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Motor Advance not working right-need help!

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I was actually right??? ROFLMAO!! That's funny!

I was "stabbing in the dark" and hey! I got it right! Wow I am still shocked.

I gotta tell you all that the ONLY REASON I suggested this specific solution to Sandy ...the only reason I did this is because IT HAPPENED TO ME THIS WEEKEND and this is how I fixed it!!!! True story.

Here's the U2U (I copied and pasted) that I sent to Sandy. You can read it.


Hey Sandy,

I noticed the sprokets on my motor feed were coming apart from eachother, so I got my Allen wrench and wriggled them back in nestled together again and tightened it with the Allen wrench and it's working much better. See if you are loose. You might need to tighten.

You are such a cool lady. I am so glad to have you as my friend.



end of U2U

Happy endings! :P YAAAY!

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Thanks, Barb! You are so nice. I had such a great time meeting you at MQS. :)

So, you need to share (maybe in a different thread) your trip to Anchorage. Did you have fun? Did you meet QuiltSnob? What did you do/see while there? There is so much to do/see in Anchorage. It is a nice city set in an absolutely GORGEOUS place, isn't it?? :) I miss all the mountains and the beautiful water of Cook Inlet. Where I live now it isn't so spectacular as Anchorage.

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As Shana already knows, I've vacationed in Alaska 14 times! (And, last winter I stopped in to visit with her.) So, you can see that I love Alaska, too. On my first trip there, as we were flying over the mountains and glaciers, I started getting butterflies in my stomach. It was a feeling that I was finally "coming home." It's hard to explain that feeling, but I was hooked at that very moment. I tried to talk my husband into moving to Alaska, but no dice. He won't even come on vacation with me when I go. (: SO, I just have to save my pennies (pennies, yeah, right! dollars and then some) so I can visit as often as possible. I love Alaska!!!

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