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Timing and not sewing

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So I reset my timing today and my machine still isn't working right. It started with a broken needle last week and then there was a clicking and the top thread wasn't picking up the bobbin thread plus I had a clicking so I figured I had goofed up my timing. After taking it all apart and resetting it the top thread still isn't picking up the bobbin thread. I can get it to pull the bobbin thread to the top after a couple of tries but then when I try to sew it doesn't work. I'm guessing it's still a timing issue? So frustrated right now.

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If you broke a needle, there's every chance that your needle bar has been pushed up in its clamp. That's why the first step in timing is to put in a new needle and check the needle bar height. I can tell you from experience, it's NO fun to go through the timing process and THEN find out that the needle's not at the right spot...

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