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Uneven winding of backing fabrics

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I wind by backing fabrics onto the back pick up roller  fully before rewinding them onto the front quilt back roller.

I found the canvas of my front quilt back roller was not winding back on straight.  It was looser at the end closer to the fabric advance where I would normally stand and wind the quilt back onto the front quilt back roller.


I have started smoothing the fabric as I wind back on then giving the front quilt back roller another tighten from the opposite end of the frame.  There is already less looseness or uneven winding and that is with only four quilt backs.

Think I have found the solution to my saggy sides and canvas leaders.

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It sounds like it, I have noticed the leaders do stretch over time in the centers from having quilts pinned on them, this is a good reminder to occasionally zip or pin all of them together and wind them all the way both ways to keep them even.



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I'm not certain it's all the leaders' fault.  From the early days of quilting, I always found a sag at one end or the other of my backings.  I load them onto the backing roller, but will often roll it all the way onto the take up roller and back before I start to quilt.  Sometimes only once is necessary, but sometimes it takes two rollings to get it all flat and even.  Backing fabric, because it is generally quite wide, gets a bit twisted on the bolt.  Many shops tear backings instead of cutting them.  I think this is actually a good practice, because you're assured of getting your piece on the straight of grain.  

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As I quilt for myself - I always tear my backing to straighten  or the fabric for backing before I piece it.  Next I roll it back and forth two or more times (after loading on rollers)  before adding quilt top.  So far, have not had trouble with backings after following this procedure.



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