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Quilting on appliqué or embroidery blocks

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I've actually done it both ways.  I quilted over my embroidery blocks however went a little slower when hitting those spots.   The first time I did this, I stopped quilting at the embroidery, tied off and started again after it - a lot of work.   On the next quilt I just quilted over them and I actually liked it better.  I think it's important to pick out the right color of thread as that can make all the difference.    I think it will be personal preference.

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I dont quilt over Applique' either...however, i've quilted over the embroidery blocks and it really doesnt affect the embroidery at alll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone's afraid to quilt over it, but as long as it's white or off white thread...you will be ok.  I dont know if someone embroidered on black fabric, to use black thread over the embroidery, but....that's yet to be seen or tried....

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In my former life I was a machine embroiderer and was familiar with Ann the Gran and considered her a legitimate source of knowledge and supplies.  Her web site has a lot of well known brands and although I have not followed her for 10 years I have no knowledge that anything has changed, so if I wanted something that she supplied I would not hesitate to purchase from her.  You might give her a small order to test it out.

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