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I forgot to come back and apologize to Tad for saying apqs didn\'t send my password, when I was using RitaRose.

Yahoo stored it and several other emails, away for several days.. long after I\'d rejoined as RitaR..

Sorry, my apologies are due, and and Big Thanks for the help, RitaR

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you kind Quilters out there...

I know it\'s the holiday season but it just seems like it\'s been so very quiet out there?

No buzz about Lenni ...wonder whats up?

Happy Turkey Day ladies hope its a wonderful one for all of you.


Tampa, Fl.

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To Everyone Interested in Lenni,

I wanted to let you all know that we experienced another bump in the road in getting Lenni into the hands of the customer. APQS is committed to having the best machines on the market and we only want to put a superior product out there. So, after delivering the first 5 machines, our engineers went back to the drawing board on one detail and further perfected the table. Just last night I was told that production is back at full-speed and will start shipping out Lenni\'s late next week again. That is very exciting news to all of us.

One thing I did want to clarify is that the Turbo Winder will NOT be sold with the Lenni. There will be a bobbin winder, but not the same one as with our other machines.

I am glad to answer any and all questions about Lenni, production of Lenni, or any of our machines. Please contact me directly at

Let me know how I can be of further help to all of you.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Heidi Kaisand

National Sales Manager

Heidi Kaisand

APQS National Sales Manager

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Thanks Heidi for finially getting back to us!

By trade, I am a TV producer (for 30+ years) with my own marketing & production you & I both know its always best to communicate directly with people instead of ignoring them.

I applaud you & APQS for making things right. I think we all feel better knowing we are dealing with a company that will make changes to maintain a quality product ...instead of just taking our (potential as I havent bought one yet) money and giving us something that doesnt work.

Thanks for your honesty. We all sensed that something was up.

I, for one would like to know/understand more about the Lenni table. How does it store/fold (pix?) is it wood (I think I saw someones post about it being wood?) or metal? Do we buy the poles (like I did for my Hinty frame)? Auto advance (is it an add-on option?)?

More details is what we are all craving. And I would LOVE to see a Lenni in Florida sometime? I understandd that won\'t be tomorrow...but please let me know if/when that might be possible?

Please share anything you can w/us...after all Lenni might make a wonderful Holiday gift for some of us...but we need to be better informed before making a $10,000+ purchase.

Thanks again ...we ALL look forward to any additional pix & info you can give us about Lenni & her/his table, add on\'s etc etc.

I\'m sure the others will have more Q\'s for you ...just wanted to say thanks for your honesty & response to this thread.


Tampa, Fl.:cool:

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I would echo Lynn\'s comments about APQS being a superior product and we as customers greatly value you \'getting it right\'.

However I would add that I think APQS have been rather slow in letting those customers who have placed orders for a Lenni and parted with their hard earned cash with what is going on with this machine.

I placed my order in August. At that time I was led to believe delivery was likely in October, then November, then December. In all of that time nobody from APQS has ever made contact with me other than when I have sought to find out what is happening. As time goes by, as Lynn rightly suggests, one starts to think something must be wrong but we are left wondering without any explanation or contact and only when some considerable time has elapsed is something placed on the forum.

I think APQS should place the value of its customers in the forefront and keep them well informed of what is happening with the development of this machine which I have been under the impression was well into the delivery phase but am disappointed to now realise that it may be well into the New Year now before it becomes a reality!

APQS, please keep us better informed.


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Heidi, I too thank you.. and echo the other two posters.. I didn\'t contact you directly because I know I\'m not the ONLY one to order a Lenni, nor the Only one to be waiting for information. I thought it would simplify things for you to answer the questions about the whole unit here, where everyone could read it, and leave just the questions about when our potential delivery month is.. to the personal contacts.

I also find it frustrating to be told, "Lenni buyers get Nothing!" then I hear, "The Turbo winder comes with ALL our machines" and finally, that we get a less costly one, which I take to also mean cheaper, slower, less efficient, or what?

Yes, I have a big mouth, but is it not all info many others are wanting to know? Sorry if any ones fur gets ruffled.. and yes I whine!

