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new light bar for 2011 APQS Freedom


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Go to the APQS website and click on "shop".  Go to parts or just do a search.  Here is the URL https://shop.apqs.com/pc_combined_results.asp?search_prod=(searchlike~p.sku~light|Or|searchlike~ p.nm~light|Or|searchlike~ p.ds~light|Or|searchlike~ p.search_terms~light|Or|searchlike~ p.child_rollup_search_terms~light)|And|(searchlike~p.sku~bulb|Or|searchlike~ p.nm~bulb|Or|searchlike~ p.ds~bulb|Or|searchlike~ p.search_terms~bulb|Or|searchlike~ p.child_rollup_search_terms~bulb)&search_keyword=light%20bulb


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24 minutes ago, Barbra Sheldon said:

I changed my needle and now the needle goes down and lockes up.  I have to turn wheel to get it up.  I have changed needle 2 more times and replaced bobbin.   I took out the bobbin and still  it locks. Cleaned out Lint.  What now?

Barbra, you would be better off if you started a new topic for this, rather than tack it on to an existing thread. Or go to the We Love APQS page on Facebook. But I'm betting the solution is an easy one: it sounds like your needle is in backwards. Locking in the lowest position is a classic symptom. Check that the groove that runs the length of the needle is facing front (towards you as you stand at the machine). If that's not it, give APQS a call - they can walk you through other diagnostics.

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