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    NQR...New Addition

    New addition to our Family! She is a two and a half month old "Teddy Bear". We named her "Bitzie" (a play off of Itsy Bitsy); she is no larger than a pop can.
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    Carolina Lily work in progress

    Update- finished. Can’t post pictures. Go to www.facebook.com/sweettsquilting. This is a customer quilt I am working on. It is twin sized. Carolina Lily is the pattern. Custom quilting all over. Black Omni, Pink Glide, and off white So Fine thread on top. Bobbin is white magenetic bobbins. Lots of marking and ruler/template work. I hope to have it finished by Wednesday
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    I have been working hard to make quilting and quilt related items a full time job. One of those projects was to publish my own patterns- something I had dreamed about doing for years and years. I have quilted wholecloth designs for clients before, and for promotional items for a few dye artists. Everybody raved about wanting to learn to do it, so I decided to create a line of patterns that would teach people. My Choose Your Own Adventure patterns let you create over 200 different quilts from a single paper pattern, by mixing and matching various design options. They also teach techniques for filling spaces, free motion quilting, and ruler work. Here is a picture of two quilts created from the first pattern. Cindy Rich, of Twisted Sister Quilting, also quilted one. I don't have a picture of hers to share, but she has it on Facebook. To learn more about it, go to my blog www.sweettsquilting.blogspot.com or the store pages.
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    IQA Silent Auction Mini-Quilt

    I was asked to donate a small quilt for the International Quilt Assoc. Silent Auction in Houston. Here is the quilt that I created. It is 21.5 in. square. I quilted it on my George with 100 wt. silk on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin. I was honored to have been asked to donate a quilt, but it's going to be hard to let this little gem go! If you go to the show this fall, please check out the silent auction quilts and maybe even place a bid! Brenda
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    Two new QoV quilts

    Beth and I are finally back from our winter RV trip to Florida, and I'm getting to pet Lucius again. He was pining away, but perked up when I started loading a quilt from the backlog that had developed. I had a couple of volunteer Quilts of Valor from the local guild, but we had also been doing some piecing while in the RV. Here are the two QoV jobs, ready for some veteran. Some unknown else-person in the guild did the piecing, but I did the quilting and binding. Both were pantographs, and I was playing with some new panto rolls that I bought from Judy Lyons (Meadowlyon Designs) at QuiltWeek Daytona. Glide thread top and bottom, different colors. Used Magna-Glide prewound bobbins. The green quilt has Glide 60wt on the back, which is nice because it means fewer bobbin changes, but I didn't have the 60wt in a blue for the flag quilt. The binding is a cute all-machine flange binding that I learned to do a few months ago; it takes about two hours for each quilt with no handwork.
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    Ornament Webs by Jessica Schick

    today it is ugly and rainy with a Northeaster. SO I'm working on my SIL,'s Halloween quilt using the blocks in Jessica;s set. Love how it is working out. Thought you would enjoy! Using Superior's Rainbows thread and no problem with it today. It must be the Rain!!! 20170930_160401 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20170930_154450 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
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    Donna: Are you using a backlash spring in your bobbin case? If so, check for lint or dirt under it. Make sure your bobbin thread is routed properly in the bobbin case before you start. Does this happen only when you begin a new bobbin, or other times when stop and start. If only at the beginning, your bobbins may be overfilled. This will cause thread to "fall" off the bobbin, wrap around the bobbin "axel", and pull top thread down to form the knot. You may need to adjust your bobbin winder so it stops before the bobbin is too full. Bobbin changes have always been the event that gives me the majority of my tension problems. That's why I converted my Ult 2 to an M bobbin system years ago. Fewer bobbin changes, fewer tension problems. Good luck. Jim
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    Silk cocoon

    Tell me about your travel machine

    I want a time traveling sewing machine so if I mess up it will go back to the point before I made the mistake.
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    These are my 2 elephant quilts that I won ribbons on at our guild quilt show. Henry won the judges choice and honorable menti9n ribbon and Ellie won an honorable mention ribbon.
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    Yurt Quilt Auction - April 16-30

    Lizzy's first YURT, by her and APQS quilters.
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    Tell me about your travel machine

    My new travel buddy! Being inspected by our kitten. Special thanks to Jim Erickson from this forum for allowing me to acquire this beauty!
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    Silk cocoon

    Do you do embroidery?

