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    Quilting is my passion, I also love folk art painting, old houses, antiques, baskets, and my wonderful family!
  1. Well dang Connie, I was thinking about going to a 10 ft table too just for the room and I am not doing any more really large quilts...if only you were closer I would swap with you! I am back in VA again now...
  2. Following this one as I have not seen this happen, curious to see how it goes....
  3. Thanks Sue, I like that one too, I sent copies of all the patterns to my customer and will see what she likes the best...
  4. Thanks Kathy, that is exactly what I am looking for...I will contact them and see if they can make it into a paper panto...sometimes they can....
  5. I have a customer that is looking for an E2E of a crab panto...I have been searching on line but only see the beachy one from Anne Bright, does anyone know of any other pantos that are just crabs? Thanks!
  6. I too appreciate the you Shana I have the policy that USAA recommends as they also told me that they don't cover a home business for quilting. Mine has gone up gradually over the years and is now close to 600.00 per year, with no claims. They classify it under an "embroidery" business as they don't have a code for a quilting business, which explains the higher rates with the information that vegaslady gave... USAA told me that they would not cover my machine and equipment if something would happen to it and I am on the east cost too Heidi...???? I think it is time for me to shop around too....thanks for bringing this topic up Shana, it's good to know there are other options out there. I just want something to cover my machine and equipment and liability if a customer should fall down the stairs....I am going to check with State Farm too...
  7. Thanks for the information about the variegated threads, I have actually tossed a spool that frustrated me so much I was sure that it was bad, next time I will try using less eyes in threading just like I do for monopoly thread...
  8. I've used monopoly for many years and only have to loosen the top tension a turn when I put in on the machine...I will have to give the Essence a try next time I need to order some....
  9. If they are alternating blocks, why not just crosshatch them? I am not sure what you will be doing in the pieced blocks but if you can tie them into the idea of a crosshatch that may work for you...
  10. Thanks again for your kind complements!
  11. I have also quilted some and find that floating them and being very careful with them always helps...that being said I have always custom quilted them so I have more control over what is going on...
  12. I do have problems with the edge flipping up sometimes, I will have to try the wiggle stitch...
  13. Like Mary Beth, my machine is set up in my basement where it is the coolest in the house...I walkout french doors and windows so it isn't as dark as it could be...humidity isn't a problem for me as I keep the ac on...but during the winter I have to watch which shoes I wear to avoid static electricity.
  14. Great idea and they looked like they enjoyed it!
  15. Yes I did hand applique the was fun!