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Have you seen/used the CL Cable template??


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Linda - This template is really versitle. You can use from 1-5 lines. I use the single or double line to do spines for feathers or leaves etc. Using 2 lines makes it easy to do the pebble effect on the center. Michael from CL sent me this picture. this is what you get if you turn the quilt sideways and do more cables :P One day, I might try this puppy!!


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I\'ve had my CL for less than a week. Brought it home from MQX on Saturday, got it installed on Sunday and actually used my swirls template Tuesday night. Unfortunately, my list of "have to haves" is already longer than what I got at the show. I am going to be making payments to Michael for the rest of my life! :D


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Holy Cow, Carol...that looks like it could be fun!!

Leslie, I have determined the same thing. As long as Michael keeps posting new templates and pictures, I will be in debt to him for the rest of my life too. But that\'s okay, I love my CL. It is just way too easy to use.

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I had called Michael a few weeks ago to ask about a template that I had on my MQS list...I accidently placed my order then and had my templates in hand in no time!! :D That was my MQS wish list...I\'m not sure I should start a new 2008 list or start a 2009 list:o I\'m so confused now:o:P

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Here\'s the address. By the way, the quilt with the blue border, Michael calls my "Cable & Molar" quilt. Thanks Michael. This is by far the best tool out there. So easy to use. For those of you that have the CL, don\'t forget the great books he has out. Lots of pictures for ideas. Maryann their daughter has put those out. I use mine all the time as my idea area seems to be limited.

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Carol --- I\'m not sure what you mean. The template comes in 2 or 3 pieces and you just use the length you need. Just imagine a panto, you roll out the whole panto but you only use the length you need. The difference is that you just don\'t put out all the pieces if you don\'t need them. When you use the template, you can use all or just one of the lines on the template. Just use your imagination. Use every other one and put some kind of design in between the lines. Whatever you can think up is just fine.

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Hi Carol, (uncquilter)

Hi Carol Lyon too. And Mary Beth, Linda,

Renae, and Jerri and all other Circle Lord owners. And all others

The 2 books by Marianne Mukai are the Aztec Codex and

the Quilting Quartet. The Aztec Codex has instructions, patterns and sizes of many of the more than 500 designs that can be made with the Aztec template when on the Circle Lord.

The Quilting Quartet is the same for the four templates, Heartz,

Starz, Ovals, and Stella. They are usually purchased with the templates.

There are many examples of these patterns on our Webshot

albums - over 500.

More can be seen on our website and descriptive blogs,

that can be accessed from website http://www.loriclesquilting.com/

Online videos can be accessed thru The Circle Lord News

All the other templates come with an included instruction sheet.

Correction, there is no instruction sheet with the Spirals template.

Most Circle Lord users received their box by UPS, opened it,

assembled it and set up the CL WITHOUT READING the 25 page manual. Most never took a class nor saw a demo.

Whenever, a question or problem arose, the new customer just

emailed or phoned us. In some cases, I will visit your home

to answer the question. I usually just phone.

The Circle Lord and templates are a professional design tool

so that you can make money and have fun, not frustration.

I hope this helps.


Michael and Kay

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Hi Michael and Kay,

I saw on your web page that you can purchase the stylus only for use with the giant templates. Do you need to raise your machine(think i read this on a previous post) to use this? I am very interested, especially in the swirls and the fan/clam. I know I would use those alot.



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OK, you guys are so bad. And especially you, Carol Lyon. I love those photos that Mary Beth posted of those quilts that you did with the cable template.

I just ordered the cable and the swirls templates. And I am not going to say it was an accident. I\'m going to blame Mary Beth, Carol and Leslie. :D

I emailed Michael yesterday. He works too hard. He sent me an email back right away and said that he would ship my templates today. I might actually get to try them before MQS. :cool:

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