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naming the beast


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Hi all. Just got my milli, up and running. I name her after my mom who passed away about 10 years ago, her name was June so I named her June bug. Hope she looks down & gives me some help now & then because I am like a kid just learning to ride a bike, I thought it would take sometime but I never dreamed how long of time, I did my first table runner today, I took a break just to practice drawing a ivy leaf. Wish me luck here I go, will let you know how it turns out. I have been reading your messages & love the good advice. Have a good day. Pat

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Welcome Pat and congratulations.

I think June Bug is a great name. My parents and family nicknamed me Junebug in my first year of life, almost 76 years ago. My blood relatives still call me Junie or Junebug.

You are a special Daughter . You will always feel her there with you when ever you are quilting.

You are going to do great. Just hang in there and try to relaxe and remember we all went through anxities when we first started.

By the way, I named my machine "Genie", because of all the wonderful things she is capable of.


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