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    Here is the latest quilt I just completed for one of the guilds I belong to...the quilt will be raffled off at our November quilt show so I decided to do some custom quilting to really make it pop...It includes lots of ruler work, ditch work, a bit of curved ruler work with pebbles and ribbon swirls...in the solid areas and feathers in the remaining areas...I love the way it turned out and hopefully it will help sell some raffle tickets for our charity...
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    Tammy V.

    Before and After pics

    When a gal brought me this, I cringed! It had been stored for years and had big water stains on it. This was a huge embroidered top made by a family member who had passed away. Surprisingly the water stains didn't even show when I was done! Boy, was this a challenge!
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    Basting a Customer Quilt

    Hi Dory! Attached is the spacing and pathway I use for basting for hand-quilters. It would work fine for DSM quilting as well. I use a long stitch length and thick, slippery, contrasting thread for ease of removal. This path requires no long vertical stitching but you still end up with a grid. The customer can remove the stitching as she goes or save it until the end. I charge a half-cent per square inch and usually do only one a year.
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    MQX New England.

    Aren't classes awesome! I took 5 of 6 classes/lectures Judi offered at the Utah quilt show a few years ago. It was the first time I had done classes at a quilt show and I got so much out of it and had such a great time, I vowed to do it again ASAP! I am registered for some classes at the Canadian National quilt show with Kathleen Riggins at the end of May. Can't wait!
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    MQX New England.

    I went to MQX Thursday and Friday with a friend who had never been before. She said she’d go again next year with me.:) They had such amazing quilts! I went to 2 lectures. One by Judi Madden and one by Bethanne Nemish. I enjoyed both of them. I got some ideas to quilt a couple quilts and I’ve been paper practicing new feathers I learned and am looking forward to trying them out on some quilts. Deb.
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    GREAT advise! I just ordered 2 side extension tables ....Ive been quilting on it everyday and its SO AWESOME! Wonderful machine.
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    Wall hanging Quilt for church youth

    Our high school youth just painted their class rooms and needed something to brighten it up. I took patterns to them to select from and asked what colors they wanted. They selected "Rejoice" from Block Party studios and want orange, blue, yellow and green. This is what they received in church last Sunday! They really liked it! 20180224_144018-1 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr 20180224_143136 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
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    Moroccan Vibe-ish

    It must be picture day today! I just finished binding this quilt I finished quilting right before Christmas. Yesterday was finally dry enough with a little break through light in the clouds so ran outside for pictures. This quilt is a takeoff of the SKOW Moroccan Vibe, enlarged to fit our bed to 96”x 117. This was the quilt I asked so many questions here about double batting and hopping foot height etc. It was certainly a learning experience in so many ways. Quilted on Lenni.
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    T Row Studio

    Tip of the Day

    I take a photo of the quilt top and convert it to Black and white then I put in a page protector and draw on the page projector with a dry earase pen or if I need fine detail work I will draw on the photo copy with frixion pens with a fine point . If I do not like it I can iron it off
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    Blossoms, Bees and Bugs

    My customer pieced this quilt using a pattern from the book GARDEN STITCHES by Lisa Bongean, Primitive Gatherings. She named the quilt. Because of her unique background, I had some trouble quilting this. She didn't want stippling, just a mixture of feathers and spirals etc. She gave me Warm and Natural and I used So Fine and Bottom Line. Garden Stitches by Libby G, on Flickr Garden Stitches (2) by Libby G, on Flickr Garden Stitches or Blossoms, Bees and Bugs by Libby G, on Flickr Garden Stitches by Lisa Bongean by Libby G, on Flickr
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    Millie Sweepstakes

    I am doing my part to help you win, I haven't entered since I bought my Lucey! It would be nice, but this way I work on my generosity to others!!!
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    Mary Beth

    Millie Sweepstakes

    It is happening again!!! Yay!!!! Come on now....Mary Beth needs a Millie!!!! It just occured to me that the Millie give away is June 25th..My birthday is June 21st...I really don't mind if my gift is a few days late.
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    Yurt Quilt Auction - April 16-30

