make a pretty girls quilt and when my niece asked me to make her a quilt I knew what I wanted to use. The pattern is called Zinnia Garden from American Patchwork & Quilting 2017 calendar. My niece loved it and apparently her bedroom is being painted to go with it! Cathy APQS Freedom w/Intelliquilter
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    Rainbow Butterflies

    I made this butterfly quilt as a donation for a local retirement home, and we presented it to their activity coordinator yesterday. When someone at the home passes away, their bed will be draped with this quilt for a dignified exit under a field of butterflies. I found that a very touching idea, and when they contacted the local quilt guild in their search for a butterfly quilt, I decided to make one for them. I am quite happy with the way it turned out.
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    This applique quilt was my client's first attempt at hand applique. I think she has the hang of it! Kim Diehl pattern Late Bloomers; Wonderfil Konfetti thread; Warm and Natural batting.
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    Passing on the quilting bug

    Grand daughters visiting from Atlanta and they wanted to learn to sew. I gave them each a block of the month from left over guild projects. They each made their blocks and chose a fabric for the border and backing. They quilted the block on the long arm and then stitched it together with the serger. So they learned to use 3 machines. We are working on dress patterns now.
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    Vintage Quilt Tops

    Don't be afraid! These vintage tops are being quilted/finished all the time. Inspect the fabric for open seams and thin spots. Back with muslin if it seems delicate, float it, decide on an era-friendly quilting plan---and go! I rescued this one from a local antique mall. There was evidence that it had been sandwiched and hand-quilted along one end. The buyer must have realized the top itself would sell better if the quilting was removed. There are still "ghosts" of the hand-quilting left and because of that it's very dear to me.
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    Clients Thistle Pod quilted

    First quilt off my new Millie, "Thistle Pod"
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    Triangle block Baby Quilt

    Today my daughter brought over another quilt that she is doing for a co-worker of hers. We had a lot of fun choosing the pattern. She did another great job piecing this quilt and Quilt Path did a great job quilting it. She was totally impressed with the consistent stitches and that QP knew exactly where to go!
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    Batting Question - Warm and Natural

    After reading through a number of blogs and learning a lot, I found the one KP mentioned when she originally asked her question. I can understand the issue of quality levels of batting; "Battings not accepted – Mountain Mist, Fairfield or Bamboo; Warm and Natural (No Exceptions)" Doing a few quick searches on the three battings, there are mixed reviews: (some of the threads mention where to purchase batting at good prices, not sure if still current) Mountain Mist: http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/29226-mountain-mist-batting/#comment-417705 http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/25392-reprive-mountain-mist-cream-rose-100-cotton-batting/#comment-362230 http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/21015-opinions-of-mountain-mist-100-polyester-batting/#comment-296990 FairField: http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/37424-fairfield-batting/#comment-511158 http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/29157-question-on-fairfield-batting/#comment-416495 http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/27495-first-customer-quilt-fairfield-cotton-classic-batting/#comment-393568 Angela H discusses what to look for in a batting. http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/10933-problem-with-fairfield-batting/#comment-132225 Rita continues to share her wisdom. Bamboo: http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/31331-weird-bamboo-batting/#comment-446123 http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/21693-winline-bamboo-or-cottonbamboo-batting/#comment-306086 http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/17122-bamboo-batting/#comment-231630 Warm and Natural: http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/41423-the-warm-company-batting/#comment-539796 http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/38265-drag-thru-with-warm-and-natural-batting/#comment-518527 http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/33686-thread-breaking-with-warm-natural-batting/#comment-475280 Not the batting issue Some like the battings, while others do not. Myself, I will follow the recommendations/opinions of the "experts" I have learned to trust here, and not waste my time using inexpensive batting. I started out being a thread miser, wanting to cut down on that thread cost, nipping off those tells with the shortest tail possible. I found that the cost was not that much, and it actually made my work a little more difficult in the long run. So in the end, spending and 20 to 50 dollars on good quality cotton or wool batting is well worth it in my opinion. Now back to the real question. How can batting damage our machines? I am reluctant to mention the actual blog post, but I think it is fair a Bliss Quilter is regular poster here, and more importantly a APQS dealer. As a dealer, I believe one's statements carry a little more weight, and may be construed as fact verses personal opinion. Bliss Quilter will only accept Hobbs Heirloom, Quilters Dream (blends, cotton or wool), Warm & White (not Warm & Natural). Bliss Quilter offers these batting at reasonable prices (see Quilt Pricing page). Battings not accepted – Mountain Mist, Fairfield or Bamboo; Warm and Natural (No Exceptions) These battings result in poor quilting finishes and can damage my equipment. Sharon mentions it is maintenance not batting that causes damage to ones machine. Betsy; which I trust and follow, mentions there being a front and back to batting, but never mentions damage to our machines. Thus I have to ask, how can batting cause damage to our machines if we clean out the lint/thread buildup in the bobbin and hook assembly while we use the machine? Cagey
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    stitchin cricket

