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What changes in CQ Update 4.032??


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Hi Sherry and everyone

Joann is correct its just a fix. Here is how you can work out how CQ has changed according to the version numbers.

The numbers for versions 4.032 = A.Bcd

A = Major change in features and a new manual.

B = Minor additional features or major improvement, new manual.

c = Minor improvements, no new features, no new manual. May have improved sections of manual, but the old one will get you by.

d = Bug Fixes, no new features, no new manual.

Best wishes

sue in australia

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Hi Sue,

We have the Winter Olympics here in Feb 2010....the security is going to be crazy at the airports (and in the province), it will be crazy trying to fly anywhere from BC. I've been looking at flights......I'm not sure I want to get myself into an airport during the Olympics though...we'll see how it goes.

Skype? Isn't that the online webcam thing? I don't think I have it????

To put your info on your posts, log in and go to control panel and click on edit profile and enter your info on that page, easy to do.

Myrna, are you trying to download the latest release?



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Hi Myrna

I don't think there's a problem with the CQ website. I was on there yesterday and again just now, unless it was down overnight (my time).

Hi Nadia

I thought the line in your post signature that has the flag and phone number was something you get if you have Skype. I'll go and update my details and see if I get an Aussie flag. thanks


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Hi Nadia

Its on Myrna's post above too????

OK this is really weird. Myrna has two telephone numbers each is preceded by an american flag.

When you click on the flag it says Skype actions, then there is the telephone number followed by a green circle with a telephone image. When you hover over the telephone, it says call this number with Skype.

Claudia ------ we need Julian's help - James is working!!!

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Do you think I'm going crazy??? I probably just need a holiday!!

This is a cut and paste of Nadia's signature - see the empty line, thats where the flag, her phone number, then a small green button with a picture of a telephone handset. Now I'm running Mozilla Firefox - I wonder if anyone else is and if they can see the green flag!

Nadia Wilson Designs ~ Longarm Quilting Studio

APQS Sales Rep

Millie with CQ, Lenni


email: nadiawil@telus.net


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Phew, I'm not going crazy.

When I open the forum using Internet Explorer I can't see the flags, just an empty line where they should be. When I read the forum through Mozilla Firefox, the skype telephone tag with the flag is there!

I don't know how it got there though if Nadia doesn't have Skype.

I have Skype and I dont have it in my signature line.

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the skype flags only show up on a computer that has skype enabled. At least that is what it appears to be. I just recently (well, my husband did) added skype to my new computer and that is when I started seeing the flags.

I didn't do anything new to my signature to add it in, it just appeared in front of my phone number that was already there. spooky :D

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