Loose Thread between quilt top and batting

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Can anyone tell me what they use to get stray threads out that are sandwiched between the quilt top and batting. I fought red threads showing up under a cream background the whole time I was quilting. I thought I had done well but after taking the quilt off my machine I missed a few. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If it's a unique tool that you use if you can let me know where you got yours that would be great too. Thank you.

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They make a "Knit Picker" which is a miniscule crochet hook with a latch on it that is designed to grab snagged fibers and pull them from the top of a knit garment to the underside. The last one I bought years and years ago was a Dritz brand.


you can still get them (even JoAnn's) they can leave a tiny hole - is the thread near a seam where you could stick it inbetween the fabrics (in the ditch)?

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Also a late hint, but I echo the use of the tiny crochet hook to retrieve the loose threads.


But when the thread is unraveling from the edge and can't be removed without making more threads unravel  I use an old machine needle, go in a few stitches away from the thread and sweep the fastened thread back under the seam allowance.

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