    Cross Quilt Finished

    I just finished this cross quilt on my Millie. My MIL made it several years ago and gave it to me to practice on. The fabric is not a quality fabric so it was a challenge not to tear it while quilting. I used Superior Bottom line on the top and magna glid bobbins. I am still building my skills and improving everyday. It has been a challenge to go from sitting down at George to standing up to quilt on my Millie, but I'm getting the hang of it. I want to start my own business so building my skills is a must. Hope you enjoy looking. Happy Quilting,
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    SHE'S DONE IT AGAIN!! Why doesn't this happen when we're practicing a new design on muslin, or doing a personal quilt, or not on a deadline??? Sunday afternoon, while quilting a deadline customer quilt, I broke thread and moved to a new spot...and an inch in, bad sound, needle down, needle break, lost power. After manually removing quilt from danger, collecting the shattered needle pieces and tracing power, I realized I was in trouble. I called my awesome retailer and left a message, and then after reading loads of comments on the forum about getting real time help from APQS, I called their service and they assured me someone would call back asap. Dawn called shortly later, and using FaceTime, was able to quickly diagnose the problem, talk me through changing the fuse and regaining power, diagnose a jammed thread cutter, talk me through trying to remove the bent blade...when that didn't co-operate, talked me through disabling the thread cutter and re positioning the ruined blade out of harms way...then retesting power. We then determined the needle break had tweaked timing and the position of the bobbin assembly. Dawn patiently, kindly, and cheerfully sat through inadequate tool search, iPhone death and charger fetching, trial and error on my end, work arounds, and adjusting my bobbin assembly, sanding and truing it's post, timing adjustment, restoring front and side panels, test stitching and VICTORY. While the new bobbin cutter is on its way, I am back on the air, finished the customer quilt on time, and had it in the mail on my way to work at 3:30 am. As you can see, I continue to be a big fan of Dawn's, and am amazed at the remarkable teacher and tech she is, and how reasonable she was when I was pretty much falling apart when tool after tool failed and I felt pretty helpless. It was another APQS AMAZING EXPERIENCE, and I am so grateful for the help. What a Sunday miracle. Thanks a million, Dawn!!!! Beth Maitland, Quilting Again In Nipomo!!
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    Questions on Quilt Backing

    I wonder if they want three pieces for the back because they have it figured so the embroidered designs miss the seams that way. Basting it on the longarm will be much easier than pinning. There are several methods, but use a thicker and slippery thread (like a poly) in a contrasting color. I'd remove the stitches after hooping but before embroidering. The stitches will remove very easily. Here's my map for basting---a fake grid with lines about four inches apart. This allows you to avoid long verticals. Don't plan to baste on the diagonal.
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    Client's Labrynth Quilt

    I finished this quilt recently for a client. She absolutely loved the way it turned out. It's great when the pieces fall together and the client celebrates the job with you!!!
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    Small projects

    Hi Rosemary. I made some placemats for our son's new house and wanted to quilt them on my Lenni just to see how I would go about it. I only got my machine in the fall. So here's a few pics of what I did, very similar to Ann's response, but I wanted each placemat back to be different. So I made up each individual backing making them just a little bit larger than the tops to give me wiggle room and then pieced it with scraps top and bottom to attach it to the leaders. Before loading it I placed the batting and placemat tops where I wanted them and pin basted them on my ironing board surface to make sure they would end up in the right place. It sounds tedious and but it worked really well!
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    McTavished pumpkin

    Hadn't planned on doing this whole pumpkin in McTavishing, but I think it works.
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    HELP! Thread breakage ruining my quilt.

    How funny! A Rolodex is a container that you can turn that holds 2 1/2" x 4" cards to put your names and addresses on. I'm sure most people use their phones now, but I love mine because I can draw pictures on it of quilt designs. I'll show it in my next VLOG on You Tube. Just search "Joy Bernhardt" if interested, but the Rolodex won't be up for a few days.
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    HELP! Thread breakage ruining my quilt.