I find the info on the machine itself, and the table, and the wheel systems lacking more than it could be. Does the roll- up track cover come with it to cover the joint between the two tables or not? I was told it does, then was told by someone else that it doesn\'t. So, yes, I feel info is lacking and even still trusting APQS to sell us a top notch machine, I feel customer contact could be better, and easily served right here on the board, where many get the info.

Oh, by the way, the table is black coated metal. That I do remember from the magnets (which we were told comes with it to hold the pantographs in place) being so strong in their hold. Also was told that the thread cutter and the power rollers are not an option, but can\'t find that info anywhere either.. I don\'t think the adjustable handles are an option either.. The compuQuilter takes a larger throat, and Oh and the lights are built in above the needle area, not external on the machine.

Table legs are adjustable, two thread spool pins one usable, the other just for holding thread not in use.. no horizontal holders come with it. Will try to think of and add info as it comes to me. This is just info I\'ve been able to pick up here and there, and, am not positive about anything but my opinions and questions asked.

Thanks for any help and concrete info we can get.


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Rita, no ruffed fur on my back, but I do have a couple of thoughts.

Have you spoken directly with APQS Heidi or any management at APQS main office about your questions?

Even the top of the line Millennium that I have does not come with horizontal spool holders. I purchased those for my machine. And perhaps with the Lenni, you will have the option to purchase them, too. I also have the two thread spool pins on back; one is on the right side which used to be for the on-board winding bobbins, but the onboard winder is not part of the build anymore so this spool has now become a spare verticle spool holder. The left spool holder is for threading through the machine.

I do understand that Lenni is a brand newly developed product and with any type of new product, there will always be bugs to work out in the beginning. With anything new that you buy, there is a + and a - for getting the "newest" gadget or item out there. The plus is that you have the cool new toy in its premier state and everyone is excited and wants it, too...but the minus is that more than likely there might be some (shall we say) “improvements” to this new thing later down the road. Just like buying a newly published book, there surely are errors or typos...and when you get to further to a later publication of the book, like edition #2 or #3 they have found and fixed those typos. Please try not to make assumptions, or imagine the worst case scenarios with Lenni, nor believe the ever-churning rumor mill or take all the gossip that Jane Doe or Susie Smith have shared to be the 100% correct story. I would bet that what rumors you hear are only a snippet or partial truth. Sure, people who talk are well meaning but most times they do not have the 100% accurate story. Get that straight story from the folks who knows best: the APQS management team in the head Iowa office. I know it is a free speech country, but I guess what I am trying to say is to please not slam or discredit the APQS management team if you do not know the entire truth. I am sure they have invested much time, money and effort into this new product and are trying to ensure a product with quality and integrity, and they want to have happy customers. With that said, those of you who are waiting patiently, there is that all-familiar saying that says: No good deed goes unpunished. Sure, in a perfect world, APQS would have loved to have shipped the new Lenni to everyone already, but Personally for me, I’d rather wait a little longer for the bugs to get worked out rather than get a product that required some debugging or retrofitting later. That costs lots of money, stress and unhappy customers.

Another thought: Perhaps you haven\'t gotten all the answers yet, because all the answers aren\'t answerable right now. Hmmm... Is answerable a word? LOL :P

Here is a personal analogy that might help you understand: My employer is currently going through a major multi-million $ project to upgrade our facilities. Three years ago, when the project started the original estimated cost was around $300 million to complete and it was supposed to have been completed over a year ago. Well, guess what... we bumped into a lot of snags and unexpected things and as of today, we\'ve only gotten half way through project completion, and we are nearing $600 million in costs, and that cost surely will go higher than that when it\'s all said and done. But, besides the costs, we are doing the project right and doing it safely. Sometimes its better to slow down, pace yourself and ensure the end product (our new facilities) have integrity and the job is completed the right way and nobody gets hurt or killed during construction. Even with the best intentions, nothing really goes perfectly as planned....even with making a new longarm machine. ;)

