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  1. I have a policy with State Farm - the premium is around $25 a month. It protects my Millie and IQ, plus provides liability coverage for unhappy customers or damaged quilts (material costs only). I don't meet customers at my house so I wasn't worried about coverage for someone being injured on my property. It is a separate policy from my homeowners. Carol
  2. I'm an NC garage quilter! I had my garage doors insulated a couple of years ago and it has made a huge difference in being comfortable in the heat and cold. Now that the doors are insulated, I will leave the door to the main house open while I'm quilting so I can get a little heat or A/C in there. I mentioned to Angela Clark that my needle up/down speed would be terribly slow some days and regular speed on others, and it didn't really seem to be related to the temperature. She said that the humidity was the culprit, and that does seem to be the case. It takes longer for the needle up/down to get up to speed as the machine warms up when it is really humid outside. Carol
  3. It is beautiful!!! What a wonderful gesture. Carol
  4. Nice work!! I am always so much forgiving of wonky customer quilts after quilting one of my own. Carol
  5. Sheridan is my Intelliquilter dealer and all that was said about her is true! She is professional, knowledgeable, and kind. She goes to great lengths to answer any and all questions. I feel very lucky to have her! Carol
  6. The name of this panto is Twinkling Swirls. I bought it from Intelligent Quilting. Carol
  7. My customer requested "pretty but on a budget". The panto we chose was pretty, but I just couldn't stand how the stars looked. My customer agreed to pay extra for SID around the stars - I love the results!! The SID really didn't take very long, and without all the other work that goes into a custom quilting job, it was budget friendly. This could be my new "in-between" quilting for those who don't want full custom but want something a little better than E2E. Carol
  8. I use manual mode for freehand edge to edge quilting, but SR for ruler work, pantos and SID. I think all of it can be done in manual with practice. Carol
  9. Were you using the pre-wound So Fine bobbins? I bought a box and found that not all of them unwind smoothly. It looks like the bobbin gets too tight when you have your hiccup, and then it's fine again. If that's the problem, then that would explain why you haven't had a problem with quilts you finished after this one. By the way - I can't remember which way I'm supposed to turn the needle. Is it 5:30 or 6:30? Carol
  10. To Rosemary - The stitching does go on and off the edge of the binding. I adjust the stitch width to flatten out the the serpentine so that it doesn't have big gaps. Carol
  11. I do it Connie's way - attaching the binding to the back, then folding it to the front to machine sew it down. This way, you can control the line of stitching where it is most obvious - on the front. I always use a decorative stitch - usually a serpentine stitch. I have never been able to make it look good with a straight stitch. I often use a variegated thread to dress things up a little. I think it looks great! Carol
  12. Your quilting designs are perfect! Such creativity - it is gorgeous! Carol
  13. The crosshatch boards with the pop-up from Circle Lord works really well and is a good investment. I've used mine many times. Carol
  14. I don't worry that most people don't understand how much work goes into a quilt, because almost everyone understands that a quilt is a gift of love. Carol