    Joy; I am glad things worked out for you. If you don't have one, get a small notebook and write down the thread used and how you ran the thread. This way you can repeat your results without issue, by referencing your notes in the future. Also, record the fabric/batting, so you have a good idea how to handle them if it is not your normal configuration. It is amazing how quickly we forget the details after a few weeks of not doing things. Cagey
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    HELP! Thread breakage ruining my quilt.

    OKAY! Thank you all so very much. I tightened the top tension. Then I unthreaded the thread path that had thread in all three holes above tension disk. I put thread straight down through only one hole. WALAH!!!! No break this time.
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    Ann Wight

    Small projects

    I did several Christmas stockings all at once. You can see I used different squares of batting....only because I had some scraps, otherwise, I would have put a whole length of batting.
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    Batting Question - Warm and Natural

    I love love love bamboo and bamboo/cotton blend battings. They can take a lot of quilting and still result in a very soft supple quilt. Many of the 100% cotton battings, including many of the Warm Co. battings, will get very stiff if the top is heavily quilted. It can take a several washings before the quilt starts to become soft and pliable. The ones I've done for myself with W&N and quilted with a medium dense panto are still quite stiff even after many many washings. Many of my customers like W&N and other 100% cotton battings, but from now on I will only use bamboo on my personal quilts. Sleeping under one of the bamboo finished quilts is like sleeping under a cloud. Mmmmmmm, just delightful.
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    Bliss Quilter

    Batting Question - Warm and Natural

    Cagney, Thank You for bringing the below statement from my website to my attention. I will review the website and make revisions as nescessary. Also, thank you for all the research you posted, it is great information. Now back to the real question. How can batting damage our machines? I am reluctant to mention the actual blog post, but I think it is fair a Bliss Quilter is regular poster here, and more importantly a APQS dealer. As a dealer, I believe one's statements carry a little more weight, and may be construed as fact verses personal opinion. Bliss Quilter will only accept Hobbs Heirloom, Quilters Dream (blends, cotton or wool), Warm & White (not Warm & Natural). Bliss Quilter offers these batting at reasonable prices (see Quilt Pricing page). Battings not accepted – Mountain Mist, Fairfield or Bamboo; Warm and Natural (No Exceptions) These battings result in poor quilting finishes and can damage my equipment. All, The website statement above was done years before I had my APQS machine and before I became a Dealer. However the statement "can damage my equipment" was derived from a real experience I had on another machine. I stitched on a seed while quilting with W&N and the needle deflected scratching the needle plate, bobbin assembly and shuttle and broke the needle in the down position. I was very fortunate that the timing was not affected. Therefore, I choose not to accept or use Warm and Natural batting. As Linda Rech stated W&N is much cleaner now. I would assume that with less debre in the batting one would not have the same experience I had. I just choose not to use or accept W&N. I do accept Warm and White and all others mentioned above. I appreciate the outcome of the quilting. To maintain the best workmanship of the machine, do the recommended regular maintenance found in the manual. This includes ALL machines, not just APQS. I hope this post clears up of any misconceptions about W&N batting. If anyone has any comments, please contact me directly.
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    Happy Canada Day and 4th of July

    We are celebrating our 150th year of Confederation today. It is a beautiful sunny day. Happy 4th of July to our southern neighbours. Leslie
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    Open toe foot will NOT center!

    Thank you to whoever said the bar could be rotated. I knew about the little hole with the offset screw that is nearly impossible to reach, lol, but I was thinking it was for raising and lowering only. It is possible to turn the bar as well. I must have turned it just a tad when I put the cone foot on. But since I wasn't doing any SID, I didn't notice it. My husband came upstairs to my studio and fixed it all perfect for me. Thanks Again!
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    Spring Basket -It's a Winner-And it's BEST OF SHOW

    Spring Basket has won a total of seven ribbons in our three local shows. Three first places, a viewer's choice, best machine quilting, her guild's favorite quilt, and finally Best of Show.
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    Batting Question - Warm and Natural

