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Help - Utterly Lost and Need a Video

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My mom just purchased a lovely Millie and setup. We don't have a clue as to what we are doing.


We need a good video on how to properly load a quilt. We would prefer to float the quilt.  We aren't so hot at the written instructions.  She didn't get a lot of training and the video we received from APQS totally left out this part.  Disappointing but we are carrying on.


We would be very grateful if someone can direct us to a good video.  I've searched on YouTube and haven't seen one specific to APQS.


All the best,


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Try this video... http://www.kimmyquilt.com/learn/    there are several video's on loading a quilt and the instructions do not have to be particular to APQS machines. 


Floating a quilt top just means that the quilt top is just laid on top of the batting which is secured to the backing while on the frame.  So you would load your backing fabric, wrong side up, pinning to your take up roller and your front backing roller.

lay your batting on top of the backing, you can secure by basting it down along the top close to the take up leader canvas.  I usually use this basting stitch as a guide to lay the top edge of my quilt top down on the batting. This is insures that I have the top straight.  Then smooth out the top with your hands, maybe pinning along the edge if needed. 

As you advance your quilt after you have quilted a section, you will need to smooth the top again.... continue to do this until you have finished your quilting.

I hope this helps you

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Hi Jane. Google "you tube longarm quilting" and scroll for quilt loading videos. There are lots to choose from.


When I started out I found a method that works well for me, where after pinning, the leader folds over the loading pins and thus keeps them from stabbing you in arm or snagging your clothes.

There are also many books available now on starting to longarm, with many loading methods illustrated.

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Hi everyone,


Thank you for the helpful comments.  We have managed to get the backing on the frame - whoohoo!


We are in rural Oklahoma so we're not near much at all, and I'm only here on vacation.  Mom is planning to go to an on-site training course, which I think will be helpful.  Her practice quilting has been beautiful, but we realized we were in a pickle about how to put a new one on.


I will update soon...fingers crossed.



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