"Of all the things a woman's hands have made---The quilt so lightly thrown across her bed---The quilt that keeps her loved ones warm---Is woven of her love and dreams and thread." excerpt from The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt by Carrie A. Hall

:rolleyes:  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes: 

Shana in North Pole, Alaska ---- The Farthest North APQS Sales Rep  
 Always quilting with her faithful friend, Mademoiselle Madeleine Millennium, Bliss-fully skating gracefully...and having lots of fun with IntelliQuilter

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Hi Shauna: Yes, we\'ve contacted Iowa about many of the questions. Didn\'t do much good. Here\'s part of the last letter I sent, and made a few calls and sent a few emails before this one. Now remember, I ordered the end of Sept.. and this email went out I think a month ago now.. I did send another one asking when my machine should be shipped, and was told "December" after having been told Oct. then Nov. when placing the order and finalizing it. And that\'s fine.


Hi ****

I have some questions about the Lenni, and what comes with her. I\'d like to have some supplies on hand, like needles, threads, bobbins, etc.. other than what comes with it. My question is this, Just what does come with it?

**** made the remark at the seminar, after telling us "Those of you buying the Lenni get nothing." and while demonstrating the other machines.. "All of our machines come with the Turbo Winder." So do ALL of the machines come with a Turbo winder, or (again such as a discount, or free shipping or the Hartley Fence, etc) ALL Except the Lenni?

Also, I can\'t find the info anywhere telling us what size bobbin it takes How many, if any extras, come with the machine? Are they prefilled, plastic, aluminum or steel?

What Kind/size needles are recommended? Again, I can find nothing telling us.

Are there any Leaders, and if so are they attached and how, do they have Velcro or zippers?

Is the table height adjustable? if so, how?

On the rollers for the quilt sandwiches.. what holds them in place.. I understand and know how to wind them or roll them by hand, but what holds them there?

Being such a new machine, very little of this was covered at the seminar, if at all.

I know, I\'m impatient.. and always will be when I think the info should be available, but can\'t find it, or wait and wait to get it.

I am just getting back on my feet physically, and able to see after catarac surgery, with one to go this week, and just want the world to settle down and be friendly for our home..

I\'d really rather not battle holiday mail traffic on ordering supplies and have quite a stock of quilt tops to work on once the Lenni gets here.. 10 finished and two in the making... so would really like to be able to combine thread, needle, bobbin, batting etc. orders and be done with it.

Would really appreciate your help.. and answers...I realize and appreciate the fact you are very busy.. and I\'ve asked a lot of questions.

Many Thanks,

Rita *** End Quote!

So you see I did ask, and did not get answers. I get tired of being a broken record. more than one phone call, more than one email to more than one person.. well.. I think I should be impatient.

do I expect anything with the machine other than what we\'ve been told by either dealers or reps? No, but what DOES come with it?

Until you dealt with the M or L bobbin, did you know which was bigger or smaller? What is the Smart Bobbin, the smaller one right? Well, which is smaller? Now I know, I didn\'t then.

What kind/size needles were recommended? What options will NOT work on Lenni, where does it say the wheels are not horizontal and he won\'t work on other apqs tables..

I was trying to say what I have been able to find out what does come with her, but still don\'t have a lot of answers.

Well, new model cars have many more options and are on the cars or in brochures.. when they hit the sales lot.. Lenni is still waiting..

If I didn\'t trust apqs to put out a quality machine for my money, I\'d not leave the deposit and would have another brand up and running long before now. All I\'m asking for is GENERAL information, and being kept in the know about delays. I don\'t think that\'s too much for anyone to ask.

Thanks Shauna.. appreciate your input. I do undersand what you are saying, and agree with most of it. and thanks for the time and thought that went into posting your reply...

Happy stitching and keep smiling.. I am.. ;) in spite of what I sound like.


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Hi Rita--

I will employ a little logic here since you are having difficulties getting your questions answered from APQS. These are merely assumptions based on the design of the other APQS machines, so bear with me if I pass on misinformation.

