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What is the process for trading in and purchasing a new machine?

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Hi Bonnie!

You may do better money-wise selling your set-up yourself rather than trading it in. You may have noticed that the Reps have been selling their machines rather than trading their old ones in. Most are updating to the new white machines and frames so they have the latest to show their customers. Email Beth and see what she can tell you. When the Reps are doing it this way I imagine that would be the way to go. 

( Are you coming to Lynda's at Seaside next month?)

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Thank you all. Good to know where to start when I'm ready.

Linda -I won't make it to Seaside this time. We will be visiting friends in southern Oregon. I will sure miss the Moxies!

Lyn- my inbox is empty now if you would like to send your reply. I'm curious you know. :)

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