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  1. Ruler Base and Ruler for Sale

    Thanks Connie, I will go there.....!
  2. Update: Sold! Thankyou! When I moved to Dallas several years ago I had help packing. When I got there I could not find my ruler base anywhere so I finally ordered a new one. Now that we have moved back to VA and have finally gone through every box guess what I found? Since I don't need two of them I am hoping someone out there may need my spare one, since they run $170.00 new I am thinking $100.00 plus shipping for my old ruler mate and newer ruler...please private message me if interested... Thanks Vicki Maloney
  3. Your quilting is stunning!
  4. Using Two Layers of Batting

    Kathy, I think all of us have learned by just reading these posts over the years, in fact anytime I run into a problem I usually do a search for the problem and see several ways to get through it...the quilters on this forum are so generous with their time and knowledge, I am so thankful for them. Just keep practicing, watch all of the videos you can, take classes if possible, but over time you will feel more confident in what you are is a learning process that takes some of us (me) years....
  5. Loyal customers. ???

    Great ideas and input on this....
  6. Shana, I am sure it looked great! Remember you are the professional and if you thought it looked good I bet it did...I am sorry she had such a smirky attitude but again....she just burned a bridge to having her quilts quilted by a professional....
  7. Welcome back Marci! I am glad you are feeling better and how exciting - a new Millie! Your quilts are beautiful and the one you made of your brother's ties will be a cherished one...I hope making it helped in the healing process for you and now when you see the quilt it brings only good memories for you!
  8. Magnifier warning

    Thanks for the heads up, I keep a magnafier next to my applique chair next to a window and will be more careful in the future...funny, now that I mention that to my DH he has a story where he was sent to the see the principle in elementary school for watching a friend use a magnafier to burn a hole in the bus seat...
  9. Beatrice, I mostly get those customers that always say do what you want, this is my budget so I go from you have a program that you can take a pic of the quilt and draw on it? If so then you could show her the options and give her your professional opinion on how it would look....
  10. Path of Irma and Jose

    Thanks for praying for everyone Connie, most of our family lives in FL and the FL Keys, and my stubborn brother in law thinks he can wait until late tonight to leave the keys and is thinking he only has to go to Homestead to be safe....he is such a knucklehead! We are very worried about him and his wife, and now we are hearing that there is no gas to travel with and roads are all backed up with people worse worry is that so many who waited so long will spend the storm in their cars stuck in traffic which we all know will be a very bad idea....they were there for Andrew and know very well how bad it can be....please keep praying for them.....
  11. North Carolina humidity

    Well dang Connie, I was thinking about going to a 10 ft table too just for the room and I am not doing any more really large quilts...if only you were closer I would swap with you! I am back in VA again now...
  12. Following this one as I have not seen this happen, curious to see how it goes....
  13. Crab Panto?

    Thanks Sue, I like that one too, I sent copies of all the patterns to my customer and will see what she likes the best...
  14. Crab Panto?

    Thanks Kathy, that is exactly what I am looking for...I will contact them and see if they can make it into a paper panto...sometimes they can....
  15. I have a customer that is looking for an E2E of a crab panto...I have been searching on line but only see the beachy one from Anne Bright, does anyone know of any other pantos that are just crabs? Thanks!