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Accounting Software: Quickbooks, Machine Quilters Business Software from Eureka Documentation, or Something Else?

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With IntelliQuilter on order for my Millennium (YAY!!), I'm planning to launch my quilting business within the next couple of months.  Would like to start off well organized and in control of paperwork and inventory.  I've been looking at Quickbooks as well as the industry-specific Machine Quilters Business Manager (MQBM) program from Eureka, but please tell me if there are other options I should consider.

What software do you use in your business, and what are its pros and cons?

I really like that MQBM is already set up specifically for a home based long arm quilting business, calculating your per-square-inch rate and various ways of charging for thread, batting, binding services if offered, etc., as well as how it enables you to keep track of the quilts you have in house waiting to be quilted or delivered, which designs those clients have selected, etc.  And it also tracks your thread and batting inventory, which it appears (looking at the QuickBooks web site) that you can only get in Quickbooks if you go with the $70/month plan.  Ouch!  MQBM software is a one-time cost of only $225.

The one thing that intrigues me about Quickbooks is that it looks like it can be set up so that clients can pay directly from the electronic invoice they receive, but there's a footnote disclaiming that "this feature requires the Quickbooks Payment Service, sold separately."

Was leaning heavily towards the MQBM software to keep startup costs reasonable and because this software would be so easy to set up myself, allowing me to focus my brain cells on learning my new IntelliQuilter system rather than spending a lot of time trying to learn how to set everything up in Quickbooks.  But when this topic has come up in other forums periodically, I'm surprised by how many quilters are using Quickbooks for their businesses.  Has anyone written a current guide on setting up Quickbooks for a long arm quilting business, and if so, which version of Quickbooks is recommended?

Thanks in advance.  :-)


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I use Quickbooks Pro - desktop version.  It's a download version (as opposed to the on-line/cloud) that costs approx $280.  I update to the newest version every two or three years.  You can track your inventory, but have to set it up and input all the details. The work to initially set up inventory, suppliers, fees etc. is a bit onerous; but once it's done, works like a charm. I'm not sure what additional capabilities the monthly fee version gives you.  I previously had MQMB, but my accountant hated it.

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I have my own spreadsheet that I created (a lot of work), so can't weigh in on pros/cons, but if you're looking for a way to have customers pay via credit card, I have a free Square account which allows me to take credit cards (Square makes their money from the approximately 3% they charge me).  Square allows you to create a free online store and create online links.  So for example, someone sends me a quilt.  I don't send it back until I get payment.  In the past, they had to write a check and I would wait for it to arrive, then mail the quilt back.  Now I can create an online link for the correct amount (or have them fill in the amount) and I get paid much faster.  I give people the option of paying via check, cash or credit card, but I add in the 3% for the credit card, and they pick what they want.  Square doesn't directly tie into my spreadsheet, but it's free.  Big plus in my book! 

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