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  1. Very nice. I really like how you "quilted in" a border in the lighter patches of the star. I need to remember this! Very pretty quilt.
  2. Best computerized system available. I absolutely love mine. You'll love yours!
  3. Beautiful quilt and even prettier quilting. Your husband will be thrilled with his new quilt. Good luck at Road 2 California!
  4. You both did a great job. These quilts look wonderful.
  5. The all look great. I love how you quilted the runner and trees.
  6. This looks great Eric. I'm also very jealous that you were able to spend a full month on your trip. I have always wanted to visit Australia and New Zealand. Back in the 80s I almost made it but things fell apart about 2 weeks before we were supposed to leave. this trip is still on my bucket list!
  7. The quilts look great. I love the bright colors of the lion quilt. Also, I love the simplicity of your quilting with straight lines. Great job on all of the quilts.
  8. Your quilting is absolutely wonderful. I love Judy Niemeyer quilts and have several that need to be quilted but I am petrified to tackle them. Is this done free-motion, with the IQ, or a combination. I love what you did.
  9. I've owned my Millie since 2005 and I love it. I only quilt for myself and very occasional I will do a quilt for a friend. I do not quilt as a business. I say if you can afford it you want a stand-up quilting machine, go for it. You can't go wrong with an APQS machine. I have a bad back and shoulders so I could never quite get the "hang" of quilting on my DSM. I am also computerized which makes it possible for me to continue to quilt.
  10. Good to hear from you Heidi. I am glad the twins are doing so well, especially Landon. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and I look forward to seeing more of you in 2018!
  11. Very pretty quilt. Your in-laws are very lucky you made this for them.
  12. Merry Jo made a good point about the size of the head. When you are testing the machines (I doubt there will be a Millie 30 for you to try), see how far you can reach. You will need to be able to see and reach to the very top of the quilt if you want to be able to align smaller rows or see where to set your needle. I was told (this was long before the Millie 30 was developed and introduced) not to get something that was too big for my arms! Yes, now I would love a bigger quilting area but I don't have the width space in my quilting room. Have fun trying the machines at the APQS roadshow in Jan
  13. I don't have a clue as to how many quilts you could do a day, but I like the IntelliQuilter for ease of setting up pantos and all other designs. I had a QuiltPath but I fought with the software - my brain just would not work with the way the QuiltPath functioned. I think you need to check out both systems and decide which one is a better fit for you. As to the number of quilts per day, I believe it would depend on the size of the quilts, how fast you can load and unload quilts from your frame, the ease of setting up the computer, and the density of the quilting itself. I have a friend wh
  14. This looks great and really cute! Your ruler work looks wonderful!
  15. Carmen, the next time you need to cut "logs" try cutting the fabric by the width you need (i.e. an 8" x 1.5" log). Cut an 8" x wof strip. Then put that on the 1.5" strip cutter to cross cut your 1.5" x 8" logs. I think that is easier and faster and I believe there is less stretch because your selvedge edge is parallel to the blades.
  16. Cagey, I've been using an AccuQuilt Go! cutter for years. I have a strip cutter for the 2¼" strips (die #55053) and for the 1¾" strips (die #55083). There are lots and lots of dies to choose from. I use both the 2½" strips and the 2¼" strips for binding depending on what look I want on the finished quilt.
  17. Nancy, Kari Schell of On Point Quilter ( ), is starting classes on using EQ8. I think the first class starts on Monday - it is online and I think you can join in most any time. Her method of teaching is simple - each lesson is about a 10 minute video and then you create what she did. There will also be some downloadable files. I've signed up and I'll see how it goes. I do use EQ but have never really taken advantage of a great many features that are offered. I hope to learn lots more! Look for the heading Classes at the very top of her page.