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Cats are the craziest!!


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You know cats do the craziest things.  When we moved here we inherited 4 cats and a wonderful german shepard mix.  The best dog that I have ever had.  Smart, craring, sweet and very loveable.  Always wants to be with me no mater where I would go.  No don't get me wrong, I do love my cats, eventhough I was not a cat lover when we moved in.  I've always thought that cats were raunchy little critters that crapped everywhere, even on the lawn.  That was my last problem where we lived before.  Didn't have any pets, but still had piles of turds on the back lawn about every other week.  Man that really unset me, stinking little rodents.  Anyways, back to the story.


Here I am sitting in the TV room looking out back when, low and behold, I spot 7 cows out back in the park.  That's a place beyond the backyard that has two giant oak trees and a park table.  Nice place to relax when it's too hot to quilt.  Lady, my shepard mix, takes off like a bolt of lightning after them.  I'm thinking, here I go again.  I've done this before.  I go outside in put my boots on and head out towards the park.  Lady is already down the hill running towards the back 40.  I'm just standing there when I see Lady runing back up the hill.  I turn towards the house and slip and fall flat on my keyster and a big pile of cow crap.  My right shoe is covered with the stuff and I can feel the the crap oozing thought my backside and into my shorts.  OH MY GOD,  this is really gross.  Getting to my feet quickly, I look down and see my cat Little Man.  He's in as bad of shape as I am.  What I didn't know is that he was standing right behind me when I slipped.  Apparently he didn't move quick enough to get out of the way and got in the way of the collateral effects.  He just standed there looking at me not knowing what to do.  His nick name is "Mr. Stinky Butt", but this is silly.   Man did I stink and he looked like he had more spots on himself then he usaully did.  Lady was finally back up to the park gave me the once over with her nose.  She didn't even get near the cat. 



Well, I figured, time to shower off.  We're 1/2 mile from anyone and it makes it nice to have an outdoor shower.  I grabbed the hose and hooked up the shower and stripped.  I didn't even clean the pants since they were old and worn thin, just tossed them.  After I was done I looked at the cat which was sitting not 10 feet away watching me.  I dried pretty quick since it was pretty hot out and headed to the house for some new clothes.  As I was finishing, I heard the lawn sprinklers come on.  And no, I'm not asleep on the hammock.  I went back out side and didn't see Little Man anywhere.  I figured he went off somewhere to clean himself.  That's when I spotted the craziest thing.  He was sitting in the middle of the lawn getting a shower just like I had done.  He only moved to shake himself to get the crap off once in awhile.  Lady was laying by the back door just watching.  Once the sprinklers went off he got up and ran off the lawn like a bullet.  I haven't seen him so white before.  Yes, he's a white cat with black spots.  I didn't see him til the next day and I needed sunglasses to look at him.   Wait til I tell you about the time he came back out for Bar-B-Que.  I wish he was still here.  Rest In Peace Little Man and take care of Lady too.  Don't let her alone by herself.       Regards, zeke...........


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