    Stunt Quilters to be featured in Quilting Arts Magazine sewlinzi posted a topic in Gone Quilting...Chat About Anything ...Lynn Krawczyk of Quilting Arts Magazine is writing an article about the collaborative aspect of the QuiltedYurt , USA and wants to feature the Stunt Quilters! It was a very popular exhibit at IQA Houston 2012 and a great big sign explained all about the original project and the marvellous Stunt Q...
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    A couple of things would help. It looks like the quilt shrunk when it was washed and that crinkled look (which many find desirable) caused the quilting to be not as prominent. Make sure the fabrics have all been washed, both for shrinkage and dye bleed, and that the batting used has little or no shrinkage. That would be 100% poly or several blends, though cotton batting in any percentage will shrink some. That way, after quilting there will be no shrinkage to cause that "blending" of the quilting. If you have no control over customer quilts, communicate with them as to fabric and batting shrinkage if it's destined for a show. As you can imagine, the award-winners at shows have been carefully assembled with fabric that has been shrunk, treated, starched, measured carefully at every step, and while maybe not washed, at least dampened and blocked. That will retain the crispness of the fabric and the stitch definition of the quilting. So, proper fabric handling and a proper fiber content of the batting will help. Washing and drying in machines will age your quilts. Hand-laundering and laying flat to dry will keep them the same condition and size for a long time.
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    Two new QoV quilts

    Right indeed. I hate doing the hand work, but I do it to finish Beth's quilts; they'd never get done otherwise, because she dislikes the hand work even more than I do! This binding is pretty easy. Create TWO binding strips, length of quilt border, one strip at 1-1/4" width (main color) and the other at 1-3/4" (flange color). Sew them together lengthwise to create a binding strip at 2-1/2" width. When you fold/iron it in half lengthwise, the flange color will stick out 1/4" past the main color. Sew it to the BACK of the quilt first (main color against the quilt back), doing corners and end joins as you normally would do for any binding. Then when you fold it around to the front, do the final sewing from the front in the ditch of the flange/main seam, aligning it so that the same stitching is in the ditch on the back. (Yes, this part is a bit tricky to keep lined up.) For that final sewing, use top thread matching the flange color and bobbin thread matching the quilt back. Or, follow the pics in this blog. She uses a different width for the main fabric and ends up with a smaller flange. https://sewfreshquilts.blogspot.com/2015/01/flanged-binding-tutorial.html
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    NQR...New Addition

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    NQR...New Addition

    Oh, so cute~~~~~~!
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    NQR...New Addition

    Looks like you are in store for a long friendship. Enjoy the ride.
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    Cross for Comfort

    My wife and I are now in Florida in the RV for a month, so there's no long-arm quilting going on - just some piecing. But before we left, we put together this quilt in about a week and a half. Our daughter was discovered with cancer of the gum in December and had surgery this month to remove three teeth and some bone. The cancer was all removed, she is healing well, and they have given her an appliance to fill the space, but she is really disheartened and having to struggle with emotions and fears. So my wife decided that she needed a hug from us, even though we could not be there. This is pieced with cotton on the top but a Minky backing and thick Hobbs wool. It's really warm and friendly. And when I was done quilting it, I was amazed to see how great the quilting looks on the Minky side. If you look closely at the gold border, you'll see a football at the top (for her husband the Steelers fan), icons for Paw-Paw's Butterfly and Paw-Paw's Princess on the sides (for her two marvelous daughters), and an extra heart on the bottom to represent herself and her love for her family. Quilting with a Minky back was a bit of challenge, and I turned to some posts on this forum for some great help. Thanks to you all for the advice that you post.
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    NQR...New Addition

    Adorable. Just think you now have a use for orphan blocks. Just bind them and give them to Bitzie.
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    Millie Sweepstakes

    That makes two of us at least who don't have longarms. I am trying to quilt on my Janome ist easy though. Good luck everyone.
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    Millie Sweepstakes

    Not only do I not have a Millie, I don’t have a long arm at all, so that means I REALLY need to win!!!!!
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    Sue E.

