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    gkazee reacted to Cattygrandma in New owner of Lenni   
    I'm a new Lenni owner.  my machine will be here tomorrow, whup whup.  I'm so excited.  I just started quilting this last winter.( Bored with crocheting.) 
    And discovered I love it. but I couldn't quilt larger quilts on my sewing machine so I started investigating longarms. Hand quilting is out of the question.
    I really liked the Innova but there were lots of reasons it wasn't right for me. The main reason is there is NO life time warranty on their machines.  That's
    what sold me on APQS...  But not only that the Lenni has every thing on it that the Innova has for half the price.  I've played with both...  Didn't feel any
    differents.  I still have a lot to learn, but really excited to learn, and can't wait to get started.  
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    gkazee reacted to jimerickson in Difference in features between Millie and Freddie   
    Amy:  I have an Ult 2 which of course came without electronic channel locks.  I found the "manual" channel lock to be user unfriendly.  As a result, I built myself a set of electronic channel locks.  I use them all the time.  In fact I was thinking about the channel locks the other day while quilting, and thought "what would I do without my channel locks".  At least at one time, some of the other long arm manufacturers offer the electronic channel locks as an option.  I think the option cost between $800 and $1000, so the extra $1100 APQS wants for the Millie over the Freddie is appropriate.  I personally would buy the Millie just for the channel locks.  Jim
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    gkazee reacted to fbaldwin in Happy Morhers Day Everyone   
    Just want to wish you all a wonderful Mothers Day to all of you on this forum and to the staff at APQS.
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    gkazee reacted to dancing bear in Show Competition   
    "Separate professional quilters" ... I've often thought that quilt shows should employ the golf standard .... Have a Masters category ... Those wonderful Master quilters would then have their own category or show
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    gkazee reacted to quilterkp in The new Millie   
    I had the pleasure of quilting on one of the new Millie's today at Sheridan Kay's quilting studio.   Very nice machine!   They made an improvement to the channel locks and they hold tighter than they used to.   
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    gkazee reacted to Suegeo in Has anyone made a Frank Lloyd Wright quilt?   
    Here is a photo of a quilt I designed on graph paper with a Frank Lloyd Wright theme for a relative.  I love his houses and designs.

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    gkazee reacted to FloridaMissy in Thank You!   
    I just wanted to send a big thank you to everyone on this forum who takes the time to post answers to questions.  I'm guilty of not posting very often.  When I'm having issues with my Millie I know I can search this forum and get great answers. 
    I send out a challenge to everyone to try and post once a week and get our forum content back to where it used to be.  Anyone else accept the challenge?
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    gkazee reacted to tyquilter in Friend   
    Over five years ago a wonderful lady on this forum replied to one of my posts on this forum. She complimented me on the quilt I made and use as my profile picture. She wanted to know if I would share the pattern with her. We ended up being friends on Facebook and texted and called each other. She lived about 12 hours away from me. We had so much in common we could have been sisters. We were modern day pen pals so to speak. We always planned to meet in person, but something always got in the way. My dear friend passed away last month from cancer after being diagnosed late last fall. Even though we never met in person, I considered her my dearest friend. I never did find the pattern to the quilt that started our friendship so I sent her the actual quilt. I wish I had sent it years ago to her. Don’t minimize the friendships made here. They truly make a difference in people’s lives. Until we meet in heaven Diana

