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New Quilter

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I'm very new to all of this and im slowly reading through the forums. i brought a liberty second hand last year and love it. i am teaching my self as i go and find it hard to find some one in my area to help out.

i know how to put the quilts on and off, but how tight do i roll it.

I'm happy with my edge to edge patterns, and meandering, but with freehand custome quilting:(:(

with starting and stopping with the thread whats the best way, ive tried the small stitches at the start but not happy:(

with the way it looks on the back of the quilt can see where i start and finish.

can anyone advise me on a good DVD or Book that may explain and give example for us beginners

thanks any help would be great

Sharyn Numurkah Australia

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Anything by Sharon Schambers will help a lot. Of course Karen McTavish is the bomb.

You have come to the right forum for the knowledge. There are hundreds of experts here willing to share their talents and secrets.

Also go to you-tube and look for quilt videos. There are a lot there to learn from.

You can get a dvd from APQS if you didn't get it with your Liberty.

I wish you the best and learn like a sponge.


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Now there is a town name I haven't heard of since living in Corowa 21 years ago!

Sharon Geddes?? of Corowa has an APQS machine so she may be of some help to you. She posts on a yahoo group called Quilters Unite, Will have to check that for you. There are a few girls from Bendigo way that post on the same group.

Sue Morris from Waterways Victoria ( Cotton top Quilting) is the APQS rep for Australia, will most likley pop in here and say hello too.

Taughtness of the sandwich - search for posts - I seem to find if I don't apply the break fully on the bar holding the backing fabric and then give it a half turn towards the top ( ie looser) that it works for me.

I knot and bury all my threads. That is what Mariya Waters does so that is good enough for me. Since I just one Champion of Toowoomba show it must be working!

Send me an email if you want and I'll email you the details of the two Australian Machine quilting Yahoo groups


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I have the dvd than came with my Lenni and Dawn's instructions are picture perfect!!! Later I bought Myrna Ficken's beginner DVD and loved it too. There are many folks on this forum that will help you and they are wonderful to jump in when you need it. I am also a newbe but I am learning and getting better every day. Welcome, and enjoy the ride!!!:P:P:P

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