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  1. My George is now at o2bquilting (Lucy Drinkall, dealer) in Spring Valley. George was a great machine for me, never had any issues and could run King Tut down to Rainbows, So Fine and other fine threads. I quilted our king sized quilt on him as well as a number of queen sized. He is a 2007 model. I hope you find the one that works for you.
  2. Business and fun time away have kept me from Lucey, but she will be there when I can.
  3. Ohhh, you are down to two hand counting! I'm not sure we will see you for a while when he gets there because you are going to have so much fun! Your learning curve is going to be so much shorter than some of our too. Great.
  4. Hi Lorrie, There have been posts with pictures of batting storage under the table but I can't remember who has done that. One thought to consider is to create a hammock/sling from an old sheet to hold the batting up off the floor so it stays clean. How's playing with Lenni?
  5. I sure hope you are able to be location close to them, especially with the twins in the first days when she is trying to figure out how to do double at the same time. Our neighbor had twins (17 years ago) and it was the most fun to watch Grandpa wait in the church entry until mom came in with both carseats. He sat all during the service with one girl or the other. I now see him do similar when the granddaughter brings the great-grandbabies. You are going to have so much fun. How soon is the delivery month?
  6. How much quilting does he want in the background? Can you do straight lines or break it up into smaller triangles and do continuous curves in the created triangles? For the star I would do feathers from the center out in each star blade.
  7. Good for you. I just got one too, but haven't had the time I thought I would to play with her much.
  8. I know Lucy Drinkall (o2bquilting) and Marilyn Haskovac (crazyaboutquilting) are planning to be in Cedar Rapids.
  9. There is a George listed here in N VA area for a price that can't be beat. I would go for it in a heartbeat if I was looking for another sit-down model.
  10. Great interaction from both of you. You now have another customer and he has the chance to be a better quilter. You will probably get all his quilting jobs. Congratulations on the successful bargaining.
  11. The tumbling blocks quilt is going to be great when quilted. The paper pieced stars are sure a pretty design, but I am also so glad it isn't me doing them. I do not like paper piecing at all and try to find a way to make those designs with traditional piecing methods. I figure nature isn't perfect and my points won't be either although I work for close.
  12. Very well stated. You wrote a very non-offensive letter. Did you address the narrow backing at all? You might want be sure that area gets addressed before she sends it back to you or someone else.
  13. Hubbies should never say it is up to us or get what you need---That is how I got a Lucey in my room. Have fun with your Freedom.
  14. I'm sorry that you are experiencing this. My sister had breast cancer 14 years ago and just now was diagnosed with it again. Here is her offer of research sites to my brother-in-law who has just had a recurring cancer. She has chosen some alternative treatments this time around. I hope you can find the treatment that is the best for you. "If you want any info on alternative treatments, start looking through Goggle. We found the was pretty good info. Also, there is much info at and I have a book, “Outsmarting Your Cancer,” that has been helpful in understanding more about what cancer is, what causes it and alternative, non-toxic treatments."
  15. I have been to a road show and would encourage that to anyone. I went to the state quilt show, thought I was researching for a Lenni, came home with a Lucey. I hadn't planned to buy that day! Be sure your checkbook is full when you look, you never know when the deal is too good to pass up.
  16. If you are purchasing new, get the bliss system with it now, it could save a lot of time and money later if you need to change over anything. Enjoy the machine.
  17. I'm glad I could help since I didn't think I was all that smart!
  18. Quilting Regina, If your bobbins are wound too loose or unevenly my choice would be to just wind them off onto another bobbin. I have done that with my DSM when something isn't caught correctly. The second time around I have usually corrected the wrong from the first time.
  19. I'm a Pfaff owner too. I wouldn't have a problem thinking to take the Pfaff and having all the features that you can choose for other projects you might find along the way. Since you have had this one for years, I wouldn't be all that concerned with the electronic aspect since you are not going to be treating it differently in use than you would at home and we know you will make it a point to be sure it is cared for while traveling. Enjoy and let us know how things are going.
  20. I will see if I can post a drawing. Apparently this needs to be rotated so stand on your side to see it. LOL
  21. No lines going vertical unless it is a few stitches making a loop to go back again. When I have done them I don't take the lines from sashing to sashing but do random lengths going side to side on one side from top to bottom, some longer some shorter and when I get to the bottom I can make them longer and start going up on the on the remaining side and have those lengths fit in the open spaces of the other side so none of it is in columns easily seen. I will try the Ipad and see if I can post a picture/drawing.
  22. since you are doing this on George you can do a couple different options, the tear drops are one way on the outside of the embroidered saying/verse. Another option is to do a water/wind back and forth movement all around the outside and as you move around the block you can take a line through the space of the verse lines or an in and out line in those spaces. Then the letters themselves are not distorted but the center area of the block is held down as well. I have done this on some quilts.