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  1. Congratulations Julie S. of Snohomish, Washington! Winner of APQS Millie Give A Way. Way to go Julie....so happy for you.
  2. Nancy I think you would have better response if you listed all of the groovy boards that you are selling plus what you are asking for them along with shipping. I have purchased groovy boards from members here on this forum before and would be interested if they are ones I would like to have.
  3. Not positive but I don't think it will let you enter twice in one day so if it let you then you probably are good.
  4. Ok, so nobody tells Mary Beth about this and maybe she will sleep through it and we'll have a greater chance of winning.
  5. It's happening again....I just got to where I could sleep again....NOW.....another chance to win a MILLI. I really really really want it this time.
  6. Congratulations David Hatten......oooooops....I mean Georgene R. of Scottsbluff, Nebraska APQA winner of a new Milli. CONGRATULATIONS.
  7. For the past 15 or so years, I've always went to the Texas State Mountain and Dulcimer Championships in Glenrose Texas. My wife and I both play the dulcimer and autoharps. This festival is in it's 37th year and is held at an RV park. They have a huge stage and have performers on stage from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on Friday and Saturday. They also have workshops and of course the contests to choose the state champions. The RV Park was full and the music was plentiful. Everybody just brings their fold up chairs and sit on the grass under the trees and listens to music. Over the years for some of us it's not as much the music as it is just the fellowship. Some of us have known each other for 30 years or so. Several of us are also quilters....SOOOO...I arrive at the RV park Wednesday about 10:00 am and by noon the camper is set up and I have 3 of my quilting girlfriends loaded in my car and we hit the quilt shops. Had a blast and did more laughing than buying although each of us did purchase some fabric. One of my quilting friends, Kate, and her husband have a 45' toy hauler...she sets her quilting machine up in the garage part and quilts all week so this year I decided I needed to bring my machine and do some quilting when it got too hot to stay outside....Now my camper is no where near as large as her camper and I don't have a garage to set up in but I didn't let that stop me. I set my machine up and all my friends came by to see my Campers "Quilting Studio." They were impressed...actually had some women I didn't know stop by and wanted to see my quilting studio and my camper. Got quite a bit accomplished....made some blocks for a quilt....did a lot of reading....listen to some music...played some music...did a lot of visiting...and just relaxed and thanked God for all his blessings. So here is a pic of my Campers Quilting Studio. Small but very doable. Still trying to figure out how to get my longarm in this small camper. LOL. Next is view from front of my camper where I sat each morning and rocked with my coffee and read my Bible and thanked God for His blessings. The third pic is of everyone sitting around listening to the music...at night the place was packed out.
  8. Here is a link comparing the top ten website hosting: I don't think they are completely free but maybe not real expensive. I've never used any of them so just giving you the link to compare. Hope it helps. http://www.webhostingbest10.com/best-website-hosting
  9. Wow....did anyone else get the following message today when you registered for the Millie Giveaway: The message read: "David, boy, are you going to be happy on the day of the drawing"
  10. Thanks Sharon...I almost ordered those from Amazon...I read the reviews and like the Harbor Freight there was mixed reviews. Glad to see you like them. If these don't work out I'll try them.
  11. On another quilting forum I googled the same question and many said they got the ones that Harbor Freight carries. Some liked them...some didn't but for the price I thought I would try them....I had to order them online since my store didn't have any. Even if they don't last quite as long as the name brand at $1.00 per blade I can't go wrong...HOPEFULLY. We'll see. I'm a bit of a tightwad so I hate spending money on something that is going to wear out pretty soon anyway and have to throw it out.
  12. For the last several years I've bought my rotary cutter blades (45mm) from The Sewing Palace but looks like they may have closed. Where do you folks buy your blades? They are so expensive to buy name brand like Olfa, etc. I was very happy with the ones I've been buying.
  13. Mary Beth....REMEMBER....add the numbers together and put the total in the little box
  14. Awww,,,man.....and I had just graduated from therapy from the last contest.
  15. I guess I don't feel so stupid if your son thought you lost part of it. I thought you had it folded. LOL. I do love it though...it's a conversation piece. Bet it took forever to piece the star. I also love the way you did the binding with the different colors.
  16. If I had a ribbon I would send it to you...this quilt deserves a ribbon. Your husband has my appreciation. I have so much respect for those who serve and served in all of our military.
  17. Love this quilt and the quilting is perfect for it. I bought a double wedding ring pattern years ago because I love the look so much but have been afraid to attempt it. I need to get over my fear and just do it. Thanks for posting this.
  18. Everybody has already beat me mentioning the shine on the top quilt but it looks like ice or snow on top of the white. Absolutely beautiful. Love the pinwheel quilt. My first quilt ever to make was pinwheel so pinwheels always hold a special place for me. Beautiful. Mother and Raylee are beautiful too. Not sure who looks happier....mother or daughter. LOL
  19. That is one unique looking quilt and i mean that in a good way. The designs are beautiful and the quilting is wonderful. That quilt will be a show stopper.
  20. Wow is all I can say about this quilt. 50 hours just to quilt it....and people ask why quilting is so expensive. If they only knew the amount of work that goes into a quilt.
  21. Eric, The quilt is beautiful and I know it will lift the spirits of your daughter. I'm so sorry she has to go through this but will say a prayer for her.
  22. Gator, Here is a pattern for sale. I'm planning on buying it and trying to make it. It's quite beautiful. https://www.craftsy.com/quilting/patterns/carpenters-star-cross-42-x57-/213576
  23. Both are absolutely beautiful....the white border on the first quilt with the pointed border just makes that quilt stand out. I've always wanted to do that type of border with the points but was really afraid to try putting a binding on that. Great job on both.
  24. Beautiful quilt. I agree....just enough quilting on this...really adds to it. If you decide it doesn't look right on your bed I can send you my address.
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