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How to make signatures


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I have had a few people ask how to make the Colored signatures at the bottom of there posts. So instead of u2u everyone on how I did it I thought I would paste my instructions on the forum. There may be better or other ways to do this so if anyone has anything to add feel free to add it. This is just what I did:

the website where you can make your signature is http://signatures.mylivesignature.com

It gives you step by step instructions of how to do it and then once you have made the signature they have you copy it to put on your website, email or in this case our forum. You then go back to APQS Forum to the control panel and click edit profile, then you insert it in the signature box. It can be placed above, below or wherever you want it to be added to the information you already may have there.

Good Luck, I hope it works for you.


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The link worked yesterday and today I just got that same message. Maybe their server is down for repairs or something funky going on there. Try it again at a later date and let's see what happens. It isn't your computer as it worked for me yesterday and not today. Go figure. jeanne

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