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Featherlite Clamps or Red E Edge Side Clamps???

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I do a lot of ruler work and it seems I fight my side clamps constantly.  I use a curtain rod to elevate them, but they still cause havoc and it's just because they are heavy and hang down too low.  I don't want to tighten them too much as they exert uneven pressure on the backing and can throw the quilt out of alignment.  Has anyone switched to either EZ Grip Side Clamps or Red E Edge Side Clamps?  Input and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Go to your local hardware or kitchen store and buy a couple of OXO bag clamps.  The red ones that are about 4 inches wide and have a hole in the handle part.  They are much lighter that the steel ones that come with the machine, and the wider "mouth" makes a better hold.  Cut the elastic off the old clamps, tie or sew it through the hole of the new clamps . . . done.

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Not Sharon . . . .  but you use the curtain rod to elevate the elastic and OXO clamp.  Just one of those cheap adjustable rods with a curve end; you lay it across the bars, about 8-10 inches from the edge or your quilt where the OXO clamp is, with the elastic running over top of the rod.  Anything long enough to rest across the bars will work, just needs to keep the elastic and clamp elevated slightly so the machine can move smoothly to the far edge of your quilt without running into the clamp. 

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I'm not sure where I got this idea, and might have been from Sharon, but I just sewed a double layer of fabric together and put a hem at the end to put the dowel rods and just used my clamps to attached.  I made two sets, one is as wide as my quilting space and the other is the ones in the picture.  I love this set up, and I don't have to use the curtain rods.  I guess you could if needed, but this keeps my ruler base away from my quilting.

Hope this helps

IMGP0004 (Copy).JPG

IMGP0005 (Copy).JPG

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