    I use Warm and Natural and Warm and White quite a bit, with no issues. W&W and W&N do have a right side and a wrong side. Bearding can be caused by having the batting wrong side up. This post from 2013 explains it nicely: ffq-lar Advanced Member Member 3,475 10,465 posts LocationOlympia WA Posted October 29, 2013 · Report post If you can tell which way the needle-punching went through the batting, place it so your needle goes through the same way. With Warm and White cotton--dimples up, pimples down. When you hold the batting up with the light shining down, one side will be dimpled. That's where the needles went through. The other side is messier--thus "pimples down". Warm and Natural has the dirty side up. The side with more flecks of debris is the top side. This is problematic if the quilt top has some white fabric used, since the dirt can shadow through. Most wools are the same on both sides so it doesn't matter. Poly batts are the same unless needle punching is prominent--then follow the directions above. 3 Quote Linda Rech Finely Finished Quilts Millennium on Bliss rails--hand-guided http://www.topperquilttools.com
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    Sharon Deming

    Batting Question - Warm and Natural

    That "damage" must have been reported by an executive of another brand of batting! W&N does not cause damage to home sewing machines or longarms. What causes the most damage to a machine is user error or failure to clean/maintain the machine. Do NOT be concerned. I use W&N batting all of the time and love it. If you don't buy it wholesale - check JoAnn. They are often on at 50% off. Check craftsy.com as well. They have packages and rolls at good discounts. In the pic: left: W&N, right: Warm and Plush.
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    2 first places, 1 second place and best longarming...ha....I wouldn't care if there were shadows all over the thing....it's absolutely beautiful. Just tell them you didn't charge extra for the shadowing.
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    Bobbin Bits

    Yes there are so many. It's hard to know where to start. But since support was non existent with the old one, one of my main criteria for my new machine had to be customer support, preferably local. Then when I found APQS had lifetime warranties, I was sold.
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    First Time Posting and Looking For Help

    I bought a used Millie about 5 years ago. It was new enough for me to upgrade to bliss after a couple of years. The service is phenomenal even though I am not the original owner of the machine. Easy to use and care for by myself. I have had 2 issues with it over the years. Both fairly minor. One required a new board--it was free to me as it was defective when manufactured. They kept someone at the plant at Carroll until I could drive there after work. I was down one day. The other was a rough spot near my bobbin, shredding thread. I called and Amy talked me through fixing it. I am surprised and pleased in this day and age that a company stands behind their product like they have for a second owner. I plan to purchase a second machine for my business as soon as we have Quilt Path paid off and I find a deal I can't pass up. Just my experience.
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    Suggestions to Diversify?

    You could try--- Teaching piecing. Drawbacks---finding a place for classes. Advantages---a built-in customer base for your quilting business. Teaching DSM and longarm quilting. Drawbacks---you might be training your competition. Make quilts to sell. Drawbacks-- it's hard to sell a quality quilt on etsy and get your investment out. Commission quilts are good if you get cost-of-materials up-front and a signed contract for the rest. Pattern design. Digitized quilting designs, freemotion quilting designs, or original quilt patterns. Good money-makers. Design and make rulers, templates, and stencils. This is more involved and there's lots of competition. Offer a BOM class locally or on line---you must do your own original design but you sell the full pattern or offer to sell it in installments on a blog. This also works with a mystery quilt. You'll have students in line for quilting if you have a gorgeous sample. If you have two machines, do freehand/custom on one and also rent it. Put a computer on the other for extra income since you'll need to be there with a renter and also when you're using the computerized machine. Good luck, find your niche, and make some money!
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    Ughh - help please - stain - update

    I finally did it, I swore I'd never, but it happened. I thought I picked up the air erase pen but I actually picked up the gel pen that is the same color. I now have a horrible mark on a customers quilt. I need suggestions on what to use to get this out. I've used Sew Clean so far and it's taken some of it out but not all the way gone. Thank you Thank you for the suggestions. I tried Sew Clean but it was only working sort of. So I tried the Dawn dish soap and it didn't do anything. So I tried the rubbing alcohol and that didn't do anything. I was heading to the store and googled "how to get gel pen out of fabric" (I really didn't want to go to the store) and it said to mix equal parts rubbing alcohol and vinegar and apply to stain, leave for minimum of 5 minutes, then apply table salt and let set for 5 or more minutes. Then using old toothbrush scrub stained area. If it doesn't all come out repeat. It was almost all out so long story short I had to do the process a total of 3 times and the stain is gone. What a relief.
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    Pepsi Girl

    Batting Question - Warm and Natural

    Cagey you're amazing!
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    Batting Question - Warm and Natural

