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I recently notified Anne Bright that she had a problem in your design collection.  The picture of the design was not what was provided, rather it was a duplicate of the design that was in the monthly patterns.  So I sent her an email to 1- identify the problem to her so she could fix it for me and others who may have encountered the same problem, and 2- get the design that was actually pictured or an alternate design.  Anyway, that's not how things went down.  Below is the email that I sent and Anne's response.  

Would you ever deal with a company with such rude and poor customer service?  I know I won't be subscribing to her services ever again.  


My original email.


I just downloaded the last couple of months’ worth of designs as well as the special below.  When cataloging the files, I discovered that there are two designs which are identical, but sold under different names.  The designs are Sweet Pinks and Pink Periwinkle.  Attached are screen shots of the actual stitch files so that you can see that they are indeed identical.  It appears that you may have intended to ever so slightly modify the Sweet Pinks design by adding “petals” to each of the flowers.

I would like to select an alternate design to replace the duplicate one.  Please let me know if you are okay with this. 

Thank you for your time.

r/Lora Morrow


Her response.

Lora, would you rather pay the real price of each of the designs that come in your sets? I really don't care to work with people who don't understand a bargain when they get them on time...every month!  I call it a lack of gratitude and greed. You can cancel your club membership under My Subscriptions. 

Thanks, Anne Bright



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11 minutes ago, loraquilts said:

I really don't think I was being unreasonable asking to receive the designs that I paid for, the ones that were pictured. 


Lora, if you used PayPal, I think you can dispute the charge.  This might be true of regular credit card payments, too.  

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So I wrote to Anne Bright again and quoted her website where she states that she guarantees all of her designs.  There were other past files that I paid for and was not able to download.  I had written about those files multiple times and never got a response.  She replied by sending me all of the missing files.  She also requested that I terminate my membership and find another designer for my future quilting needs.  

What am I missing here?  What would you do? 

She does have a facebook page and I looked at it.  I just don't know if I feel right about posting the email she sent me on her page.  It may be a good idea to let others know how she really treats her customers, but I feel kind of bad about doing that.  Why do I have a conscience about posting the facts?  


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Lora, glad you finally got everything you paid for.  I definitely understand your hesitation about posting on her page, even though you are only posting the truth.  It is a tough decision.

Have you considered posting this information on a quilting group page, or possibly opening a discussion on one of those pages asking if others have had poor service from her?  No one likes to hear that they have made a mistake, but she seems very defensive about having her mistakes brought to her attention.  It's likely that you are not the only one.

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PayPal will always go with the customer that brings in money for them, thus the seller.  Start with them, but do not expect satisfaction from them.  If you did not get the two designs you purchased, contact your credit card company and they can recover your funds.  You will have to provide the statement from the Anna Bright FaceBook page showing that she "guarantees all her designs".  If she is selling the same design under two different names, that would seem somewhat fraudulent.  

Here are the two designs in question if I found the correct site (there are a number under Anna Bright http://www.annabrightdesigns.com),

She showed two different designs under Sweet Pinks, which appears to be her Pink Periwinkle b2b, so I can understand your confusion;

https://annebrightdesigns.com/product/2022-april-bronze/  first link showing both designs.  You will have to zoom in on them to see.

https://annebrightdesigns.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/sweet_pinks_border_set.pdf1_-1.jpg  Only shown to show the different flower tips if I found them correctly.




The two designs look different to me if I have the correct site.

The real questions is do you intend to do business with Anna Bright in the future?

If your answer is YES, then you will simply have to suffer under her poor customer service, where she shows one design with two different names.  

If your answer is NO, then post your questions and her responses wherever you desire be it FaceBook, Instagram, etc..  

Though I would suggest having a rider on your homeowners or rental insurance contract for libel (written) and slander (verbal) before you make the post.  It is inexpensive, $2 to $5 per year additional cost.  I don't sell insurance, I just buy it.

Unfortunately libel/slander insurance is needed in this day and age, as anyone can file a court case against you for something you wrote or said.  Even if you wrote or stated the truth, a company or individual can sue you for the written or spoken comments.  The insurance rider will cover you for those types of events.  The insurance coverage is probably a good idea for most people that post on forums, use FaceBook, Instagram, or other online posting services.  A number of companies have started suing for loss of income for an individual posting a poor rating on a site.  Libel/slander insurance would protect your from this type of action.  

Attorneys file cases that do not seem to make sense all the time, her is one in the news recently; https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/jeep-owner-sued-michigan-dealer-mechanic-death/

You have to protect yourself.  Just like I am sure Anna protects herself if she were to make a libel comment to you in one of her reply emails.  

For me, thank you for notifying us of Anna Brights customer service and business practices.  I will be sure not purchase anything from her company in the future.

Have a great day, and be safe.


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