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Anyone with info on getting L.A.'s into Canada


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I'm looking for some info on getting a L.A. machine & table set-up into Canada, ie. costums & duty, also gst. & pst. Are there any Canadians out there who got thier machines from the U.S. & can you give me an Ideas on how much it may cost to bring a machine over the border & also, if there are any other need to knows about the process. If you recived, or maybe you shipped a machine into Canada in the recent past, I would very much like to hear from you. I'm really intrested in a used, or pre-owened setup so that I would be able to start out in a new buss. with a lot less $$$ and finding a second-hand L.A. in Canada seems to be a diffacult process, the only adds I can find for used machines seem to be in the U.S. :( Also if there are any Canadians (west coasters, if possible) out there who are thinking of selling a L.A. please e-mail any time.

I can hardly wait to hear from you:)

Gerry in Duncan B.C.

p.s. this my frist post new topic :cool:

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Hello Gerry

It is not as hard as it sounds to bring a LA into Canada. I am a rep for APQS and I live in Ontario Canada. Our dollar is VERY good right now so it is the time to buy. You do not have to pay PST as it is a NAFTA product and the GST is paid to your broker who pays for you at the border. The GST can be claimed back at the end of the year (in full). I am in Germany right now at a show but I will fly home tomorrow and arrive Thurs. I do have the contact number for a broker out your way if you need one, or if you have any questions. Darlene Epp is a rep out west and I know she would be more then happy to help you. You will find her e mail and phone number listed on the home page under finding a dealer. If you can not get in touch with her let me know and I will help you to get in contact with her. Just so you know ... if you buy a US machine You will want it to be CSA approved from the factoring .... and used machined in Canada from APQS are VERY RARE... and sell for very close to new prices. So in the long run it may be best to buy new, build to CSA standards and get the 3 year warranty and monthly special !!!!! I can be reached at 1-866-323-0048 or e mailed at pattenthatquilt@bellnet.ca

I Remain Crazy For Longarm Quilting... Sue Patten:cool:

This post has been made on Claudia Pfeils post because I am in Germany

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Hi there, Sue...no wonder you didn't answer the phone when I called this morning!!!!:P Hope you're having lots of fun!

and Gerry....go for it if you can...I am in Ontario, having a ton of fun seeing all the beautiful quilts and meeting so many lovely people. I have been a quilter for over 25 years now and feel it was all leading me up to this. And Sue is right...I thought the dollar was so good a couple of years ago, but now it almost feels like on par!

Have a great day..........Sandra

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Thank you Sue:

I tried sending you a U2U but it went to SandraC by mistake. :o

You may be right about the exchange rate being so good that buying a new Milli. is a realy good idea, I was hoping to save quite a few $$s by finding a used LA. and then upgrading at a later time. Finding a preowned LA. of any type may diffacult, if not imposable, but either I have to wait & save...or hunt & wait. I will save alot on shipping charges as well, if I can pick it up myself that is.

My DH may be going to Wainwright Alta. in April for 4 months, so I'm on my own again... I'm trying to get the DH to sell either his Truck or the motor-bike, so our finances will look a bit better, in case I need to borrow. We lost of lot $$ in our last buss. venture so we need to take baby steps for now.

My plan (hope) is that I will a new LAer by Sept.-Oct. of this year, so wish my luck. By the by is the Darlene Epp you mentioned the dealer in Abbotsford B.C. ? I tried sending her an e-mail the other night, could'nt connect but will try again.

Anyway thanks for your reply

from Gerry in B.C. :)

P.S. I spent 4 years in Lhar Germany 1980-84, we just loved it there, did'nt want to come home. My DH was in the Canadian Army for 24 years.

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Hi Gerry,

I just bought a used Freedom through Darlene ebb in Chilliwack, B.C. The machine and table are shipped directly to me from APQS and Darlene will take care of GST $ Brokerage. She figures the broker fees will be between 250.00 - 300.00, she will bill me as soon as she gets the info. I live in northern Saskatchewan and the freight from Iowa directly to my little town was $340.00 us. Now I dont think that is bad at all.

email Darlene at Sales@Trilliumhouse.com, she will answer all your questions and help you find a machine.

Mine should be here next week....a dream come true. Let me know how you made out.


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Hi Gerry.

One other place you might keep an eye on for a used machine is the Canadian Machine Quilters Association www.cmqa.ca. There are no deals for you tonight, I just looked. We bought a Green Millenium last year because it was only about a thousand dollars more than any used machine we could find locally. I also suggest you talk to Darlene Epp, I have spoken with her on the phone and she was a pleasure to deal with.


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