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I have had quite the run of custom quilts lately, and it seems that it takes almost as long to decide on how to quilt it as it does to do the quilting.  I have started hanging up the quilt top that is next in line where I can see it while I'm working on the current one.  This gives me plenty of time to make a plan in my mind, and by the time I'm finished with the current top, I am ready to go for the next one.  Sometimes I can even work on drawing my quilt design ideas while IQ is stitching.  This simple idea has saved me a lot of time.  Would love to hear of other tips and tricks that help you!



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What a great idea!  I need to do this!! I call it the "sit and stare" but I never thought to do this while on my current project! Somebody on the forum suggested this a while back and I use it on every custom I do. I use a  piece of acrylic from Lowe's that they will cut to your measurements. Put it over a block and doodle away. Use dry erase markers and away you go!


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