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  1. cegates

    Do you use two longarms?

    I too, have thought about having 2 machines for my business. What I have learned after having Intelliquilter for a year, is that I wouldn't want to do custom work without it, so the idea of having a non-computerized machine for custom quilting isn't as appealing as it used to be. In a perfect world, I'd have 2 longarms with IQ on both of them. It would be great to track down the Ultimate XX, add IQ and use it for pantos! Carol
  2. cegates

    A Day at the Zoo

    Perfect! I beg to differ on your opinion of your creativity. Carol
  3. What an amazing gift!!! It's beautiful. Carol
  4. I have had quite the run of custom quilts lately, and it seems that it takes almost as long to decide on how to quilt it as it does to do the quilting. I have started hanging up the quilt top that is next in line where I can see it while I'm working on the current one. This gives me plenty of time to make a plan in my mind, and by the time I'm finished with the current top, I am ready to go for the next one. Sometimes I can even work on drawing my quilt design ideas while IQ is stitching. This simple idea has saved me a lot of time. Would love to hear of other tips and tricks that help you! Carol
  5. Maybe a flat meander above the points of the "mountains" that will look like sky and straight lines under the flat side to ground it. You could divide the areas above the mountains with a diagonal line through the large white square so that the direction of the flat meander fits each section of the mountains. Does this make any sense? I would have to sketch it out to see if this is a good idea. I'm sorry you had the flu! Carol
  6. cegates

    Intelliquilter for Millie

    You won't regret it! I love my IQ! Carol
  7. Has anyone tried a quilt-as-you-go quilt on the longarm? It seems like it should be simple to do a strip quilt very quickly that way - but would like to hear from others before I try it. Thanks! Carol
  8. Wow!! That's incredible!
  9. Wow!! That's incredible!
  10. cegates

    Squaring Up Wonky Quilt

    In an ideal world, I would remember to lay out each quilt with the customer watching so that we can both see if it is reasonably square and flat - but of course I don't do that every time and get caught in the same situation you described. When I run into problems, I take lots of pictures and call my customer and talk about the options (taking a pleat, leaving the quilt wonky, etc.) The more I do this, the easier it gets - I know that it can be an uncomfortable conversation if you are less experienced. I personally would not have accepted this job as is. I would have returned it to the customer and let them decide whether to get a bigger backing or trim the quilt down themselves. I've only trimmed down a quilt once, and it was with a customer I know very well, and again, with lots of pictures to document what I did. I also saved the texts in which she gave me permission to do that. Regarding the binding, I charge by the inch, the price varies depending on what the customer wants. Many of my customers just want the binding attached and they stitch it down by hand. I don't think you charged enough in this case. Sorry that you had such a difficult time with this quilt! Carol
  11. cegates

    Hand Quilting Thread

    I think there are several different brands that you could get from a quilt shop or JoAnnes or Hobby Lobby. It will be labeled as hand quilting thread. It has a waxy finish to make it stronger, and I think that it will be much easier to handle than regular thread. Don't be tempted to keep the leftover thread for your own use- it should not ever be used in a sewing machine. Let us know how this project turns out! Carol
  12. cegates

    Hand Quilting Thread

    I've done this sort of thing with 3-5 graders and it can be a challenge. Bottom Line will be difficult to handle and to make a decent knot with. Tying knots was a bigger hurdle than threading needles for our kids. I would choose hand quilting thread, or even button twist. Providing larger needles with large eyes will also make this project go much more smoothly. Good luck!!!! Carol
  13. I love the way the CC's in the green hexagons line up to echo the petal shape. Beautiful!! Carol
  14. cegates

    Customer Service

    I agree that having the option of someone coming to you to fix your machine is a missing piece in the APQS support system. I am comfortable with working on my machine and have had good experiences with APQS support working with me until the problem is fixed. But not everyone wants to work on their machine, and this process takes a long time. If you have a robust quilting business, you can't afford the down time while you figure things out. I am fortunate enough to always have quilts waiting in line, so often it would make sense to call in an expert to get the problem fixed quickly, pay for it and then keep on quilting. Most of us don't hesitate to call in a plumber or electrician when we need help, because you want the problem fixed quickly and correctly. I think if there were more qualified APQS service people available, they would stay pretty busy. Carol
  15. What threads are you using? I had to give up on using Bottom Line in the bobbin because I could never get the tension just right. What you are describing is what I experienced with Bottom Line. I know tons of people have lots of success with BL, just not me and my Millie. Carol