The Lenni uses the smaller head style machine and will take the same size bobbin as all the rest of the machines--which is the "L" size. I got 12 metal bobbins three years ago when I received my Millie, along with a large cone of Poly thread (30 wt.) and a dozen cardboard pre-wound bobbins--cotton 30 wt. I think and (I think!) a pack of needles. Logically, you will need the MR 4.0 needles and if you want a smaller needle, people go to the 3.5 size with good results. Titanium needles are available but some people love \'em and some do not. They flex less but are extremely strong and stay sharp through many projects.

My canvas leaders are attached with strong tape to the rollers and there is little stress on the tape because the leaders are seldom unrolled all the way. The leaders should have a finished (selvedge) edge and no velcro or zippers attached. My table has clamp-style brakes but the Lenni table may be different--but I bet the brake system is easy and convenient to use.

After-market items--zippers, pattern board systems, extra needles, bobbins, tension gauges, etc.---are readily available on the internet. Great sources for add-ons are APQS and Columbia River Quilting. Zipper sets are available from various sources.

The wheels on the Lenni are vertical--all other machines have horizontal wheels. The Lenni will not work on the other tables, so upgrading the table is not possible. But, if you want to go that route, sell the Lenni or do a trade-in.

You have an invaluable resource here on the chat. Do a search for thread and you will spend hours reading about sources, favorites, and not-so-favorites. Search needles and read lots of info. Batting will have a huge bank of information. Hopefully some of your questions will be answered and it will make the seemingly endless wait for your Lenni more bearable.

Sorry that your attempt to get info from Iowa was so frustrating. It seems like the execution of the design hit a few bumps in the road.

Good luck and hope the new addition is delivered soon!

Linda Rech

Finely Finished Quilts

Millennium on Bliss rails--hand-guided

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Just to clarify, as I think my previous was point missed.

My issue surrounding the Lenni is not the fact that there are teething problems and clearly APQS are working hard to sort them or, for me at least, not unanswered questions about the product. It is the lack of information about the process.

If I make a purchase which turns out to be faulty, okay its inconvenient, but it happens. My experience there is not so much affected by the faulty product but more by the level of customer service I receive and the efforts made by the company to to put things right.

I, not unreasonably I think ,would expect some effort on APQS\' part to preferably contact me personally or post regularly on this forum (which rather assumes I read it) with updates. Posting after the event or effectively the day before your parcel is expected is not accetable, but more of a knee-jerk reaction to answers being sought by email - mine included.

This kind of customer service is damaging to any company but my impression is that APQS is better than this and so should live up to that reputation and remember that its Lenni customers are most likely new customers who may well trade up in the future. Their experience now will definitely colour that choice.

With that, I re-iterate, APQS please keep us better informed about what is going on with our Lennies.

Waiting as patiently as I can


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Hi Gang!

Thanks for hanging in there and being so patient with little Lenni!

I know how curious you all are about what\'s happening with this toddler. I just returned from a field trip to the factory to take some additional photos for Lenni\'s instructional manual.

We are so excited to be able to offer a smaller "home-style" longarm machine with APQS quality and reputation, and at an affordable price. As most of you know, the Lenni tables and sewing heads that you saw at a seminar or quilt show this summer were the "prototype" models.

We hurried to get Lenni "born" and out in the world for people to try during the summer and fall show season. During this time, we were able to evaluate how Lenni was working, and then make any tweaks in the final product so that when Lenni began shipping, you received a quilting machine worthy of the APQS name and reputation for quality.

While we knew Lenni would be a hit, we never dreamed the demand would be so great. Our evaluations showed a couple of areas for improvement in the final design. Unfortunately, even a small change in production trickles down the supply chain a long way, and we have been scrambling to get your Lenni orders out the door pronto.

Here are a couple of improvements you\'ll discover when your Lenni arrives:

[*] The black metal table top has been replaced with sturdy, melamine top sections that are white. These will make it much easier to see your pantograph designs and will be easier to clean.

[*] In addition, the two table tops will have a durable, single-piece track for the carriage that will bridge the gap between the two table sections, ensuring a "smooth ride" for the quilting machine from one end of the table to the other. You won\'t have to worry about feeling a "bump" in the center of the table.