    NQR...New Addition

    Oh my, what a cutie. Enjoy her!
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    NQR...New Addition

    I agree...she is adorable......she does need a quilt.....I would recommend one made of blue jeans with the seams turned to the inside! My pups always chewed up anything else until they were done teething! Have fun...and keep your patience Lin......( and Freddie, a 7 year old cairn terrier who sometimes thinks he is a puppy)
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    NQR...New Addition

    How cute! And tiny!
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    NQR...New Addition

    She is sweet!!! Obviously, she stole your heart!!!
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    Regulated stitch mode on Millie

    If your Millie is newer, it is equipped with Quilt Glide, which smooths out the stitches when doing micro-stitching. If it is on, it will continue to slowly make stitches when you pause in regulated mode. Find the switch to turn it off. If you have an older machine, the needle-up/down speed can be adjusted easily and if it's making extra stitches when you stop, it needs to be slowed a bit. Look in your manual or on the site---look under "support" and then "commonly asked questions" for instructions on how to adjust a small screw under the hood to alter the speed of your needle up/down. Good luck.
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    Ann Wight

    My first scrappy quilt...ever!

    I have been quilting since 2008 and have always been afraid of making scrappy quilts. For me, they are to busy, too many fighting patterns, just too much chaos. I decided to tackle my fear of all this and make a small quilt from my scraps. I used an Arkansas Crossroads block and am really pleased with my "controlled" scrappy quilt. Details on my blog: http://bunkhousequilts.blogspot.com/2018/02/im-not-afraid-of-scrappy-quilts.html
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    Blossoms, Bees and Bugs

    As always, Libby, looking at your work gives me great ideas to carry into my own. Thanks again!
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    Tell me about your travel machine

    I love machines. One might say they are a bit of an addiction! Almost all of my machines are pre-loved and from either yard sales or 2nd hand shops. (I bring them home, clean, oil and stitch them in... and dh says, "That will keep you occupied for the weekend!") (People have actually left machines on my patio....) They are all wonderful! They all have their little quirks and personalities! I want to save them all!... unfortunately, I'm running out of floor space! I have a Bernina 1530 for my stay at home, best machine. It doesn't go anywhere, b/c I'm afraid of jostling the machine and messing up the computer bits. (It's probably made of stronger stuff, but I am just unwilling to take a chance with it, after a qgf had her machine in her car, slammed on the brakes and it went tumbling! yeek!) Seat belts! The runner up is the Bernina 1001..it's a mechanical machine, and a real work horse...that machine sews through anything I've thrown at it without hesitation. LOVE! Just have a JA's roller bag for it. It's a mid-weight model, has a built-in handle to make it easier to lift in and out of the tote. It goes to retreats and sewing night on a regular basis. It's only drawback, the silly thing does not have a button-hole stitch which I could really use for machine applique. 'ninas can be pricey. (just looked: The new model of this one is the 1008, their website lists it at ...whew...1699!) I got the 1001 at an estate sale. (I just weighed it...21 lbs) While dh (dear hubby) got me the 1530 which is set up in the sewing room and I use it all the time; the 1001 is really my go-to travelling machine. I don't ever worry that there's something I will need to do but won't be able to sew, because there's always some cute thing, like a new bag or wallet pattern or something someone will bring to retreat...! Also have an old green Bernina Record...that thing EATS denim and canvas like it's butter. I've replaced Carhardtt jacket zippers, but, it's chunky, not exactly easy to move about. Found a portable, folding sewing machine table at a parking lot sale, and... It FITS! Green beastie is going to be set up in this table soon to re-do camper seat covers, and I have no doubt it will chug through them with no hesitation. My DM (dear mom) just blessed me with her best friend's Featherweight. I have given it a spa treatment (thanks to the Singer Featherweight Shop tune-up kit..what a kit! Comes with all kinds of great stuff to give your FW some tlc! (Not affiliated, but really impressed with kit and service! Be sure to read their article on FW grease comparisons.) I'm in the process of fixing the case; it was badly damaged. As in, the bottom fell off! There are a ton of patterns now, for totes that wrap the cases! fun! There are a lot of places that have FW's that are more reasonable now, the prices used to be wild. Singer has a ton of little electric machines...they're really indestructible. Oh, and not to forget, there's the little Singer Genie...so MOD! I also love a little Kenmore Rose...it's a green, light weight portable and has a case that has roses embossed on the outside. If you can find one, they are light weight, more wallet-friendly than a Featherweight, and has a zig-zag. 15 lbs, self-contained accessory tray, etc. Older Kenmore straight-stitch/ziz-zag machines...those are not light, but worth their weight in gold. I have a blue one that isn't easy to lug around, but it sure sews great. Pfaff...they have a couple of lighter weight portables... the Grasshopper, of course, but not to overlook the Supermatic, which does a lot of different stitches with cams. Elna 1010 that is a great little portable machine. I have sewn quilting fabric on it, but haven't done anything like jeans mending or a big bag on it yet. It has lots of stitches. I was going to re-home it, but discovered that it has all these little snap-on feet, and friend gave me a 1/4 circle piecing foot and it fits this baby, so ....now I have to keep her! lol! Oh, that foot is great, btw, if anyone is doing a drunkard's path or anything that has a circle shape...NO pinning! (Curve Master) Too many machines, so little sewing time! (omg...no, I haven't actually counted lately...?!) Maybe we should start a pool? lol! sammi
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    Tammy V.

