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Advice on book or DVD


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Hi everybody,

I've been PPPing designs and I have the mechanics down pat.

But, I'm looking for a GOOD book or DVD that shows where to put which and how to use minimal markings to keep the design consistent.

Is there such an animal?

Seems I either under or over mark.

And, I never know where to put anything.

Since I am mostly a freehand E2E kinda gal, I just don't get a lot of practice.

Any suggestions are most appreciated.

Many thanks!

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 I'm not much for watching a DVD but a book that I can take notes on and have at the ready is my favorite way to try new stuff.

One of my favorite design books is Deloa's Sampler Solutions. Lots of CC designs with enough embellishments to make the designs work across the quilt.

Another recommendation would be any of Diana Phillips Line Dancing workbooks.


I think that design placement is something that comes by doing that dreaded P-word. Practice. My thought as well, if you're learning placement, there's no such thing as too much marking! I think that as you gain confidence you'll find you mark less and less and eventually only mark the bones of the design--spines for feathers, hooks or curls in piecing so you remember which way you want them to spin, etc. You'll be impatient with all the time it takes to mark something fully and just decide it's time to trust yourself.

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Oh Meg, I hear your plea!!! I, too, would love to find the perfect book or DVD. I have DeLoa's Sampler Solutions but would love  tips than is in her book. I did sign up for The Quilting School for a month to watch how Pam Clarke uses her lines templates. I watched nearly every one of her movies there and found them helpful.

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Thanks Linda.

I have Deloa's book.

I'll look into Diana Philips.

I'm just not sure how to say what I mean.

I'm pretty good at moving my machine to make the designs.

It's that I don't know what design will look good on which quilt.

I can do all overs no problem.

But, should I use st piling to fill or swirls?

Mctavishing or pebbles.

And even if I decide a quilt needs, say feathers, I don't know where to put them to accentuate it.

Anyone get me?

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Meg check Carla Barrett's website.  She used to offer a class on MQR called Quilt Whisperer.  I think she does it through her website now.  The class explains how to break a quilt into segments, pick designs to use in the segments and how to tie it all together.  Email me (golfert@xplornet.com) and I can send you some info, so that you can see if that's what you're after.

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Thanks, Gail.

It looks like she will be offering it later in the summer.

Apparently, she's off crewing the South Pacific on a huge sailboat.

How exciting!

I've marked my calendar to revisit that in late July.

It sounds like it might help me.

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Meg,  just noticed your post.  (I've been busy with VQF for the last couple of months!!!)


I took lessons with Myrna Ficken a while ago and she showed me how to audition designs using heavyish cellophane (from Michaels) and a wet or dry marker.   Put some blue painter's tape around the edges so you don't  draw over the edge onto the quilt and lay the cellophane over the quilt and draw away!  What I like about this method is that once I find the design I'm happy with I can re-draw with a thin permanent marker and keep the design to aid me as I quilt.

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