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Hi all, I am so glad I found this forum. I've already learned so much of what to expect just in reading your posts..

A local lady contacted me through our guild (I edit the newsletter) and told me she had an Ultimate 1 for sale, because she is moving and not quilting anymore. I know the machine is in good shape, she's used it to finish up her last tops very recently.. She gave me the option of seeing it first before I told anyone in the guild about it, and I am so thrilled, because I have decided to take it! She is letting me have it for $2000, It comes with added on extras like the Hartly Fence, a one stitch, laser pattern reader, many stencils (over 200), books, videos, threads, tools, and notions. The lady selling said " It has everything to get one started in machine quilting for business or personal. It has a 30 inch arm and a 14 ft table to it will quilt any size quilt. "

Can anyone give me thier opinion? I thought this was quite a deal, but would like input if you have any thoughts..

I am not new to machine quilting, but I AM new to longarms.. I quilt on a domestic machine with NO stitch regulator and get decent enough results that lead me to believe in my potential to be good enough to take in quilting work in the future. I was wondering if anyone could share what thier experience has been on how long it takes you to "get the feel" of the machine and start seeing some nice results?

thanks for reading and I look forward to any responses or advice.


(who's only a little nervous about learning new equipment)

Daisy Mier Fredericks " Ultimate I ~ New to longarm quilting

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it sounds like a wonderful deal to me, run don't walk before she changes her mind. It is a very small investment for an oppurtunity to see if you want to do this type of quilting and if you were to decide you didnt I am sure you could resell for the same or more, Not sure but I think I have seen Ultimate 1 and 11 for sale for much more than 2000 dollars. You could spend way more than that on a hobby machine and there is no comparison between the two. I say grab it! It will take you some time to learn but I would think not too much time depending on how much you practice. I have had my machine a year now and only quilt for myself but I feel I would be able to quilt for customers now if I wanted to. And I have not done but 15 to 20 quilts so far.

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Welcome Daisy. Congratulations on your new purchase of the Ult 1. Sounds like you got a great deal. Is it really a 30" arm though, I thought they only made them to 26"? Either way, you will love it.

Feel free to ask any questions here as we are all willing to share what we know and encourage each other. And remember, we all love pictures of finished quilts. Close-ups too.

Kristina at website and personal blog


Hoppily quilting along with FROGGER - my Green Millennium, and TOAD - my Liberty. Quiltazoid equipped too!

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You're a lucky lady! Seems to be a very good deal.

I'm also a newbie in LA-quilting and I think with a little bit of persistent ppp you will have "the feeling" for your machine in a couple of days and nice results very soon ...



Millenium owner
"Wer einen Traum verwirklichen will, muss zuerst aufwachen"

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