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  1. Quilted Memories in Overland Park, KS also sells batting by the roll. I have really liked wool for my quilts.
  2. Good news. I had my mamo last month and the ins. company gave me a $50 gift card for doing it!
  3. Wonderful piecing and great quilting, you chose good designs in the right places on this one. Don't worry about the machine stitiching on the binding, my personal opinion is that machine binding done well is just as quality as the previous history of hand binding. I am sure that the history grandmas that started to use the machine to piece and quilt would have used it to bind as well. I look at it the same as the progress of accepting machine quilting as a equal option as hand quilting. I have made and given 13 quilts as wedding quilts so far (as well as others quilts too many to count) and most were machine binding. No one ever checked it out, let alone complained. In fact, my machine bindings turn out better than the hand turned. Enjoy the wedding and enjoy that your body is in shape to go.
  4. My personal choice would be to space the quilting a bit more distant to keep the soft in the quilt if you want her to use it more than view it. Be sure to let us see what you have done. I finally got back on my Lucey for a few minutes today, just doing loopies on two baby/child quilts for a friend. It sure made me decide I need to figure out what I need to do for good glasses for my quilting!
  5. Cagey, I would just use one layer of wool. I assume that your daughter will be using this quilt instead of hanging it. We have a one layer wool on the bed here in MN and it is enough in weight and warmth. The quilting shows nicely (I don't quilt closely) and continues to show well.
  6. I have a king size quilt with wool on our queen bed, I toss it in the top loading washer and toss in the dryer. Of course since it isn't drug on the floor it isn't washed often. I used wool for a twin quilt for the grandson in CA (they have now moved to Kansas) and it has been washed a lot, not a problem. It is still soft and works nice.
  7. I'm just starting to use Lucey for myself. I put zippers on but when it is time to attach the backing to the zipper I baste them on with my DSM with the longest stitch possible. Then just zip them on the frame. When all done quilting I just rip/pull the zipper tape off the fabrics. I have no desire to pin either.
  8. Something else to think about is the configuration of the handles. The upright handles on the Lenni won't change position if you want to hold your hands/shoulders in a different position. The curved handles of the Millie will adjust up and down easily and they give a nice few inches of space on the quilt field when you need to finish the design on the farther points. I have a Lucey that I am getting used to. I like the curved handles. I'm just 5'0". When you check out the APQS see what the options are for the handles that you are interested in.
  9. Cagey, I really like your solution to teaching the definition of blanket: "In the end, when your family member asks you to make them a blanket, just hand them a layer of batting, as it meets the verb definition of a "blanket". Then they may come to understand the true meaning of the two words."
  10. I go with Judy Day's and Connie's definition. To me a blanket is the single layer item used to cover a person in a bed. The fleece goes under the blanket category for me because they are just "hemmed" not quilted (tying through the full area qualifies as quilting). Most quilts are pieced to some degree and stitched with design to hold layers together. Comforters are in their own category. Too heavy and too hot! Feathers are not batting.
  11. This will be fun to watch. We didn't have the option of knowing our kids ahead of birth. But on the 3rd pregnancy I has hubby if he wanted a boy. He didn't care. We got the third girl. # 4 was our boy, and #5 we were blessed with another girl. You are going to have such fun preparing for them and watching them grow.
  12. That quilt is so ugly it is only allowed to be used in the dark.
  13. you could always enter his info with your computer! Enjoy the fun.
  14. I've looked at the site, what price are you seeing for purchasing in US?
  15. That is great for you. We now get to watch wonderful pictures of quilts from you.
  16. Check out Quilter's Cache for a large center block, 20" or more, then see what other blocks you might want around it and use border to fill in the gaps between even sizes if there are any.
  17. I'm another 5'er! So my table doesn't adjust because the lift would had more height to the table. The ergonomic handles on Lucey are able to be adjusted a bit higher and lower so you can get some changes in personal position. If you have the space and the finances Lucey would be great to have. I have a friend much taller than me that loves her Lenni. I guess the choice is to get the machine that you like and decide that you love it and wouldn't trade for another.
  18. I have a king sized quilt on my bed that has been washed a few times and it hasn't done any shrinking at all. Wool is wonderful.
  19. Wonderful news, and all the times you get to play with her hair (looks like the amount each of my 5 had at birth.)
  20. mittelmr, the picture above is what my George looks like without the added spool holder that o2bquilting has in Spring Valley, MN. I hope you can get one that is right for you.