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Difference in features between Millie and Freddie

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I have a Freedom (now called Freddie), and have never wished I had a thread cutter.  Although I am sure there must be people who really like it, I have seen a number of posts where owners have asked how to remove the thread cutter.  I usually don't bury my threads, but I still prefer to bring the bobbin to the top and trim it there.  For me, the thread cutter adds no value at all.

There have been times I wished I had the vertical channel lock, but I use a squeeze clamp on my carriage to achieve the same result.  Not as convenient, and possibly not quite as accurate (although it's pretty darn good), but I only quilt for myself (personal, gifts, and charity), not as a business or for competition, so the accuracy is fine for me.

I guess it really comes down to what you are planning to do with your machine, and how valuable you think the convenience of the channel lock is.  Either way, you can't go wrong with an APQS machine!

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Amy:  I have an Ult 2 which of course came without electronic channel locks.  I found the "manual" channel lock to be user unfriendly.  As a result, I built myself a set of electronic channel locks.  I use them all the time.  In fact I was thinking about the channel locks the other day while quilting, and thought "what would I do without my channel locks".  At least at one time, some of the other long arm manufacturers offer the electronic channel locks as an option.  I think the option cost between $800 and $1000, so the extra $1100 APQS wants for the Millie over the Freddie is appropriate.  I personally would buy the Millie just for the channel locks.  Jim

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