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Ugh - my machine was making some noise & between quilts I checked out some old forums (should have probably just called apqs and still probably will tomorrow),  but I added some oil to the top of the hook assembly.   That & a different quilt top are my only changes.   Thread is breaking constantly.  it's being frayed somewhere.   In checking through the hook - the only rough spot I have is on the "V".   That's not shown as a place to buff or not to buff on the manual.   Is there supposed to be a little tick there?  Can I buff it?  Anybody know?


I should note I have adjusted tension, changed needles twice, changed the bobbin thread & the bobbin case, changed the top thread to a different cone & a different brand (from superior/superbob to glide/magnaglide & every combination).  Rethreaded fully multiple times.


Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 7.16.03 PM.png

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If you didn't just break a needle before your thread shredding I doubt the problem is with the hook.  Grab the thread above and below the pigtail guides and move it in a circle around the inside of the guide.  If it catches at all there is a groove worn there and that will cause shredding.  Loosen the screw and rotate that guide 180 degrees and give that a try.  It is not unusual to have to change the guides more than once per year depending on how much use the machine gets.


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I don't see it mentioned,so you might do a very thorough cleaning, or maybe even soak the hook overnight with WD40, followed by a thorough cleaning in the morning.  You may have a thread or debris down in your hook assembly.

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I am following this "thread", because when I was quilting the last quilt I did, my thread kept breaking. I noticed it was only when I went from left to right, or maybe it was right to left. Anyway, I just finished the quilt going in the direction that worked. I was thinking that I somehow had a burr or something. I will give her a thorough cleaning and see what happens. Later.

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On 5/15/2017 at 11:02 AM, hbuchwitz said:

Ok so I hadn't heard the pigtail thing.   Wasn't it.   Called Angie at apqs today.     Buffed things I didn't know you could buff and it's stitching great!

So what did you buff that you didn't know you could buff? 


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