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  1. Thanks Nigel, good idea!
  2. I don't usually get a request to make and attach a sleeve to a quilt and am not sure how to price it...just throwing this out anyone willing so share what they charge either by the sleeve or by the inch to make and attach a sleeve? Thanks! Vicki
  3. I use my SR most of the time as it gives me time to stop and think and not feel rushed while quilting...I am thinking that I could use a ruler without SR but only after a lot of coffee!!
  4. Thanks Mary Ann!
  5. That's a great deal, congrats on the Millie!
  6. I am just reading this as I don't seem to get here as often as I would like...I am sorry that you are feeling so bad Mary Beth, I sure hope that headache goes away soon and they find out why it is happening. Also Cathy, I hope the same for your grandson...praying for both of you!
  7. Debbie, I am sorry it took me so long to get back with you, I am just now reading these posts...the background if you haven't already made this quilt was homespuns, which can be stretchy but gorgeous with the wool appliqué....
  8. I just saw this as Linda shared it on FB, I too am so sorry that we have lost a special and loved friend on our forum, she will be greatly missed and my thoughts and prayers also go out to her family.
  9. I kind of think that crosshatching in the color areas with feathers in the lighter sashings would look good..
  10. I like the idea of a nice fill to make the flowers and leaves pop out, maybe some geometric lines behind them and then some pretty fill....
  11. I am still using flicker, works well for me...
  12. Karen, I don't have a website but do have a flicker account which I have made easy for people to find by putting a scan code on my business card for smart phones to use. I have also started to work on a fb page finally...(both being free)
  13. Good ideas above, I have used Linda Rech's rulers to do both crosshatching and diagonal lines and they worked great...
  14. Mary Beth, I have been out of town and just saw your post, I too am so so sorry.....many prayers going up for you all for healing to begin....
  15. Heidi, so glad to hear you are back in the "saddle stool" again! And really glad to hear that Landon's catherization showed good results! After all of your changes in the last months quilting will be good to help you to relax and get back into your "normal" routine...welcome back!