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Sneak preview of Pre-Design Studio


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I am so happy to announce that we have succeeded in adding a couple of exciting features to Pre-Design. The new version is called Pre-Design Studio and will be released soon.

One of the new features is the ability to save a pattern made in Pre-Design as an embroidery DST file. So if you have an embroidery machine, but you don't have digitizing software, you can still create quilt patterns in running stitch or bean (triple) stitch.

Great for matching quilt labels. But also great for the pattern designers, who are selling patterns: there's a growing demand for embroidery files nowadays!

So the same pattern, drawn once in Pre-Design, can have different uses:

print as a panto

use as a stencil

export to DXF (for computerized longarm machines)

and with the new Pre-Design Studio, convert to stitches for embroidery machines.

Click on the following link: http://www.pre-designstudio.com/tutorials.htm and watch the short movies to see the most important new features.


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I checked out the pre-design website and see that there is a free trial version available to download. I could not find a price for the program anywhere. Can you give us an estimate or approx price if it is not on the website? Thanks,

I may download and try it if I thought I could afford it and would use it. Jeanne

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Pricing for the current version is on the Buy Now page :)

Current version 3 of Pre-Design is EUR 109.

The new Pre-Design Studio will be EUR 139.


Existing owners of Pre-Design version 3 can upgrade for EUR 30, which is the price difference between the current version 3 and the new Studio.

EUR 30 (upgrade from version 3) is today about US$ 39

EUR 139 (full Pre-Design Studio version) is about US$ 182 (but for an actual conversion look on http://www.xe.com/ucc/convert.cgi )



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Originally posted by Loes


Existing owners of Pre-Design version 3 can upgrade for EUR 30, which is the price difference between the current version 3 and the new Studio.

Hi Loes, is the embroidery module the only addition to this new edition or are other features new that would enhance creating dxf files for quilting?

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Yes there's more :) You will LOVE it!

Ability to place notes on the pattern (instructions for customers, copyright notice, tips where to stsart or how to align etc.). Notes can be shown or hidden.

Export to WMF (nice companion with CompuQuilter). If notes are visible upon exporting, they will show in the WMF too.

And another BEAUTY of a feature:

automatic Spiral Maker: choice between spirals and swirls!! Just click on the spiral button, set the desired size, set the desired number of rings and click OK. Done! Export to DXF and you have a perfect spiral pattern.

Or play with the spirals and swirls together and create beautiful fashionable patterns.

Set guides by clicking in the rulers. (Clicking on the same spot will take the guide away). Great help to create corner patterns!

New line styles: Dashed and Dotted (for IntelliQuilter), to combine more patterns and create controllable jumps/moves.

I will post some screenshots in the next week. Working hard on the User Guide right now.


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Originally posted by Bonnie

Loes would this work with my Brother PE Design Version 5 or 6 stuff....I don't have a PRE-Design, but maybe if it worked with my PE Designs I could use there and with my large Embroidery machine.


Yes this will work with PE-Design (Studio), definitely.

Draw with the easy tools in Pre-Design Studio, just click from point to point (you can open a background image to trace). Double click to finish a line. Editing lines is as easy as selecting a point and moving it.

Then choose File > export to PEM format. Open in Stage 3 of Design Center, don't do anything just take it to stage 4 and import into Layout & Editing and your redwork pattern is ready! One continuous line without jumps. (or fill with stitches in Stage 4 for a filled embroidery design).

Or color the pattern in Pre-Design Studio and export as a solid color bitmap. Open that in Layout & Editing and choose Image to Stitch Wizard > AutoPunch. Click Finish and you have an object based embroidery design, which can be edited with the point edit tool.

Pre-Design Studio makes digitizing real easy! (It's called Pre-Design because you use it before you start working in PE-Design :)

Meanwhile the new information about Pre-Design Studio is on page: http://www.pre-designstudio.com/

Tutorial movies are on page: http://www.pre-designstudio.com/tutorials.htm

All movies are only a couple of minutes, so watch them all and you can see what Pre-Design Studio can do for quilting.

For example using exactly the same pattern to use as a panto, or export as DXF for QuiltStudio or resize and convert to stitches, send it to your embroidery machine for a matching quilt label on the back)

One of the new functions is "Convert to Stitches" which saves the pattern in DST format, which can be read directly by many home and professional embroidery machines.


P.S. this message was edited as now the new Pre-Designstudio.com website is live :)

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All I can say is: it is awesame and I like it so much.

Not only for playing around and forgetting the time, but also for my embroidery and my computer guided LA system.

IQ likes it very much.

You should all give it a try....

Just a happy camper with this software.

Hugs ;)

Andrea from Switzerland,

~~~Millidancer ~~~

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Hi Meg,

Pre-Design Studio is the latest version (and FULL version) of Pre-Design, the vector drawing program for embroiderers and machine quilters (and a big help in garment pattern drafting too), launched back in 2001.

Because of the new extra powerful functions (such as convert to stitches for embroidery machines) we decided in May 2008 to name our new version Pre-Design Studio. Later we heard that the new APQS computer for their machines is called Quilt Studio, but Pre-Design Studio is not related to Quilt Studio at all!

Pre-Design Studio is an artistitch.com product, Quilt Studio is from APQS.

With Pre-Design Studio you can quickly and very easily draw your own pantos, quilt blocks, quilt stencils etc and then either print at actual size (for paper panto rolls, or quilt stencils).

But you can also export to DXF to use in computerized quilting systems (such as CompuQuilter, IntelliQuilter, APQS QuiltStudio, Pro-Q Designer - and via the last one, make it work in all computerized quilt systems, including the Gammill system.

And in the latest version you can Convert to Stitches in DST format, save on USB stick and take it directly into your embroidery machine.

Hopefully this clarifies things.

Take a look on page: http://www.pre-designstudio.com and watch the short tutorial movies on http://www.pre-designstudio.com/tutorials.htm


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