    Tip of the Day

    What a great idea! I need to do this!! I call it the "sit and stare" but I never thought to do this while on my current project! Somebody on the forum suggested this a while back and I use it on every custom I do. I use a piece of acrylic from Lowe's that they will cut to your measurements. Put it over a block and doodle away. Use dry erase markers and away you go!
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    First quilt using straight ruler

    Quilt is finished thank you for the likes
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    Woven Rosewood Quilt Finish

    I can't remember the last time I posted a finished quilt photo and I love seeing all of yours. Here is a recent finish; I pieced this quilt over the past two or three years. I found the gorgeous Robyn Pandolph border fabric on sale and bought the rest of the bolt and the one coordinate they had. My heart wanted me to quilt this thing to death; but my logical side said NO! Finish it; it goes on your bed and your dog will sleep on it! At any rate, it is finished and we are enjoying it. I used Quilters Dream Wool Batting and a variety of Glide and Sew Fine threads; quilting is all freehand and ruler work. Thank you for looking!
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    Finished my ‘alison glass sew Luminary quilt kit by Jamie Swanson’ 42” x55”. I had to chuckle when I showed my son the quilt... he wanted to know where the rest of the quilt was it was an interesting project as the star is created by cutting fabric strips of varying widths, sewing these together in color ways and then cutting those strips into random widths - diagonally and straight, sewing those together and then cutting diamonds and finally sewing the diamonds together. And then hoping you made the correct color selections etc to make sure you got the rainbow effect. it was a fun project
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    Zoe the Zebra

    The recent discussion about Facebook and the forum has reminded me that I have been meaning to post more quilt pictures here. Have you met Zoe the Zebra? This quilt pattern was featured in Quiltmaker magazine, and when my friend and customer Salli sent me a picture of her version and asked if I would like to quilt it for her, I was delighted. This is such a cute quilt with the three-dimensional details, and all that negative space is a longarm quilter's dream. I knew right away that I wanted to add more flowers, and when Salli dropped off the top this was the only thing she knew she wanted... some shadow flowers in the background. Great minds think alike. I felt that an odd number of flowers worked better, so I only added two more and filled the remaining space with a butterfly. I quilted the background with random fillers. The outer border fabric is very busy, and the quilting doesn't really show, it looks better in the pictures than in reality, so I just repeated one of the background fillers and turned it into a border design.
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    I am about to put together an all batik (100% cotton) queen size top with a close weave 100% cotton backing ( much heavier then the top) for my son and wife called Circle dance. I have read many articles on batting and I am no wiser. However, with all my reading I have discovered that to make it cozy I need heIp. What would be the best batting for a floppy/flexable quilt that would be all season? Not to hot just warm. I guess I mean breathable. My son does not want it heavy either. Should I consider changing the backing?
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    Thank you so much everyone for your quick replies and help.
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