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When to advertise services?

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I just got my longarm machine a few weeks ago, and have been practicing quite a bit. I did one of my own quilts and was very pleased. It was overall mandering. Any suggestions on when it is a good idea to let the public know of my services, even though I am just doing overall mandering, or should I wait until I can offer more services such as: Pantograph design and/or freeform?

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First off, lemme say congrats, you know how to meander.

I think I am the only machine owner that does not know how to meander/stipple

That is a very popular choice for most people. I have already had one customer turn me down cause I don't know how.

I would go for it. If someone wants something else, then you will have to explain to them that they are a guinea pig and possible offer them a discount or refer them to another machine owner.

BTW, if you send business to other owners, when they get full or dont want to, they will send them over to you-kinda like the back scratchin thing.

I only have a limited amount of panto's here, but I am taking in business.

Good luck and happy advertising

Blessings and hugs

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Advertise as soon as you feel comfortable taking in others quilts!

You know meandering, which is a popular choice. If you can find a way to do a few more meandering styles that are different than the usual, but don't take any longer than you are set to get started. Besides you can practice on other styles of quilting while the advertising is doing it's work for you. You may be waiting a couple of weeks for the results of your advertising to take effect and you can use that time to develop other styles.

The other thing is that you can explore new styles here and there on client quilts, although it's a good idea to let them know that you are 'just starting' to do that technique and maybe give them a bit of a discount if you are unsure of what your results will be, or be prepared to spend time unsewing if it doesn't work out.


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This is what worked for me. I knew I was going into business so I had business cards made with my comany name and contact info. Then I practiced, practiced, and still practice. When I felt comfortable about working on someone elses quilt besides my own and family, I put my cards out in the quilt and fabric stores. I wrote 50% off until October 1st. Those customers that called were very excited about the price. I let them know that I was new and was charging half price until I felt more confident. After October 1st my prices have gone up to normal and I now have some customers that will keep coming back because they had more confidence than I did once they had me quilt their tops. ;) It is just up to you, don't feel pressured, this is suppose to be fun. Congratulations, I know things will go well for you.

Mary Beth

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My first customers were my students from workshops that I taught. First they could get them quilted fast due to I had no back log, and second I too gave price breaks on their first time with me. Build a repor with other quilters and guilds. Remember you can\'t plaease everybody but you can please somebody.

Good Luck


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