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Your not going to believe it but I am digitizing up a storm. SO FUN!!!!

Once I understood the tools and grasped the concepts there is not stopping me now. I love this stuff.

Grammie is going to have to learn how to manage her time so she can quilt and digitize. I'm sure I will figure it out.

This stuff is addictive. As soon as I have the time to test stitch I will post a few stitched designs next week. YEAH BABY!!!! THAT's RIGHT. GRAMMIE TAMMIE is always up to something!!!!

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I was beginning to think we'd never hear from you? I'm so glad for you I thought you might be in a digitizing frenzie:D.

Sometimes you just need showing what to do and your off and running, your right about it being adictive but I am also finding it a little frustrating, I need to do the class don't I;).

You have not dissapointed your fans we all knew there would be no holding you back. go for it girl.:D:D

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I am doing the same...I finished my second design last night. I still need to save as a cmd. file, but I haven't set the index. I love being able to digitize! I, too, would just love to spend the day digitizing and not quilting....I need more hours in a day and still get plenty of sleep.

It was a pleasure getting to know you and the rest of the group last week at Compuquilter. It was intense, but lots of fun.

Cheryl Mathre

Stone Creek Quilting

Sandy Hook, VA

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Glad to know that u made it home safely. I'm sure the weather and traffic was not a fun drive for you. Be safe always.

I'll have Michael send you some of his drawings via email. Love u.

Good luck on the digitizing, remember that you are a talented lady with more potential in your little finger than most have in their entire body. Keep the creative thoughts flowing and try not to forget about the little people who u have inspired before now!:P

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