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    gkazee reacted to BobbieJones in Front handle with light on my 2005 Millie   
    I got it with Angie’s help. Very simple fix. The mounting bracket was backwards on the light. Talk about feeling “Duh!”   So happy to have such great support from APQS - especially when they don’t make you feel stupid!
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    gkazee reacted to rlkrezer in New Lucey   
    I've gotten my new Lucey up and running.  All I have to say is that either my husband needs to learn how to cook, or I'm cooking once a month.  I can stay in my studio all day as long as I have my coffee machine.
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    gkazee reacted to Marie0722 in FORUMS OR FACEBOOK CURIOUS   
    Welcome, Maribeth. As for the computer system, I just went through the same process. First you need to know what exactly you want to do with it. Reading the old forum threads is a good place to start but I found I had more questions than answers afterwards. The next step is to watch the basic videos on YouTube. Write down all the questions you have... and trust me, you will have quite a few
    The majority of people seems to prefer IQ over QuiltPath but I could never really get an answer as to why. I finally ended up contacting Angela Huffman of Quilted Joy because she was the only person I could find who seemed to be really good with both systems. And she was... she answered all my questions in detail, and I have ordered IQ through her. It hasn't arrived yet, so that's all I can tell you right now. Angela assured me I would be able to install it myself, and if I needed help I could just call her, and she'd walk me through. We will see how that goes... I am so excited.
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    gkazee reacted to mlsa3 in Congratulations   
    Congratulations Julie S. of Snohomish, Washington!
    Winner of APQS Millie Give A Way.
    Way to go Julie....so happy for you.  
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    gkazee reacted to dbams in Batt-mart   
    Cathy, thanks for the information about Quilternatives.  I got my last roll of QD wool from Kingsmen, as that was the best price I found at the time, but Quilternatives's price is a LOT cheaper!  Just ordered a new roll, since my last one is gone.  Quilternatives beat both Kingsmen and Batt-mart.
    Love the Forum members!
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    gkazee reacted to vally in Mag collar adjusted !   
    My up and needle was out of sync. Millie was still sewing along but frustrating when pulling up the bobbin thread. Problem solved. Called Apqs and they sent me a pdf on how to correct the problem. Who knew there was a rotating magnet behind a circuit board.My magnet was floating not screwed on.  It was easy to do. Next will be clean the motor brush. 
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    gkazee reacted to joni in https://www.apqs.com/retailers/apqs-store-quilt-country/   
    If you are looking for an excellent longarm machine, APQS is the one.  If you  are looking for support for the APQS you'll never find a more professionally knowledgeable, fun, committed, patient APQS representative then Connie Keller.  Her classes are excellent.  When you rent a machine she, Anne and Jed provide the support and direction you need to learn and feel confident.   It is obvious that the three of them all love their work and the people they serve with passion and caring.  Your search for quality in the machine and support is over.   Connie helped me find the perfect machine for me.  She and Jed set it up in my home and provided ongoing support.  I can't thank you enough, Ms. Connie!!  Anne!! And Jed!!
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    gkazee reacted to QuiltGuy in Love APQS Customer Service!   
    I haven't been around here for a few years, life got really busy, but we are planning to move our 2013 Millie (14' table) to Tucson (eventually) with a stay in storage for a while. I called to ask some questions about moving the machine and got a rapid call back and great help (and answers to other questions as well). I know we all know how great APQS customer service is, but I know when I was deciding on a machine I read the forums here and looked for reports regarding customer service so I wanted to make a newer post for others to find. This company is really great!
    Thanks Mark and APQS!
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    gkazee reacted to Irene Graber in Just got my Lenni   
    Hi everyone,   I’m new to this forum.  I just got my Lenni all set up and I did my first practice on it with a pantograph.  Didn’t do too bad for my first attempt.  

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    gkazee got a reaction from NHDeb in Crosshatch   
    Crosshatching with a computerized system is tough because of fabric draw up and matching each point across the quilt after each roll.  I haven't crosshatched an entire quilt but did crosshatching on a custom quilt surrounding all the blocks. I used a ruler from quilters apothecary made for crosshatching. 

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    gkazee got a reaction from quilterkp in Design for center of quilt   
    I'm no expert but maybe something like this in the mountains. 
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    gkazee got a reaction from NHDeb in Tell me about your travel machine   
    I just lug around my Bernina. I finally purchased a Tutto bag which makes transportation easier than the Bernina bags did. 
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    gkazee reacted to Gator in Pantograph design software   
    Cost and capabilities.  I have both programs, I find the Pre-Design Studio simple to use.  I think it would be plenty of program for doing your own quilting designs.  I bought Art and Stitch because I also do embroidery digitizing.   Just my opinion.
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    gkazee reacted to Ann Wight in My first scrappy quilt...ever!   
    I have been quilting since 2008 and have always been afraid of making scrappy quilts. For me, they are to busy, too many fighting patterns, just too much chaos.  I decided to tackle my fear of all this and make a small quilt from my scraps.  I used an Arkansas Crossroads block and am really pleased with my "controlled" scrappy quilt.   Details on my blog: http://bunkhousequilts.blogspot.com/2018/02/im-not-afraid-of-scrappy-quilts.html

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    gkazee got a reaction from Quilta93 in Crosshatch   
    Crosshatching with a computerized system is tough because of fabric draw up and matching each point across the quilt after each roll.  I haven't crosshatched an entire quilt but did crosshatching on a custom quilt surrounding all the blocks. I used a ruler from quilters apothecary made for crosshatching. 

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    gkazee reacted to harcathy in Baby quilt   
    This is a baby quilt I made for a soon to be born baby boy. The nursery is an “Under the Sea” theme.

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    gkazee reacted to Tammy V. in Quilting on appliqué or embroidery blocks   
    I remember my first customer quilt I did with large applique blocks. I knew I needed to do something with those huge items, so I stitched around them, said a little prayer and went for it. I've stitched over large appliquéd pieces ever since.  If I can figure out how to post a picture I will. 

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