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Fabric advance not working

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Help!!!! My fabric advance had been acting funny since I got it. It runs well sometimes and other times not so well. It seems to not want to work more in the forward position. The foot pedal seemed to be the most unreliable. It worked more reliablely right from the box itself.:mad:

Unfortunately now it is not working at all in either direction. :mad::(

This is a new machine just finally got set up a month ago.

I read in a previous post that there is a fuse in the fabric advance. nSeeing as the motor is not running or making any sounds at all, I think I might have blown the fuse. I am hoping that is all that is wrong. Can anyone tell me what size fuse I need for the fabric advance as I would like to get this fixed so I can use it in the morning.

The fabric advance is connected to a separate surge protector and my machine is connected to a UPS battery backup. Should the fabric advance also be connected to the UPS too?

Thanks in advance, I appreciate any help you can provide as it is late and my brain has stopped functioning.:(

Lisa :(

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I'm sure Barb sent you great info. Just a reminder, check the couplings between the motor and your frame often, they can work loose. Don't forget to release the brake and remove clamps from quilt before using the fabric advance.

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Thank everyone.

Barb and I had a few emails flying back and forth till 2AM Talk abour customer service. I thought she would get my distress call (email) in the morning and respond but apparently I wan not the only crazy person on my machine until 2 AM.

I read some of the previous posts about problems with fabric advance and found out where the fuse is. Took it out and it is definitely blown. I am going to take it to the parts sore and get a new one. Hopefully that will get it up and running.

It is definitely something that I need to contact APQS regarding though as it works sporadically either very well or not at all.:( Hopefully I will get to the bottom of it soon.

I will let you know what the fuse is in case anyone else needs one or wants to keep one as a spare when I get back from the store.


Lisa :)

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Just got off the phone for the 2nd time with Amy at APQS and looks like the problem is solved.

Apparently, the wrong fuse was installed in the motor of the fabric advance from the factory. The one in my machine was a .5 Amp slow blow 250V fuse. The proper fuse is a 1.5 Amp slow blow 250V fuse.

Unfortunately I have not been able to find the right fuse so Amy is bringing one to MQX for me. In the meantime I have a 1 Amp slow blow 250V fuse. It will not harm the motor in any way it might just blow again as it is not quite enough Amps.

Amy told me that you can usually find them in electronic stores such as Radio Shack or the Source (in Canada).

It is important that you have a slow blow fuse a regular fuse will not work. Trust me I know.

The top of the fuse should read:

1.5AL250V * the L indicates the slow blow

mine indicate slow blow on the bottom of the fuse:

1.5A250V across the top


FSL across the bottom (indicating the slow blow fuse)

Hope you never need this information. But if you do now you know what fuse to get.

Mine only cost $2 each so not a lot of money to have a spare just for emergencies.

I could have used it at 2AM last night!!!!!


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That was one of the first things Amy asked me to rule out. Apparently if you hear rattling in your foot pedal there could be a loose connection that can cause the fabric advance to short out causing the fuse to blow.

I have the temporary fuse in and so far so good.:)

I should keep a file of all this information. Might come in handy.



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