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Better than Sex (but not quilting) Cake

Sheri Butler

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2 SKOR bars FROZEN. Freeze at least 8 hrs prior to breaking into pieces for cake.

1 box Pillsbury German Chocolate Cake mix

follow instructions on box for making the cake. (eggs, water & oil)

spray your cake pan, and pour the mix into the cake pan.

Set oven temp as directed on box.

Set timer for 5 minutes. NO LONGER!

Take cake out of oven, and sprinkle any combination, or any single of the following: either: 1 bag of Nestle Milk Chocolate chips, or semi-sweet, or white chocolate.

Or, mix 1/2 of one, 1/2 bag of the other...or, like I did for the meeting, I used 1/3 of each!

Put cake back into oven and finish baking for approx 30 more minutes, or until when toothpick inserted in center of cake comes out clean.

Take out and cool 2- 3 minutes ONLY.

Then, using the cooking spray, spray the handle end of a wooden spoon coating it well, and poke holes thruout the cake. If needed, and the cake sticks to the spoon handle, wipe with papertowel, re-spray and continue.

Then immediately pour on 1 can of Eagle Sweetened Condensed Milk. Using a spatula, spread over the cake and it will start to melt into the cake. Then, immediately pour on 1 jar of Mrs. Richardsen's Butterscotch Caramel Ice Cream topping. Spread it like you did the sweetened Condensed Milk. Let cake cool on cooling rack for a short time, then put it in the refridgerator UNCOVERED until it's completely cooled. At that time, spread 1 large container of CoolWhip over the top. Then using a rolling pin, smash up the SKOR bars while still in the pkg. Beat both sides, AND the edges of the bar until it feels like it's broken up quite well. Sprinkle ontop of the Cool Whip.

Put cake back into the fridge and cool at least 4 hrs before serving.

KEEP the cake in the fridge!!!!


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This cake is yummy! I've made it for years, but not lately since I had to give up sugar. I never used the chocolate chips (great idea, though!), but after pouring the sweetened condensed milk on the baked cake, also pour on a jar of caramel ice cream topping. I used to use Mrs. Richardson brand, and I don't know if it is still available but it had a rich caramel taste. Topped it off with real whipped cream and Heath bar chips. OOOHHHH!!!! I feel 5 pounds heavier just thinking about it! :P

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Sounds divine!!! And I'm with you girls; better than sex!

When we first got married, an older friend of my DH told him "someday food will be more important than sex". Hubby then said "no WAY!". Well, last week I bought him new socks, and guess what he said? YEP! He said "these socks are better than sex!!!" I must be doing something wrong............I mean, really, socks???:P:P:P:P

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