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  1. Wonderful quilting, and the quilting on the back is icing on the cake!
  2. My Millie's name is "Big Momma" because when Big Momma ain't happy, aint' nobody happy.
  3. Here's a Lonestar blocks vs. one of Meg's LeMoyne Star blocks.
  4. I did an allover panto on this one and it was perfect for it. The front was so busy with all the different fabrics that she used that custom would not have enhanced the beauty of this quilt. Marilouquilt by chrometopquilts, on Flickr back of Marilou's quilt by chrometopquilts, on Flickr
  5. Simple but elegant and sofisticated! What a wonderful gift!
  6. Looks like you nailed it on the "transitional modern"! Beautiful quilting!
  7. I think we're going to run out of different words to express how we love your quilting, Linda! Always inspiring!
  8. What a beauty! Wonderful quilting and beautifully pieced!
  9. Oh my, Linda! Your quilting is absolutely gorgeous and so labor intensive. Well deserved break is in order for sure.
  10. Linda, I may be mistaken, but I think the Superior Threads $3.95 flatrate shipping is for retail orders only. Wholesale orders pay regular shipping rates. It is worth it to set up the wholesale account though.
  11. Congratulations, Linda, on being able to retire soon from your other job! I am still trying to figure out the scheduling thing. I'm just glad my customers have been so understanding that I'm still trying to figure it out and will wait on me. I have customers that book ahead when they don't have anything made yet because they know it's going to take 4-6 months before I could get to them anyway. When you get it all figured out, please share your secret with us! You have been such a giving person in your talent and I really appreciate that!
  12. Love it, Libby! Your feather in a feather gives it so much more depth and movement! Great quilting choices and quilting!
  13. They definitely go out of their way to make sure their customers are satisfied! My millie just arrived from her 1st spa treatment and so you all know what I'll be doing tonight. I've dealt with a lot of companies, but NONE hold a candle to APQS! Thanks APQS!!
  14. Wow! Love your quilting on this! Congrats on your award!!
  15. Wowzer!! It's gorgeous, and your quilting is over the top!
  16. Looks great! I made one all on the long arm last year for my nephew's early wedding present. It was king size though and took me all day. I stitched the binding on the front with the long arm, too. Cut my strips with the grain so I didn't have to piece them. I had very little material left. Makes for a quick quilt for sure.
  17. Oooh, what eye candy, Linda! Love it!
  18. You receive On Track with a membership to IMQA (International Machine Quilters Association).
  19. The last couple of rolls I've purchased have been better quality, too. I'm quite pleased with that.
  20. I started reading it without looking at the author. I knew immediately he had to be talking about APQS machines and then when he mentioned his daughter, Jessica, I guessed it was Dave and then looked to verify! It was a very informative entertaining article! I liked the Harley comparison, too.
  21. Just as Barbara said, no frogging. The stitches leave noticeable holes when I've stitched on them.
  22. Simply amazing, Kay! I've been following your progress, and can't wait to see more!