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Thread Differences

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Superior Threads has a great website with lots of information about thread. You can find out more than you ever want to know about tex at:


Here's a little bit of info from another page on their site:

Thread size measurement

There are three primary ways thread is measured.

1. Weight. The smaller the number, the heavier the thread. Common thread weights are 30 wt., 40 wt., and 50 wt.

2. Denier. Weight (in grams) of 9000 meters of thread. A larger number indicates heavier thread. A number such as 120/2 equals two strands of 120 denier thread for a total of 240 denier. Most embroidery thread has a denier measurement. However, this measurement traditionally applies only to synthetic threads. Comparative note: A 40 wt. thread approximately equals 240 denier.

3. Tex. Weight (in grams) of 1000 meters of thread. 40 wt. = 240 denier = tex 25. Larger tex numbers are heavier threads.

There's no "better" thread - there's the effect you want. tex 40 is a little on the heavy side for machine quilting and will really show up and lay on top of the fabric.

I can't say enough about how useful the education topics are at Superior's website. Check it out and it will answer questions you never even realized you had!


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I actually love working with Signature thread on the top. It is a 40 wt. and all cotton. I like the look it gives a quilt. But if the quilting is dense I prefer Superior So Fine as it is a 50 wt., especially when there is a lot of over-stitching. There are also time when my customer doesn't want the quilting to show much so I will use So Fine on the top and bottom. The only problem I have with Signature is the lack of colors, if I can't find a good match I will use a finer thread.

Julia is right about checking out Superiors website. It is full of great information. Also, sign up for the newsletter he send out on the web every month. Bob always has some good hints in it too.


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