[*] The brake system is easy to use--no toggles and teeth to worry about. Each roller is held in place by a pressure-sensitive knob that\'s easy to reach; a quick turn of the knob is all it takes to loosen or tighten the grip on the roller. You can adjust the tension on each roller independently of each other; if you want the quilt backing slightly tighter than the top, you can do it!

[*] Lenni\'s just like the other sewing heads for APQS--it uses the SmartBobbin (small style L), can use pre-wound bobbins, aluminum bobbins, or metal bobbins. Lenni will come with a package of MR 4.0 needles, bobbins and a sample thread pack courtesy of Superior Threads.

[*] The table legs can adjust up to 9 inches for added height.

[*] You\'ll receive three canvas pieces with the Lenni. Each will have Velcro loop tape sewn to one long edge. Once you\'ve assembled the rollers, you\'ll add the hook side of the Velcro (included) to the rollers, then simply press the canvases in place. The manual does a great job of explaining how to roll them on correctly, and assemble the entire machine (if I do say so myself :)).

[*] Optional accessories that can be used with the Lenni include the horizontal and vertical spool holders, expanded base set (used for ruler work), and microdrive handles. Hartley Badger is working on developing his popular "Hartley Fence" (circle/straight line tool) for the Lenni.

[*] Lenni will not work with the motorized fabric advance, nor will it have a thread cutter as an option. Some features simply won\'t adapt to the table frame or sewing head without greatly impacting the cost of the machine (and one of our main reasons for developing it was to give the quilter who doesn\'t necessarily want to run a business a way to own her own quality longarm machine at an affordable price.)

[*] Even though pre-wound bobbins are becoming much more popular with quilters, Lenni will include a bobbin winder so that you can still wind your own if you so choose.

Whew--there were a lot of questions in some of the above posts, and the browser won\'t let me look back and see what they were (it says the topic is too long :)), if I missed something in there that you wanted to know, just ask!

Just yesterday I learned that ALL the missing supplier parts would be here and we will begin mass shippings by mid-next-week. Don\'t be afraid to contact Heidi and ask her questions, as

I look forward to meeting some of you for your free beginner class! I\'ll teach you everything you need to know to make that Lenni hum!


APQS Customer Service & Education Director


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Hello Everyone,

I am glad to answer any and all questions about Lenni. Most of Lenni\'s features are known and can be shared. If there is something I can\'t answer, I\'ll tell you that.

Because the questions are mixed in several different posts, I\'m going to read them again, cut and paste out the questions and get the answers for you. Give me a few minutes to get that done, but I will post something yet today.


Heidi Kaisand

APQS National Sales Manager

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Hello Heidi and everyone else.

I want to apologize to Heidi for saying she didn\'t reply. She did reply and sent me a copy of the email today. As with the password and several other email, we suspect it was munched on By Yahoo mail.. I got others, but no idea how many I did not get, such as this one and the password emails. I know a couple notes from Pay Pal, and personals from friends came in seveal days after being mailed.

In talking with Heidi today, and exchanges of emails, I think most of my questions were answered, and Dawn Cavanaugh answered several others.

Thank you Heidi and Dawn.. the Info is terrific. Dang, have to give up those cute magnets. ROFL.. I AM teasing.


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Hi to everyone! I\'m new on here so please bear with me as I try to figure things out. Just wanted you all to know I was one of the first to receive my Lenni and LOVE him!!! At first I thought he was going to be a girl but now that I\'ve had him awhile, I\'ve decided he\'s a boy. The labor took awhile, but in the end, as always, WELL worth the wait. He\'s adorable, well-mannered, and I am so proud. We bonded immediately and play alot on the weekends. Sometimes I go into his room at night and just watch him sleep. I\'ve taken some baby pics of him but need to figure out how to upload them on here.

I\'m calling tomorrow to finally arrange my class with Dawn. I can\'t wait for that! I\'ve got a LOT to learn. Now if we\'d just get a foot of snow so I wouldn\'t have to go to work for a couple of days, I could bond more with my new baby.......

To all of those still patient......I promise, he\'s worth the wait!


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