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Magnificent Monday,

Today is a wonderful day, I will  finish this Prismatic Star by Judy Niemeyer.  Each diamond is hand set for  stitch by IQ. Also the Fire Works by Crystal Culberson Smythe and IQ NO Sew has the quilt looking like it is amoungest the fireworks.

I was pulling rulers last week to show a friend how to use rulers.  In my search, I found Deloa Jones "Little One".  Well, I used it to work my SND and fell in love.  I wish I had found sooner, would have made the last 3 quilts  look much better.  Thank's Deloa Jones for the ruler.  If you don't have Deloa's "Little One" Ruler, you must get it, there is multiple uses but I love it for SND.





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I for one cannot see the images you are posting.  All I see are 4 small rectangular boxes with a question mark in the center using the Apple Safari web browser.  Using Firefox, I see four image links, but when clicking on them the image link is broken and you cannot see the actual images.  

I might suggest you save the four images to your desktop, and then upload the actual images to the APQS forum.  By doing this, you prevent the image link for going bad, so in upcoming months/years individuals that read the thread can no longer see the images.  I believe that APQS will be expanding their forum size as it grows, and the cost for doing so is not cost preventative in these days.  Remember you can only upload; 

  • Accepted file types gif, jpeg, jpg, png · Max total size 10.24MB

I for one would love to see the images, but at this time we are unable to do that.  Take care, and have wonderful day.


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