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My Lenni is making a popping sound and taking a stitch

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So has anyone had a popping sound with a stitch thrown in happen just randomly?

It is really weird, actually scared me the first few times that it happened.  Machine was running in stitch regulated mode,

not moving just sitting idle and all of a sudden I heard what I would call a snap or pop sound as the needle quickly took a stitch.

It wasn't the normal sound of the needle going up and down.  It was like it threw it down fast and hard.  I think it may have something

to do with the screw that regulates the needle up and down speed, but cant be sure.  It first started it when the machine was cold,

however even after warming up it did it randomly.  Also it did it a few times while stitching?   Anyone have any ideas.  Oh, Please, Quilting

angels protect my machine as it has never given any problems and of course I am on a show quilt with a deadline.  Yikes. 

I will try to call Amy once it gets to be a reasonable time in Iowa!  thanks  Jeanne

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Yep, that's the ticket the grounding wire it seems.  Angie has one on its way to me as of yesterday.  Gotta love the service we get from all the

APQS people.  It is great.  Last night I didn't have any issues with it but Angie also had me check the brushes and blow that out.  Maybe that helped as well.

I suspect it is because the machine is not grounded.  I have a edgerider carriage and my machine originally did not have the ground wire.  So as the other post I saw,

definitely call and get a diagram as to where to ground the wire.  Case closed.  Love it. 

My Lenni is now almost 9 years old and whatever little things have come up I have always had great success getting them tended to quickly and easily.   I would never buy any other machine. 

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Well I guess not. Problem went away for a week but now is back with a vengeance it seems. It went away before the grounding clip was put on. Then started acting up again so I put the grounding clip in but it didn't help. Will have to let you all know once we get it figured out.

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