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I have a Bernina 880 that is sewing a beautiful stitch, until I go to embroider.  I have cleaned the machine, bobbin case, bobbin area, oiled, cleaned the sensors in the bobbin are, made sure the threading is correct for embroidery, tried three different bobbins, and I am still getting interruptions in my embroidery with the bobbin message on the screen.  I am so frustrated!  Is there something I'm missing?


Thanks for any assistance and ideas!  I love this machine, but...

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Other than the messages, does everything look OK?  Don't have this machine but those silly top thread, bobbin thread messages can drive you nuts!  Sometimes when embroidery the thread is moving so fast it flops a bit and the silly sensor thinks there is a problem...sometimes...you can turn the sensor off.... and sometimes the dealer can adjust it enough to stop the false messages....or sometimes...I just keep pushing the go button again and telling the machine to knock it off...Lin

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There are some very big bobbin sensor issues with the 880.  I have tried to have mine rectified since it was purchased. Be sure u go to a respected BERNINA dealer.  Two of mine did not know what they were doing.(. Yes they were BERNINA dealers) A fourth dealer smartly said this needs to go back to Bernina- 

last fall they created a chg in the bobbin sensor- have yours chg’d and see if that helps.  The 880 is notorious and mine is still not sewing right I’ve owned four other embroidery machines - all were great til this one- very upsetting and I’m still making payments and there r no lemon laws to help

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