    Though Warm & Natural batting is not my favourite because of the seeds and other debris, I doubt that it will damage an APQS LA. With W & N I have had more thread breakage and shredding if using a trilobal thread. Warm & White by the Warm Company does not have seeds and is not a problem. Bamboo and bamboo cotton blend batting are two of my "go-to" battings. Cotton/Poly 80/20 blend is also universally popular. Leslie
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    Batting Question - Warm and Natural

    Wow, that is a lot of research. Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work.
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    Christmas in July

    She will be thrilled with that! Another beautiful work by you.
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    Top Thread still breaking

    Hey Mary; I've got a similar issue but going Left to Right - what I did, rather than use a jeweler's loupe, is use my phone's camera, which has an even stronger zoom and a big screen as well. (iPhone 7 Plus)
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    Red snappers

    I have had my red snappers as long as they have been out. I love mine and have no problems with them. They are a little hard to push together at first but you want them tight. I tried the leader grips (I think that's what they were) but didn't like them. I have and I believe others have added a small zipper leader and put the channel in it. I had the zippers before all the other stuff came out (snappers, leader grips, etc). I used to be the queen of gadgets, LOL. The red snapper video is good, it will show you what to do. It isn't hard to do.
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    Mary Beth

    Red snappers

    I have them on my Freedom. On my old machine, I pinned but was so tired of being stuck and bleeding. Then I installed the zippers. I loved them, but always felt like something was off center, or just not quite right. When I bought my Freedom, I bought the Red Snappers. I like them okay. My hands are kind of weak, so I have a hard time attaching the clipping part onto the leader part. That is the only thing I don't like, but for a normal person, they would be perfect.
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    Help with my Lenni

    Yeah!!! My honey worked with me this morning and we have my Lenni back up and running! After a thorough cleaning and oiling, my honey found that one of my encoder cables had a broken wire. Luckily when I first got my used machine we had trouble setting it up and called APQS for help. We asked what extra parts we should have on hand and they recommended we have 2 cables. Thanks APQS....I can now get my quilts completed!
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    Spring Basket -It's a Winner-And it's BEST OF SHOW

    Thank you all for the wonderful comments. It means so much when it comes from such a talented pool of quilters. I spent 70 hours quilting and twice as long to decide on a design. I wanted to use Nemeshing on it, so I contacted Bethanne Nemesh. She said the space was too big for that technique and I needed to divide it. She suggested an oval with lines from the sides, but I didn't like that design. I asked Valerie Smith for another one, which I liked better. The problem, for me, in dividing the space, was the flowers cascading over the side of the basket. Finally, I laid it on the floor and placed a large sheet of plastic over the center. (Shirley wouldn't allow me to use any marker that had to come off with water, so I was trying to use a design that would be very easy to make using a square ruler.) I drew the design from memory, and then went to the computer to check with Valerie's design. They were different. So I started texting Heidi and Vickie to get their input. Finally I let the customer decide which one she wanted. She chose the one I made by accident. Since I already bought NEMESHING, the book from WHITE ARBOR QUILTING, the center was ready. My next step was to figure out how to do the swags in the border. Linda Hrcka, the quilted pineapple lady, uses them on a lot of her quilts. I have DeLoa Jones boomerangs and Linda's curved rulers. They are basically the same rulers, but I bought some of DeLoa's when she first made them, before she extended the sides, so I used some from both of their sets. I tried to find videos on making the swags, but the ones available were for using other rulers. My problem was how to turn the corner and keep the swag the same size. I drew and drew and kept sending pictures to Heidi Merrill so she could tell me which size looked better. You would think that was an easy thing to judge, but it wasn't for me. Finally, armed with all my information, I knew I had to load the quilt. I measured the inner borders and decided the swags would measure around 10 inches each. That meant that five inches on each end would be used to make the first turn, which turned out beautifully. When I tried to turn the next swag, I couldn't get it to work, so I made a template of the first one and used it for the rest. I'm sure there's an easier way to make it, and I'd love for someone to tell me!!! One other design mistake turned out to be a good decision. When Valerie drew the division for me on the center part of the quilt, she put feathers in the design. They looked gorgeous, but were going to be hard on the lower right hand side where the applique cascaded. And, they were going to have to go around the butterflies, where Vicki Maloney suggested some swirling to look like they were in flight. When I was working on the upper left hand corner, I simply forgot to put in feathers. Once the Nemeshing started, I knew they would have detracted from the look. So, with the help of all my forum friends, SPRING BASKET turned out beautifully. Thanks again.