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Spool holder Question


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Phil, the vertical holder is for cones. It is used when you don't want to use the cone holder on the back of the machine, or to make it more convenient when doing lots of color changes and using cones of thread. It is mounted on the front of the machine.

The horizontal spool holder is for small spools of thread that need to come off the spool horizontally and not over the top of the spool as a cone does. This is for threads that are not crosswound on the spool.

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Hi Phil,

Here is a link to pictures of the two types of thread holders just in case you haven't seen them.


I have both and love the vertical spool holder as I don't have to keep walking to the back of the machine every time that I want to change thread. I haven't used the horizontal one so far so I don't have an opinion on that one yet.


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